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  1. Like me, this ain't cyber-caching. Show up or log-off. If you don't like to play the game this way then don't. But let others play it the way they want. I personally wouldn't log it if I wasn't there. I offered to this cacher and he accepted. Another event I had a cacher called me at the event because he got the times confused, I offered and he declined. It is a freaking game. When it comes down to the important things in life, how a cacher gets his/her smileys does not matter. How you treat people does matter. Being rude or judgmental is far worse an offence then logging a "bogus" found it/attended.
  2. At the first event I hosted a cacher from the area was bummed he was missing it so he called during the event. I later emailed him and told him to log it since I allow disembodied voices to log my events. If you want I'll send you my cell phone and you can call during my event, say Hi to everybody and log my event! Some people take the game way to seriously.
  3. LPS001 in Collierville, TN (suburb of Memphis). Original owner is not active but the adopted owner started back in '01. http://coord.info/GC132
  4. You might try posting this in the GPS and Technology forums. More techie people over there.
  5. Folks, we have a bigger issue here. They know too much!
  6. Welcome Keresa. My wife suffers from Fibro and I know how bad it can get. Glad you found a hobby that encourages you to get out and move. Those days when the pain is at its worse can be impossible to get going, but exercise helps lessen the problems.
  7. There is a new feedback system. Go to any cache page and look for the feedback button on the left hand side of the page.
  8. Email the reviewer who you were working with. He can help you unarchive it.
  9. Not many people on here use Bushnell's but it has nothing to do with accuracy. It is the features and support we get from Garmin and Delorme. There are people finding them with phones and car units. So a Bushnell can also getr you close enough to find them. Considering these things. 1. Pick regular sized caches to start with and avoid micros at first. 2. Pick your caches with a difficulty of 2 or less to start. After you've found a few then you can up both of these. 3. Make sure Coordinates on you GPSr is set to Degrees, Minutes and Datum is set to WGS84. 4. Then when you get with in 20-30 feet of ground zero stop looking at the screen and start looking at your surroundings. Where would you hide whatever sized container you are looking for? 5. Go to some events and join any local clubs and forums. Get to know your local cachers and they will be happy to help you along.
  10. I opened this to answer, crappy TV shows, mind numbing computer games, several pounds, etc. But then I noticed that wasn't what you were talking about. So, never mind.
  11. Try joining these guys. http://www.tricitiesgeocachers.org/
  12. You can also start taking your daughter's desktop wallpaper and using Microsoft Paint to draw funny things on the animals. Then she'll upload one to your profile and you'll end up with a cardinal with a hat and glasses!
  13. I had two of the original eXplorist and they did great. They were on the same level as your etrex H. The reviews I'm hearing about the new eXplorist GC are great. I hear that Target is now carrying it for about $170.
  14. Some people have used them but most are not setup to work very well for caching. The only car unit I am aware of that can do both is the Garmin Nuvi 500. But even they have limitations, no lanyard, car design so they are bulky to hold on hikes, no interchangeable battery. I've been told that at least one of the Lowrance handheld units can be used for spoken turn by turn directions but I don't have any experience with them. I would say that their weak point as a car GPSr would be the screen size. What is your budget? You might be able to swing two, one car and one handheld.
  15. As Tank and Spaz pointed out there is a link on the submission form to a page that has some questions. Fill them out and it will give you a suggestion as to how to rate it. It will be close for most places. As for how long, the rule of thumb is up to 72 hours. I had one published in less than 5 minutes. I submitted it when the reviewer was reviewing and since I had hid several I knew all of the tricks to filling out the form in a way to make it easy on the reviewer to publish. I also have a reputation with our reviewers for working with them and staying with in the guidelines so they trust my cache placements. Here is the first trick in getting your cache published quickly, read the guidelines! Then read them again. Understand the guidelines. If you don't or you are not sure about one, email the reviewer and ask. Once you do, make sure your cache is placed within those boundaries. The other trick is to look for anything that may cause a question and address it in a note to the reviewer on the cache page. Is it on private property and you have special permission? Put that in there. Is it near some railroad tracks but is definitely on public property? Put that in there. As much info you can give them will help them publish it quickly. I had a cache I hid on a section of railroad track that was abandoned in 1985. I didn't realize Google Maps still showed it attached to the Railroad. It had been severed for 20 years. The reviewer did not know that so he turned it down. When I re-enabled it I explained all of this and it was published right away. Later I hid on on the public sidewalk on a roadway going over a viaduct that was a historic rail yard behind the old Union Station. I made sure to let the reviewer know in the reviewer noyes that it was not on RR property. It was published immediately. If a reviewer does find an issue with one of your caches, don't take it personalty. Ask them for their guidance in making it a hide that will work. Work with them, not against them. Remember, they are cachers also. They want to publish caches not deny them!
