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  1. Wow! That was quite a flurry of posts in the last ten minutes. I hope they adequately answered your question. WOW!! That was close! Did you look at that thing in Keystone's avatar's hand? Many think it is a rainbow. HA! I say! Got to go, they are still tracking me!
  2. Platinum Membership is a secret society of cachers bent on world domination. (I have documented proof that they were the second rifleman behind the Kennedy assassination!) This is why they don't want any....................AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  3. Another option for Challenge cache owners would be to review and update the before date from time to time.
  4. Did you check in the junk draw or under the cushions of the couch?
  5. Don't worry too much. One of our reviewers logged his Attended log for an event from his iPhone 4 times today. It can happen to newbies as well as oldies!
  6. You also might want to look at the Delorme PN-40 or PN-60. Both are great units that come with Topo and street routable maps.
  7. Here is the cache page. http://coord.info/GC2E9YC The cache owner claims it was not on school grounds, but if you switch the map above the comments to satellite and zoom in you'll see that if it is not on school grounds it is in someones backyard. I agree that this should not have gotten past the reviewer. I was talking to one of our local reviewers last night and he stated that to have a cache on school property he needs to verify explicit permission to hide and seek the cache from the principle. He said they need to verify both because once a principle gave permission to hide but then freaked out when people started showing up to seek the cache.
  8. Remembered this one this morning. Not sure you want to travel this far for a 1/1.5 but maybe you can find some others in this area. http://coord.info/GC1A3WA
  9. Saw a log come in on a cache on a bookmark list. October 15 by 2010geochaser (60 found) I was able to find this but it took a little while as my GPS showed the cache 10 feet from where it actually was. TFTC Remember learning the GPSr wasn't dead on every time?
  10. A little drive from Sevier County but it is the best cache in the whole state of TN. http://coord.info/GC21XAC There are a ton of caches in the Seveirville, Pidgin Forge, Gatlinburg area. Most that I've done are mostly PnGs. A few in some parks. The best ones are the virtuals. You generally have a bit of a hike to get to them.
  11. That will prevent this one from posting. What happens down the road? Ignoring them is an option but isn't an answer to the big questions. With all the feature requests, ideas, and site issues that people have been clamoring for why invest resources in these pretty, yet basically meaningless, pictures? I'm not trying to be a rabble-rouser. I'm just a confused and disappointed customer. GOF stated my point better than I did. Some of us fear Groundspeak is getting away from what caching is. They seem to be getting more interested in fluff. As for logging on the 11th, I wanted to log a cache today for two reasons, (1) I like to keep my personnel caching record accurate, and (2) I wanted to help set the record. I do like things that display achievement. Setting a record shows the growth. Someone in another thread mentioned the idea of taking Challenge caches (like the Delormes or Well Rounded) away from individual COs and making it a badge Groundspeak bestows, thus opening those up to others who don;t have them in their area or solving other issues that arise from each others interpretation. If they turned the Souvenir area into that, I would agree with it more. I got a picture because I did the same thing I did yesterday, logged a cache, big deal. I got a picture because I found 81 caches, 1 from every county in TN or every D/T combo, now that would mean something. I won't even bother looking at another cachers Souvenir tab, but if it was an Achievement tab I would look at it and be happy for them for what they have accomplished.
  12. Me Too! What does this have to do with caching? Why spend time with frivolous things instead of improving the sport?
  13. Had no choice. My mother gave it to me when I was a baby and the legal hassles and expense did not seem worth it to change.
  14. There have been people who have quit geocaching (I know it is impossible to believe that, but it is true!) and have returned several years later. If they do they will want their account reactivated.
  15. I live in the Nashville, TN area and work frequently in Memphis. I have found 100s of caches there. I pointed this out to the reviewer when I submitted my cache. I also got a local cacher to agree to help at times I wasn't able to get there. I posted this in my notes to the reviewer, also. With this info it went through with no problem.
