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  1. I haven't checked in here for awhile. Local Nashvillian here. We don't use the local website that much, we use FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/67741919574/ The ones mentioned are some great ones. Joe is working on getting GM#6 fixed. How much time in Nashville and how far do you want to travel? Email me through my profile and I will help you get an event listed.
  2. You have placed two caches in a remote area with not many others around. Sad to say those will get visited less often than if you had placed them in a Wal-Mart parking lot. However, while you will still get a few TFTCs, most of the logs will be from people who appreciate the hike, location, view, etc. Don't get discouraged. Be proud that you have placed great caches in a great location.
  3. When will you be in Nashville and for how long?
  4. They have rewritten the guidelines to clarify this. Quoted from Section II subsection 3 first point. Cache containers include a logsheet or logbook. For all physical caches, there must be a logbook, scroll or other type of log for geocachers to record their visit. The valid point here that covers this original poster's cache is "other type of log". I am not a reviewer however I do teach a How to Hide class from time to time and I have discussed this point with one of our reviewers to verify my take on things.
  5. I"ve faked it. Whoops, wrong thread. My condolences to Mr. Incredible. Is that why he thinks he is Mr. Incredible?
  6. I got into streak caching, that is until the cops caught me. Stupid lewd and lasciviousness laws!
  7. My spring and summer is booked, but I do need to get back your way someday. I've never explored Rock Island despite living in Woodbury from '78 to 87.
  8. I agree with many of the others. You probably have the GPSr turned off. I have a HTC Android phone and don't know if it is the same on yours. In settings go to location, make sure Standalone GPS Services is checked. Another test is to pull up Google Maps, does the GPSr indicator come on on the top info bar? Does it find your exact location on the map? If not the GPSr is turned off.
  9. I've done it a couple of times when I was in Memphis for work. Got to know some great cachers down there. I was in Atlanta for a training class and attended one posted by someone from Maryland who was visiting. Got to meet a few cachers from the North Atlanta area. I'd say go for it. What I want to know is why you would put up with Pigeon Forge when you've got the most beautiful place in Tennessee in your back yard. Head up to Fall Creek Falls.
  10. I adopted a cache that was placed inside of a local park's nature center. I met the director and got to talking about caching. She wanted more hidden on their trail system, so I hid 25 caches along the trails. We hiked the trails and she approved the placements. It has drawn many cachers to hike the trails and spring has just gotten started. We also decided to do a couple of Intro classes. The last one had about 50 non-cachers come. The director then asked me to do the event once a quarter. When some cachers asked for me to do a class on how to hide the director was more than happy to let me hold it there with no rental charge. I've now offered to hold a CITO event to help with any project she may need volunteers for. So definitively work with them. It sounds like a great opportunity. And I can tell you that it is very rewarding to help out.
  11. Got a long road. Still haven't gotten time to go talk to the director and get permission. I also need to have time to research and write the page. I'll post back if I get it done.
  12. We have some cache hide masters in Tennessee and probably one of the all time greatest, JoGPS. My favorite from him is Gepo Mojo 14. http://coord.info/GC21XAC
  13. Thanks for those examples. That gives me some ideas and hope. I wasn't completely sure wetlands would fit in with today's earthcaches.
  14. Can anybody come up with some ideas on how to do a wetlands earthcache? There is a great walkway through some reclaimed wetlands near my house that can't support a traditional but I'd love to give cachers another reason to explore it.
  15. And they're off!!!! Yesterday I had 116 TBs at the event. All were taken by various Mid TN cachers and they will be spread out. I'm taking several to Memphis later in the week. Another cacher took several to Chattanooga. Another to Mississippi. Another is going to Alabama and later Bowling Green KY. And another to Connecticut. So you will see them spreading out and moving soon!
  16. Very cool place. I didn't have any time to explore and wish I did.
  17. If you stick with Garmin, Magellan, or Delorme you can't go wrong. There were some Bushnells out there that were pretty bad units. Also try to stay away from car units if you want it for geocaching. As sshipway stated they can be used but they are harder to use since they are setup for road navigation. The only car unit with geocaching capabilities that I'm aware of is the Garmin Nuvi 500.
  18. Well there are a few people that have found them using Google Maps and hints. Others have used a compass and maps. But a GPSr is the easiest way. You can find used handhelds for under $100. You can get a new Magellan eXplorist GC off Amazon for $130. If you have a smartphone there are apps that you can install that will let you use it.
  19. I found three old Mexico Mexican Restaurants listed on Google Maps in Niceville. Only one has a cache near it. That one is in a shopping center that on the map has a Winn Dixie store, it is just south of the State Park. The cache is named Old Mexico. http://coord.info/GCP2JQ From the description it is a tube of some sort.
  20. Cool story. Was you son able to put it back? If you can post some info about where you found it we can help figure out which cache it was.
  21. Head up to Lookout Mountain and hit the caches up there. There are three virts and a few traditionals. Spend some time at the National Battlefield on top of Lookout Mountain. You can also get a webcam cache downtown Chattanooga and a couple of virts in the National Cemetery near downtown Chattanooga.
  22. Yes a F150 will fit but if you go on the weekend you will spend most of your time backing out of the tunnel for traffic. During the week it is lighter. This place is very popular with locals. I hiked in and hugged the left side of the tunnel, the water came up half way between my ankles and knees. After about 50 feet it dried out and there was no water in the middle of the tunnel. I DNFed the cache my first trip there and was happy about it because it meant I got to go back the next day, it is the best cache I've ever found. If you are not busy Saturday I'm hosting an Intro to Geocaching event in M'Boro.
  23. This is one from the all time cache master. Your kids will love it. Three words, Abandoned Train Tunnel!!! http://coord.info/GC21XAC
  24. http://www.amazon.com/DeLorme-Earthmate-PN-60-Portable-Navigator/dp/B0031QNP8O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1322110807&sr=8-1 $219 for a PN-60. The PN-40 is going for $274 on Amazon.
  25. I don't have one myself but my understanding is that when you plug in the GC to your computer it loads as a USB drive, you then download the PQ to your computer and drag and drop it to the GC. It loads the caches automatically. Are you asking how to run a PQ? Or do you have that down?
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