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  1. 2nd Guess...... 2010 SCGA SPACE SHUTTLE GEOCOIN Shiney Silver LE Edited to add...is it called Shiney Nickel or Silver?????
  2. Sign-up: YES Name received: YES YES Package sent: Package received:
  3. 2011 Non-Trackable Minnie Diver Mystery Geocoin Pink And White Pearl Enamel On Black Nickel finish. I will guess that It is an LE Thanx for a cool cointest opalsns
  4. I'm in, thanx for the invite....... i'm awake this season LadyBee!!!!!, LOLOL
  5. Just jockeying around to see which corner I want to pass you on opalsns Finally got that monkey off my back Yah I now one week does not make a season or does it HHMMMMmmmmmmmm, LOL!!
  6. Kini's ridin my coat tails.... BRO, where'd you go??????????????? opalsns
  7. Mission: Send one unactivated non-micro coin. As always, other stuff is up to you. Time: Sign up by filling out the form with the required information by March 19. If you are signing up for more than one mission you must fill out that many forms. Or email me at geofirefly03@gmail.com Easter 2011 Geocoin Mission sign-up Post your progress here. Sign-up: Name received: Package sent:
  8. Sign Up Recieve Name Of fellow Cacher Put together a Modest but Mission Related Package Add At Least 1 Unactivated Geocoin You Don't Have to Let The Reciever Know Who It's From If you Don't Want Ship Package wait For Your Package ENJOY!!!!!!!!
  9. Very cool Coin Reminds me of the design I sent to Moop ... ???????
  10. Hey KD1EJ / remember#3, You moved uo one, But your still in my REAR VIEW Mirror, LOLOL. Hey Kini, You Need a Jump??????LOL
  11. Mine is... You picked a fine time to leave me Loose Wheel!!!!!! LOLOL ha Ha Comin atchya SDR vrooom!!
  12. => Glad you enjoyed, Hope you have fun with it all!!! Opalsns
  13. Day 3... Should be the final day of recieving missions...
  14. SA, there is an International KSM that anyone can enter........
  15. Day 2 of the Kitchen Sink Mission.... Wonder who will get theirs today ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/don't forget pictures... gotta see pics
  16. Sign-up: YES Name received: Package sent: Package received:
  17. WOOOO HOOOO Congratulations to all the winners. Beautiful Kini, congratulations to you as well!!!!!
  18. LOLOL!!!! Gotta Love a Great package!!!! I'm using or used everything I recieved. This guy really knows how to treat a gal!!!! The Package I sent was full of junk that I found in the Garbage Truck and laying on the side of the road!!!!!=>
  19. Email sent: 12/31/2010 Name received: 2/16/2011 Mission sent: 2/28/2011 Mission received: 2/29/2011 FTRKSM I am happy to say I am the First To Recieve Kitchen Sink Mission.... WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Nope, It wasn't mailed early. This Handsome Guy sent it to me from Maine. This should get everyone good and pumped to get theirs.... I opened the box from this local cacher and the first thing I saw was A Pack Of BUBBLE MAILERS - always Needed and sometimes hard to find. Next, I unwrapped a very cool WELCOME ROCK STATUE WITH A SWEET FROG ready to say HI tom my Garden Friends. A box of BANDAIDS, I go through alot of these working in the yard!! A huge bottle of BODY LOTION, mmmm smells so good and this is the best for maine Winters. A big Bottle of SUNSCREEN, very cool, my son got sunburn at Lake George last year because we didn't have any, now we do (Super Thanx) A Strawberry scented CANDLE, which many know , I am addicted to scented candles. MMmmmmmmmmmmm An ENVELOPE with my name on it, I wonder what's in there???? And a DRAWING PAD, needed one so bad, I was sketching on white envelopes....Nice!!!!!! and Last But, chew chew, Not Least, chew chew, A Now empty bag of the best BEEF JERKY I've ever Had!!! And in that envelope 3 Geocoins... A Gold DreamCatcher ..... A Todies Wild Ride Memorial ..... A CacheHopper, first time holding one of these, NICE!!! WOW, What a ..... " NICE PACKAGE " I love saying that. - Thank You MAINE GUY ! And a SUPER COOL MISSION. Thank You WRITE SHOP ROBERT ! Can't wait for the next KITCHEN SINK MISSION!!!!!!!!!! PS.. Robert, Remember my cat Spot??? see her watching me open the gifts....lOLOL
  20. Would find a way to get one, for sure!!!!!!!!
  21. Email sent: 12/31/2010 Name received: 2/16/2011 Mission sent: 2/28/2011 Mission received:
  22. Riding with the Trash Collectors Today. Hoping to find some gooey, er , I mean, good things in the Collections!!
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