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  1. Checked my caches for M&L+3 physical logs, of the 5 I checked that he logged, none have anything on the sheets. I checked 2 others in the area he claimed to find and nothing there either. The guy claims to be from Japan and was "here" from 14-19 June (according to his loggings). Others have reported the same for their caches. I deleted his logs and reported him to GS. I hate when people think they can pull the wool over San Diegans eyes!
  2. The issue continues with SLOW loading of the Beta map, and overall site sluggishness. I don't like how there isnt a return link on the map page to go back to the regular GC.com site. I like the larger format, but....
  3. Ok, so everyone gets that it is one million ACTIVE caches. I've been looking at number converters to see what the actual numbered millionth cache is. Anyone have the GC# for 1 million? Is this base 36, modified base 32? Someone just give me the number?
  4. Not trying to make this personal, and I'll ignore the obvious poke above. We (collectively) were asked what we thought, and what doesn't get us motivated about Waymarking. I think I (and others) have covered that pretty well. We are also expressing our opinion regarding how Groundspeak has changed the Virtual Cache, and forced it off the website. We have learned what the reasons were, and have offered possible alternate ways that the issue could have been resolved, instead of shifting them elsewhere. Waymarks are not virtuals, that is PAINFULLY obvious! Virtuals (at least the surviving ones on GC.com) are thought out, and have a purpose. Waymarks (like the category payphones), for the most part, offer a locating service. Thank you for the filtering ability and advice. Looks like I would need a lot of filtering (initially, as you or others point out) to remove the massive amount of unwanted categories. My awareness has been increased as to Waymarking. I'm sure that every mural, or painted electrical box, or McDonalds, or payphone I see from now on, I will wonder if it's already on the website. Sorry, I won't be adding more. Excuse me, but I have to go play with my GPS in the corner now. This sand box is too crowded and narrow.
  5. I just did a search of San Diego and there are 3829 waymarks within 100 miles. Of the first 200 locations I found about 5 (give or take) that were fast food and very few stacked locations. Add the Chinese food joints and the location that was featured in the tv show Diners Drive Ins and Dives and you had around ten-fifteen commercial listings out of the first 200. Oh and don't forget the three 7-11's. There's the noise that most people claim to not like in Waymarking. The murals (69 locations), Artistically Painted Utility Boxes (35 locations), National Register of Historic Places (50 locations) and most of the other locations found in the San Diego area are not found on my GPSr unless I add them to my unit with the help of Waymarking.com and GSAK. As an example of the WM's in the area, 2 and sometimes 3 entries for the same thing. That's clutter. The obvious disregard for the standard "no commercial endorsements" even has special icons for the different food chains. So Waymarking is not held to this, yet also run by Groundspeak? Out of the query you mention above, the following are included: 24 7-11's, 75 McDonalds, 46 Target Stores, 40 Post Offices, 18 WalMart's, 26 Jack in the Box's, etc etc etc. OOOH! 55 payphones!! Chaff!
  6. Long time listener, first time caller (well, almost). I have been reading up on the subject for quite a while, old closed threads, and this newer one. It seems there is some change about, and the alternative is not GENERALLY accepted (at least within this string). I too went to Waymarking (no offering of alternative spelling, sorry) and was alienated by the interface, lack of GC.com-like PQ’s, and a lot of what I considered “noise”. When I attempted to search for webcams, it came up with: There are no categories that fit the criteria you selected. Then I did a query for my local area came up with a lot of “Date Approved” in 2007/2008, but “Last visited” never. I consider the area I live in (San Diego) to be a very cache-rich area, and we still have quite a few Virtuals. Very supportive and active caching community. I don’t see the Waymarking side getting much action here. I have done a few Virtuals, and loved them all. The argument that has been used in the past of “the CO doesn’t keep up with the finders” doesn’t float with me. If you aren’t maintaining your cache, it gets archived! Virtual, Multi or Traditional. That includes keeping up with the requirements the CO sets! The “WOW” factor needs to get a facelift. Call it “Educational value”, which is what I have gained completing the virtuals in my area. LIKE VIRTUALS, Earth-caches all have a form of requirements you need to submit to the CO (send me an e-mail, include a picture, answer a question) to get credit. So in essence, it’s an “educational” virtual, but only about EARTH sciences. Aren’t there other sciences? What about historical “educational” information, where physical caches are not allowed? Then there’s the “Wow”. Not a lot of that in (yawn) Earth-caches, but it DOES have educational value! There’s an alternate argument out there that uses a Multi (look at a plaque/mile marker/count stones, etc) that takes you to the “virtual” location, but ends in a physical cache. You can dip into the area of protective status, and find the location of the final (outside the area). Bring back the Virtual? Ah, yes, there is the problem with “chaff”, the “junk”, caches no one cares about (except the owner, I’m sure). A lot can be said about traditionals in the same way. Just because there’s a green electrical box, doesn’t mean it needs an altoid tin! Every supermarket doesn’t need something under a light skirt! Number counters love them, not much of a challenge. So there’s a limiting location requirement (not within XX of another physical cache). The Waymarking side? Last time I checked, just about any GPSr now has all the fast-food joints, and other “noise” if you’re looking for it. Smart phones too! For me, it’s not logging that I visited a fast-food joint, it’s that I stealthily found the item BEHIND the fast-food joint (thus, the Game aspect). Sorry if I took some thoughts and added another twist. Earthcache.org is linked to GC.com, there are letterbox “hybrids”. Virtuals? Is it really that difficult?
