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  1. There are a few 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , still available for those who are just starting out. just ask... Opalsns
  2. All emails will be answered. if you haven't heard back from KD1EJ, pop him another email through this site and he will get back to you. Lots of orders to fill but he will get to you...We promise!!! opalsns
  3. Hi JG, the back side of the coin in the Signiture Design that is on all our coins... It is also My avatar <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  4. The New 2011 Cachin' Crow FTF geocoins are here. Polished Gold Polished nickel Satin Copper *******************UNACTIVATED and TRACKABLE on GEOCACHING.COM************************************************* $10.00 each + $3.00 shipping ... Will Combine Shipping, Just Ask... Email KD1EJ through his Geocaching Account and he will get your order right out to you. These are the new geocoins That replaced the Original incorrect Order.
  5. thanx for taking care of the problem. Ooops, now it's reading 4.90
  6. Congrats SM, way to go!!!!!!!!! Say Hi to Lil SM!!!!
  7. And Last Guess.... Walpurgis Night 2007 Copper
  8. 3rd Guess...... prowler53 panther V2 2007 bronze
  9. 2nd Guess of the day .... 2007 Alaska Gold Bar Geocoin
  10. First Guess.... 2007 GOLD Project Ape Geocoin
  11. Hi all, I recieved my missiom from Luvbassin saturday. a bunch of Geeky things to play with and a couple nice coins. Camera is down , so i will get pics ASAP. Thanx For the mission
  12. For My third Guess...... 2007 THE FINAL ZODIAC GEOCOIN Antique Bronze Glitter effect on back of coin Hard enamel finish The Front of the coin has all of the zodiac symbols! The Back of the coin has all the Zodiac Symbols as they appear in the night sky! http://www.usageocoins.com/zodiac003.jpg http://www.usageocoins.com/finalzodiacback.jpg
  13. My second guess... 2007 Geowoodstock Tie Dye Shirt Geocoin Black Nickel The Special Edition ... Only 50 lime green backed black nickel imitation hard enamel coins are being made, 44 of which will be sold. They will only be sold as a package with a Hogwild Stuff Tie Dye T-shirt
  14. Morning All. Today , My first guess will be...... 42 Coin ( The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy ) 2007 Gold With Glitter
  15. could it be the .... GOOGOL GEOCOIN It's either gold or Bronze, I can't tell, it has red enamel http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/3ae79db1-0418-4fc4-b3c2-910ff6a218d4.jpg edited to add, I think it's Polished Gold
  16. OR.... 2008 LE Bronze Pursuit of Caching Pie http://www.applewomyn.com/images/pursuit_front.jpg and for my last gues of the day..............?
  17. OK , Here I go, Is It ????........... OLD TIMER GEOCOIN Antique Bronze / Translucent Brown, Solid White, Gold or........ OLD TIMER GEOCOIN Shiny Gold / Translucent Red, Solid White, Gold http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c154/fox-and-the-hound/oldtimerannounce.jpg
  18. OR .... Black Nickel Trvial Pusuit of Caching Geocoin
  19. Or a ..... Bronze FLYING SPAGETTI MONSTEWR
  20. OK How about .... 2008 Cachin' Crow Polished Gold
  21. What happened to the 1 guess every 12 hours rule???? SHEESH!
  22. Well, since troutonthebrain is disqualified ..... we can use those guesses? naw ..... My third Guess ... 2011 Spring Time Geocoin Antique Gold RE
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