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  1. If I already have 60CSx (which I actually do), I don't think I'll spend money even on sale to upgrade to Oregon 450. But no doubt... If I were to buy a new handheld GPS, I think I would definitely purchase Oregon 450 providing that price difference isn't huge. I mean... I am sure Oregon WILL see some fimrware updates to improve it's overall experience and performance over time as it did with 60CSx.
  2. Hello, Since this free topo map is distributed via BitTorrent... which is where you should really share(upload) as much as you have download so others can also be able to download (like you have). Right now there is absolutely nobody sharing the map. I would really appreciate it if everyone who have downloaded to share this free map. More people seeds, faster we can download and easier on your upload too. Hope you don't just what you need and disconnect. Thank you.
  3. Picasa Web Album (Powered by Google) supports Geotagged pictures. I think YaHoo! maps also supports Geotagged pictures too. Am I not understanding the question properly? I think I am confused.
  4. Yes. I also would like to why calculation done by Mapsource is different than calculation done by the GPS unit itself?
  5. I personally use my Samsung P2 Portable Media Player. It is 3" touch screen based. It natively support for reading of plain TEXT file (*.txt). You can change the font size within the unit, display vertically or horizonally too. At same time you can listen to music or watch a video while you take a break and have a snack
  6. 1. I personally use map and compass when I get close. 2. Than again... you can configure the map screen to have a other infos like direction pointer, time to, distance, etc... 3. You can install as many different types of map on a single microSD card as you want providing that you stay within the limit of 2GB or 2000 some mapsets. 4. One more thing... as for the screen of the unit. Yes, it is no where near as bright as other garmin gps with touchscreen like nuvi. BUT! 60 series and other handheld is all depends on the angle you view the screen. I personally set the brightness to "0". Why? Because when you hold the unit in same position you need to hold to use the compass you can read the screen as good as having it full brightness. Difference isn't much. Now, I am talking about on typical outdoor weather. Heck! I find it bright sun makes the screen even more easier to read. But like I said when you hold the unit with screen up, screen readability is excellent.
  7. Why can't I install this software? This has happened to me before with some versions of POI Loader too. I click to launch the setup program and I get a screen saying click NEXT to proceed. Well there is no NEXT button! It just stays like this... Anyone have this problem? Any Fix ?
  8. Plastic Zip Bag works well as water proof. Yes there are bike mounts. Hope it's battery life is long enough for you.
  9. Not sure about a PDA but I personally use my cellular phone, Sony Ericsson W810i and it is capable of reading plain *.txt file. I am guessing if your cellphone have any level of web browsing feature I think it can read a plain text file too. Give it a try. Might just work.
  10. Well... MicroSD aren't as cheap as SD or capacity aren't as big as SD either but due to it's size I think it's much more useful in many many devices.
  11. There may need to be an update with the garmin plug in as Firefox's addon code seems to be little different now.
  12. Sorry to be slightly out of topic But... anyone use the screen magnifier? http://www.gpscity.ca/topsearch-magnifier/c=all
  13. GPS utilizing Google Map! Price is literally half compare to original iPhone price at launch. I would so want to buy this iPhone 3G. But here is the down side!! In order to use iPhone as anything, ipod, calculator, media playback or anything it is capable of .... you are required to have a cellular subscription! (Unlimited Data Plan too)... that is how Google Map get streamed to utilize the GPS.
  14. I wish Garmin would make this slow a** program to utilize multi-CPU to speed things up &/or utilize video card to accelerated it.
  15. our dumb leader is at it again. distraction from passenger(s) account for the highest automobile accident. even more than drinking and driving. heck, there must be more things on the road that is way more distracting than a gps.
  16. Hell yeah! When it does get true proper built-in GPS I will for sure get one for myself... even to use it without the phone feature. I mean it's a ultimate geek toy aswell. Not sure how the Google Map works now? (cellular data plan required?) GoogleMap itself is sure gonna cover just about everthing. So it's gonna be very cool. BTW... GPS for Sony PSP has been out in Japan for over a year now (i think) and will finally come to North America near the end of this year and I've heard that it will be utilizing teleatlas or something. with 3D. I believe all this for under $200 or so.
  17. Is it just me or color seems to have changed a bit ? Maybe I've already forgot how 2008 color looked like.
  18. Here is my personal experience with my 60CSx. If I replace the battery and/or bring out my GPS from inside (absolutely no signal) to out side and turn it it... it does take several minutes to search and lock into few sat. But, if I have it turned off but keep with outside for longer period of time (never bothered to measure how long) and when I turn it on... I would almost instantly get several sat. signal and in about 30 seconds or so it would start locking into those signals. So I guess even when it is powered off, as long as it is in open sky... it helps gather? sat locations? I don't know.
  19. Never mind, I don't think it's possible as all the pictures are showing with a ball. Hmm.... after browsing a lot of RAM MOUNT items... I think want to get a mount base for camera too REdwoods Mtn Biker. maybe you should get one aswell and shoot some videos and post on your website.
  20. The Garmin comes with a handlebar mount. For the RAM, I would use their diamond rail mount designed for bike handlebars. I think it is more secure and less prone to slippage than a U-bolt mount. To edit my post... I was asking if I could use the cradle with the u-bolt without the arm.
  21. Just wondering... Can I attach 60 series cradle to one of those U-bolt mount? and just attach that to my bike?
  22. No damage to the bottom rubber if you remove top first or insert bottom first. I use RAM mount for my car with 60CSx. Yes, it is tight/stiff fit.
  23. Image here The Garmin and RAM mount are both plastic. RAM is sturdier and a bit more secure. Breaks, in my experience, occur on the arm between the two connection points. Prone to crashes, Rich So in the end you would always buy RAM over Garmin ? or either is more than good enough ?
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