  7. Congrats to all the latest stoners!!! lulu499 - 6000 Silver Horde - 3000 trixxster - 3000 balcanthez - 3000 Triple Crown - 5000 (Great choice for a milestone cache ) Big numbers going on! Congrats to all! My gosh, you don't check this thread out for a few days, and look what happens! You are all awesome!!! Many WOOHOO's from The Splash Zone1 The Splashes WOW!!! There were SSSOOOOO Many milestones!!! Even Geocaching had a Milestone!! 1 MILLION GEOCACHES!!!!! TOO COOL!!!
  8. Using my Oregon to upload field notes, after making the log entries I'm finding the logs (on my profile page) are recording as the next day. I live on the West coast, and believe the time stamp is not recording correctly for my time zone, and may be the issue for other problems I see on the message boards.
  9. Ouch! I've done that with a phone once. The phone still worked but the screen was broken which made it a little hard to use... Amazing coincidence, though, the guy who found my phone was related to finkbr. I have had a similar experience on a short hike (7miles) around North Fortuna. Mocha and I went on the hike and returned to the car after a few hours. She was dog-tired, and I broke out the bowl of water and some kibble. I took paper maps with me and crossed off and wrote notes on the ones I wanted to mention for whatever reason. Mocha got done with her snack, we loaded up and headed for home. We were parked up at the top of Tierrasanta on some northeast access to the park, and after winding back down to Santo and heading home, I started to search for my GPS (I thought there was a cache I hadn't picked up around Santo and Clairmont Mesa). Couldn't find it immediately and assumed it was in my bag. When I got home, I found that the log sheets and GPS were nowhere to be found!! I commenced a slow drive back-tracking my way and found the log sheets in the street where I was parked, but no GPS!! Did a few more runs, but no luck A few hours later, there were 2 college students knocking on my door. They had found my GPS in the street at Clairmont Mesa and Santo. I put my address and reward if found on the startup screen (thank Goodness!!!) and they were returning it~! It was a little scratched up but functioning, and I was so happy, I asked them if they drink. They both looked at each other (in that college student way of "is this guy kidding??") and both said yes! Away they went with my eternal thanks, and a brand new bottle of Petron Silver!!! Lost my Razr on another trip out by Where Jets Fly, never found, and MANY pairs of reading and sun glasses!!! Sorry to hear of your loss.
  10. New story in the San Diego Magazine, Check it out! http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/media/San-.../Geocaching-In/ Novices
  11. It's amazing to be in a county with so many STUD cachers!!! Congrats to the Kwvers on the MASSIVE 12,000 finds!!! I am not worthy!!!
  12. Team Balcanthez (Diedeep and Monkey Grl) and U2U represented the SD Geocaching Community at this weekend's Around The World in 80 Caches Event in Orange County. We found 21 countries, and got 7 FTF's............ We no SLACKERS!!!
  13. [Yep, way to go Nancy! Awesome Lulu499 Congrats to you Nancy! And also congrats to the Dynamic Duo Kwvers!
  14. We booked La Fuente for Saturday Night. We'll be driving out Sat Morning and enjoy all the event has to offer Sunday as well. Need to look up the Flash mob, didn't see that one!! See Ya all there!!!
  15. Who's all heading to Yuma and is there a common location everyone is staying? When we went to GW, kinda felt out there and would like to be closer to the real action heroes....
  16. OK, OK, so I didn't answer my phone. This still seems a bit harsh! Let that be a lesson to the rest of you! I'm very stern and a cruel taskmaster, and quite grumpy when I can't get a lifeline. Not as many lifelines would be needed if you bowled more often
  17. Took my Triton 400 back to the store. I ran into the same issues, plus really extended times to load caches from something as simple as Easy GPS. My Garmin 60C takes 30 seconds to load 500 caches from my laptop. LOTS of other features come with the Triton, but the button placement was a real drag (very cumbersome). The 60C has very easy buttonology, and have used it for the last few weeks with a lot of surprises. Navigate on road to get to the area, then switch to off road to the cache. Balcanthez
  18. I got a new Magellan 400 before Christmas and a Garmin 60C off Craigs List. It took SOOOOO long for the Magellan to load files from Easy GPS (30+minutes) I got fed up. The Garmin has limited displays (Name and clue or GC and Name), and the Magellan displays all the information to include hint, but it was too cumbersome to use the small buttons on the bottom. I took the Magellan back to the store.
  19. Odd - I don't see any DNF logs on that...... It's there now.
  20. The "view map" link that's just below the "Send to Phone" button of each cache page activates a "Google Map Search" page. At upper-right of the Google Map Search page you'll see the cache-icons in use. Just hover your cursor over any of the icons and you'll get a tool-tip popup showing the common name of the icon. Feel free to start posting questions and comments on any of the several San Diego Forum threads. Have fun, Sd Rowdies http://www.geocaching.com/about/ in the front page of the Geocaching website is a great reference to all the abbreviations, and other basic items. On a different note, I went to find your first cache and it was nowhere to be found. Spent my lunch HOUR in the area, and even got verbally accosted by a homeless muggle. It's all part of the sport, but very frustrating when new cachers place a cache, and I can't find them. R/Balcanthez
  21. Hello all, I've only been doing this since November 07, but believe there needs to be another filter selection: Disabled/Inactive. Tons of disabled caches are on the map, and even though most are temporary, it is still a very large nuisance. R/Balcanthez
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