  16. Post this over at GSAK's forums. They check them often and jump on problems.
  17. This got me curious so I checked and found out I have found 65. I hunt them anytime I am near one.
  18. That is an awesome part of Tennessee to visit. I've only been up there once to stay but loved the area. Lots of history up there. It was the first place settled in Tennessee. And October usually is spectacular in the mountains, if the leaves have started to turn. I did a Google search for cabins Johnson city, tn and got a lot of pages. Your biggest problem is that most cabins up there in peak season (October is about the height of the peak season) requires a minimum of two nights. Some more. Also, if there is a race in Bristol that weekend you will not find anything for 100 miles. But start searching and reading the pages. Also Google a site called vacation homes by owners. You may find some relaxed policies there.
  19. As a cacher who lives in the same area as JoeGPS and one of the TN Reviewers I have spoken to both on this subject. The law is about 100 years old and no one has ever been convicted under it. Hardly anybody outside of caching knows it exists. My understanding is a cacher stumbled across the law and brought it up to the reviewers and Groundspeak. After much debate it was decided, as Joe stated, to let existing ones stand and archive them only if there is a problem. however new ones would be prohibited until the law was changed. Who wants to be the first one prosecuted under that law? If this law has not been tested in court than we cannot say how the court would apply it to private or public cemeteries (my understanding is under TN law any cemetery must be open for the public to visit no matter who owns the land it is on, so maybe all are public?). So who wants to test the law in court? As for the 528 foot rule. At first caches were published if they were anywhere outside of the cemetery. But some cachers decided to play games. Move it after publication, lie to the reviewer about the cemetery bounds, etc. So because of these few bad apples we all have to move further away. Don't blame the reviewer who is trying to keep our game legal and in good standing with the authorities, blame the ones who refuse to play within the guidelines. Instead work with the reviewer. I know The Seanachie and TNCacher, both of those guys will bend over backwards to help you get your cache published. But if you fight them, try to pull tricks, or throw a fit (I am not saying you were but these are things others have done) then they will examine every hide you do with a fine tooth comb. Also you are close enough to the Nashville area (my mother was FTF on your hide and I have four caches in your area) to come to an event and meet both Joe and The Seanachie. Talk to them face to face and get there advice on how to make your hide work. To answer another question on here, No the legislators were not geocachers. But some cachers from Jackson and Memphis worked with them to try to get the law changed. It just didn't work out.
  20. The only unit that can do all of that is the Garmin Nuvi 500. But it is shaped like a car unit and very awkward to hold in the field. Also has no lanyard spot. You could get a Delorme N-40 (comes with Steet and Topo maps) and a Garmin Nuvi for the car for less than your target price. That is what I do. Route with the Nuvi and hunt with the PN-40.
  21. I loved this one when I was up there a couple of years ago. http://coord.info/GC1DYRH
  22. I am a 41 year old male with 3 daughters, 15, 10, and 9. If an officer sees me and my daughters and has his suspicions aroused I would hope he rakes me over the coals in a professional but thorough way. If that wasn't me with my girls and an officer did not do his job the consequences could be tragic. This is a learning point for your daughter. Teach her the proper respect for a professional officer looking out for her safety.
  23. I've used Blackstar Navigator, CacheSence, and Trimble Geocache Navigator. CacheSence is by far my favorite. And $10 is not bad.
  24. I tried those links for the BB download and got 404 Page Not Found Errors. Can you repost?
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