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  1. Nascoiners _________________ _________________ http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto/register/joingroup
  3. opalsns


    Dear Mike, I hope you have a beautiful Journey and Find yourself where you hoped to be. Your sweet spirit will live on in your precious girls and you will always be with them. Goodbye, My Friend.
  4. Congrats, RSG, very deserved!!!!!10 Fold!!!!!
  5. Thank You Kini. With That , i will close this thread. i am sorry for those that never recieved any mission. i thank all those who played the game fair and kept it moving. It's ashame that some screw it up for others. I may have another mission released in the spring. untill then, Keep warm!!!!! eartha... Do Your Thing, Baby!!!!
  6. Oh alright. Of course , Just The articles. I never look at pictures.......
  7. OK, Recieved Mission 1, Today, Finally!!! The Card Halves were there and I Have Picked the winner... See Pics!!! I will get winners coins sent out Monday and I will Reorganize the Mission and get a sign up list. Those who asked to be off are off.
  8. Mail Lady Just Came. No card halves in the mail. I've drawn from what I have and the winner is.... 10 Of Hearts Kini_ont congratulations
  9. Yuppers, Just waiting for FossilLady and Sarah Bell. Will Draw Tonight. with what cards I have by then.
  10. still Waiting??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????// STILL WAITING?????????????????????????????????? I just sent this email, through geocaching to FI4... , I was just looking at your gallery. good looking family, Congratulations. It's great that you are able to travel around and enjoy the fun things about geocaching, however, you are RUINING it for so many of US. i don't understand why???????????????????????????????? It's not your kids fault as YOU are the ADULT. I have recieved packages from texas but still waiting for a package from Pennsylvania???????????????????????????????? Come on!!!!!!!! PLEASE send me my mission. Patty Perry/Opalsns Sent it 10 times, HOPEFULLY he'll read one of them. I also sent Fredhead notes through his placed geocaches. He was so upset That Queenie didn't send out the mission to begin with. Hopefully he will get ahold of his Dad to send it as he is anxious to recieve it!!!!!!!
  11. still Waiting??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????// STILL WAITING??????????????????????????????????
  12. Since this thread is ready to fall to page 2, Any Chance we could get our names a little early??? Would like to know if I get a man or a woman. It'll make a difference as to what to send..... Playgirl vs Playboy!!!!! LOL Opalsns
  13. still Waiting??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//
  14. opalsns


    RC, so awesome to see you having a great time. You keep up the good work, my friend!!!! Sending hugs and best wishes to you and yours!!!!! Opalsns
  15. Don't forget to RETRIEVE it and move it soon!!!<3
  16. Excellent idea for a cointest. I am not entering the cointest, But I do want to say... I agree with RedshoeGirl, Here is the place where you can vent about your problems be what ever they may be. You get honest opinions and angered feelings ,but you get the respect that you deserve. There have been so many that have fallen to bad times, financally, emotionally and spiritually. Yet someone, sometimes an unknown cacher has stepped up and lifted that person a little bit higher. Because of these people, I won't mention names,These wonderful caring and concerned folk ,here on this forum and out there in the geocating world, I have started to see daylight. The cold has gotten so much warmer and the darkness, so much brighter. I have a wonderful son, 2 super brothers and an awesome sis in law, that will be there for me and now, I will always have this community, The geocachers both known and unknown, to believe in. Thank you All! opalsnsn PS.. Good luck to everyone!
  17. Just recieved this email from FI4 - Queenie's Dad..... Patty, Sorry for the delay got out late last night then we got the snow storm the weatherman was calling for..... The package is in a box and in my truck, I will be setting my sites on heading to the Post Office @ lunch to ship it to you. The Finding Irish 4
  18. Looks like we'll give this contest one more week.. Also, was contacted by FI4 , queenie's Dad. He said he would be shipping Mission 1 out this week and I told him to send it to me so That I can merge. I will draw from the cards that are in that mission as well... then resend it out as 52 Pick Up - The Merger!!!! there will be requests for this mission. I will let you know what they are when I send it! it will be the preasent players. and when the list is completed. i will start again. also, If you are not active on this forum or on gc.com, You will not be on the list!!!!!!!!!
  19. There was a thread here that reported unautherized coins being made from runs in China and being sold. I can't find it now, but maybe...... Also, New bs, Beware... Check out this sellers - 2' brass Geocoins ,Wearable, Nontrackable Fake
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