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  1. Oh wow, Wasn't that special.. Let's see... Newman took out Jr. Ragan got into Newman cause he was getting out of Robby gordon's way. Gordon Should have stayed down till it was clear. I'm blaming the whole thing on Robby Gordon...Again!!!!
  2. I'm Thinking Pink for breast Cancer Awareness.
  3. Just a little FYI There are 8 teams in the Nascoiners League so the winner will get a total of 7 Unactivated Geocoins!!!!
  4. the red with white diagonal stripe is used on a flag to warn boaters there is a diver in the water to keep them at a safe distance. a diver's flag. rsg And The Pink??
  5. Bumper to Bumper.... Any Nascoiners wanna predict tomorrows race, HHMMmmmm??????? 1. Dale Jr. 2. Ryan Newman 3. Clint Bowyer
  6. I just realized the white stripe is Pearlized , Too!!!!! Very Cool. Again, MANY Thanx!!!!!
  7. It's not a mickey diver, it's a Minnie diver! Cool, Mini Diver or Minney Diver ??? Either way, i love this, and maybe CC Washburns is ... Many diver or Many Mickey Diver, LOLOL!!!!
  8. That's it folks. See you at the track!!!!!!
  9. OMG!!!! Very Special Mickey Diver Showed up in my mailbox today. Thank You MYSTERY SENDER!!!!!!!!!! A perfect surprise!!!!!!! I've never seen a pink one before!!!!!! Opalsns
  10. Today I recieved an envelope from me to me. I was very excited because I have not recieved any geocoins for awhile, let alone one from myself.... I actually cried at this one!!!!! A PINK Micki Diver Geocoin!!! I've only seen the red ones , so this is really special. THANK YOU SO MUCH MYSTERY SENDER !!!!!!!!
  11. Just wondering, Is everyone going to wait till the 28th to ship??
  12. Email sent: 12/31/2010 Name received: 2/16/2011 Mission sent: Mission received:
  13. Selling off some activated geocoins. I have a Satin Nickel Triple Dragon Geocoin that is activated but doesn't have any logs on it. 2009 Geowoodstock VII Satin Nickel 2009 Midnite Madness Geocoin $10.00 Free ship in US only Email me if you are interested Thanx Opalsns
  14. yesterday was the last day to sign up. Names sent out soon I think i should have emptied the kitchen sink before I packaged it........
  15. February 30th 2.50 Canadian <3
  16. March 31st 22.50 Canadian
  17. There may be 2 empty spots available.... email me if your interested, don't post, Email me through my profile!!!
  18. Nascoiners please sign up for the team if you were invited. I have several folks interested and want to see who's in and who's out. Waiting for 4 to sign in!!!!!
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