  16. I'm not sure if you can put maps on it, but the thing is you don't need them to go caching. I did not have maps on mine for the first 2.5 years of caching and found over 2000. Many have found more than that. Now that I have them they are nice, but not a necessity. Use that unit and later on after you have a feel for what kind of caching you will do. If you do a lot of hiking you may find you want Topo maps. If you stick to urban areas you may want one to download Hi-Res satellite imagery, or you may find that your phone is fine when you need that and the eTrax is all you need. As for the Delorme, the latest Topo9 comes with Topo and Street maps for Canada. Also their subscription service includes Canada maps.
  17. Assuming that hert=hurt, your story is a good argument for NOT caching with the little ones. Kids are the best tool for urban caching. "I'm just going to sit here on the bench. Go look behind that sign for me. Okay, now go look along that wall. No? Trying looking under the bench." Nobody is surprised seeing a curious kid. I tried that on an evil micro stuck in the dirt in the middle of the field. "Dad, when are we going to leave?" "When we find this one, so I suggest you find it." Didn't work.
  18. Assuming that hert=hurt, your story is a good argument for NOT caching with the little ones. I have three kids. They get hurt, thats life. I don't let them do stupid things. But I don't shelter them. If you don't get them off the couch and out into the woods early in their life you won't get them off the computer, game console, TV when they are older.
  19. Be aware that with the Legand HCx you will have to run the Pocket Query through a software to convert it to the format that the Legand HCx can read. I'm not sure if it comes with the software to do so but GSAK (www.gsak.net) does that and much more. As mentioned it does not do full paperless, you only get a little info from the page on the unit. However you can add Topo maps or street maps to it if you get into back country hiking. Extra money there. The eXplorist GC you cannot add more maps but you do not have to run the pocket queries through any software and you get all of the page info on the unit. You can also look at the Delorme PN-40 or PN-60. They do get all of the cache info on the unit and they make it easy to get it on there using their Topo9 software or the CacheRegister widget, both log into your GC account, get the PQs and transfer them to the unit. Both of those units also come with Topo and street maps.
  20. Many years ago a local cacher went to Metro Davidson County (Nashville, TN) to seek permission. They were wanting to ban caching but he was able to work with them to keep it open in their 25-35 (can't remember exact numbers). As a reward they gave him the honor of running their Geocaching program! If you want to publish a cache in one of their parks he reviews it and agrees or denies. The local reviewer will not publish it without the official park approval. One thing that helps is that you fill out an official park form so it is obvious that it is not just some cacher appointing himself as king. So, if they ask you to run their program and you accept, make sure you get them to make it official. Have them give you a title, put it on their website, get you some business cards, or something that makes it legitimate. Also, contact the local reveiwers and inform them of the policies the land trust has put in place. Then they will require proof of your blessing before allowing it. Then when the "big time cacher" tells you to "mind your business" you can tell him you are and to bring his cache in line or it will be removed, Groundspeak notified, and he can pick up his container at the local park office, city office, police department, or where ever. Edited to add: Make sure that you have the park or land trust publish their policies. Either on the web site or at least a document that can be faxed or emailed to cachers. That again will show you are being fair and not just making yourself king.
  21. On the website running a pocket querry is the only way. You can create one and do not check the day of the week to run. This allows you to preview it and does not count toward your 5 a day limit. I have a couple set to show me any unfound in a 200 mile radius and any placed in the last week. However for detailed data searches I use GSAK (www.gsak.net). This is a very powerful database program. I have enough pocket querries set up to get me all of the caches in TN. I keep these loaded in GSAK. Now I can search that database for anything. Only virtuals, only webcams, only D3.5 T1.5, only D5 T4.5 that I've already found, etc. You would be amazed at what you can do with that program.
  22. lol...you have a good reason to visit mom now! And she is enjoying me hiding caches, i think she loves having me in the area! Email her and tell her I'm going to take those ammo cans back if she doesn't hide them soon. Also tell her that her micros are in the 50cal ammo can and to get them hidden, also!
  23. I'm pretty sure GOF's Sock Puppet is correct, but contacting The Seanachie or TN Cacher for some guidance would help work out any issues before you publish, assuring when you do it goes through quickly. I've got to get back up to my mothers, you and someone else have given me a reason....... well that and Mom!
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