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  1. Sorry for the book folks, a lot of this is common sense, but it needs mentioning. Not to discourage anyone but I thought I’d pass on tips from my experience on this Mega Power Run. First and foremost, be safe as (and I’ll say this over and over) should you get hurt you’re in the middle of nowhere and help could take hours to get to you. We only saw maybe 15 to 20 other vehicles during our entire run. Also, there are sections of the run where there is no shoulder on the road, and you’ll have to stop on the highway. BE SAFE!!!! This is open range country, you will encounter cattle and other wild life, the only thing we did not see was snakes but we did see plenty of snake holes. And there were a few hides we had to chase cattle away from. Weather: on Sunday there was a nasty storm that rolled in (luckily for us, after we had completed the Alien Head). A local (nvtriker) told us the desert turns into almost quicksand after a heavy rain, and you don’t want to get stuck out there. The Alien Head is in the desert, and will take 3 hours at least to do. If you want to do the power run in one day, come back the next for the Alien Head. Some folks have used 4X4’s for this series I DO NOT recommend doing that, as all it takes to get this whole thing shut down is one LEO or BLM Agent to see you out there. This may be the desert but it is a fragile eco-system. Make sure your cachemobile is in tip top shape, there is nothing for 60-70 miles from the middle of the run. Should you break down you’ll likely be there for some time. Have a CB or Ham radio as there is NO cell service. We lost it 20 miles out of Tonopah and did not get any reception until on our way back. Gas…. Have a full tank at the start, my van which gets 22 mpg hwy, averaged 10 mpg during the run. There are NO gas stations between Ash Springs and Tonopah (approximately 160 miles). Two guys we ran into on the run almost ran out of gas and had to go to Tonopah during their run. Make sure your PQ is rock solid before you leave. We found gaps of about 20 hides in ours (We used different queries submitted on different days, and both Stu and I had the same blanks). This caused us to have to track the distance on our GPSr’s and then pile out to make the finds. Things to bring: Water and Food, we took one cooler of water and soft drinks, and one cooler with food. First Aid Kit Batteries (we went through a boat load) Tools (for the cachemobile) Extra clothing High power flashlights Have Fun, But BE SAFE!
  2. Ok, I’ve tried to stay out of this mess that that this posting has become. But in the interest of clarification, I feel the need to enlighten all who have made suppositions here. It was my log that was deleted without notice, or until this thread un-addressed. First: I would like to state, that I made a personal decision on how I intend to spend my free time to a couple of friends, who despite my request to keep this information non-public felt the need to find out certain details regarding the straw that broke the camel’s back, that were withheld. If StashSeeker or deranja are friends of yours, you will always have your back covered, they are both the best friends anyone could ask for. Second: we still have not been fully informed as to why the Found log in question has been deleted, as Nomex has chosen to provide contradictory statements regarding the deletion. I invite Nomex or any other reviewer who has posted here, to provide a copy of the reviewer note that was posted on the cache page. As the reviewer note is quite different from what was posted here. Third: there are only three people who know exactly what transpired that evening, and I need to point out that the person responsible for managing this area (and incidentally the only person who can require the hides on this facility be removed), personally called me after his investigation of the event to apologize for the actions and statements of the private security guard. He further related to me that he had informed the private security company 3 days before our incident not to chase geocachers off the facility. Fourth: As the individual who made the derogatory statements in that post was not publicly identified, nor was his employer there is no cause of action in a libel lawsuit. For the record I cited him word for word. At the end of the day, this occurrence is just one of many things that as of late have caused me to become disillusioned with this activity, and as such I have decided to no longer support this activity either financially or personally. Please feel free to flame away……
  3. I guess I should not tell all of you I have like 30 or 40 more of them to put out. But dont worry thats not all I have..hummmm just have to wait and see...I have also tried to post a few other types however the geo gods said no and I have to work out some bugs... 30 or 40 is that all???? I've got at least 800 of those.......
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