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  1. That seems to have changed lately.  Yes, they are sorted by date, but for the past several days, finds within the same day seem to be in random order.

    Nope. I put the number of the find in all my logs, so I can tell what order they were entered in. I just checked the 6 logs I posted on Jan 31, and there were all in the same order that I posted them.

    If I understand this correctly, the logs you entered in an uninterupted sequence (on a given day) were in descending order, with the most recent find logged at the bottom of the list and the earliest find at the top of the list. If that's the case then, even though I'd prefer to have the most recent find listed at the top of the order, I guess I'll just have to live with it. :blink: Cuz that's what I got.

  2. Heretofore, it seemed to me that the system placed a new log on "My Cache Page" at the top of the list. For example:

    Newest find (most recent)

    Newer find (next most recent)

    New find (etc.)

    However, the logs I entered yesterday appeared in this fashion:

    New find (least most recent)

    Newer find (next most recent)

    Newest find (most recent)

    That means the my logs, as listed on the page, are mixed - for example:

    New find today (least most recent today)

    Newer find today (next most recent today)

    Newest find today (most recent today)

    Newest find yesterday (most recent yesterday)

    Newer find yesterday (next ost recent yesterday)

    New find yesterday (least most recent)

    Its like listing the finds (from top of the list down) as #33, the #34, then #35, followed by #32, 31, 30.

    Has something changed that creates such a mixed list? :lol:

  3. 93622_400.JPG

    S'cuse me. But that looks an awful lot like primer cord (e.g. detonating cord) and who knows what's on the other end of it.

    Now you know that blowing up the interfering culprit isn't the best way to solve your problem. Let's be calm about this.

    How about walking a short distance away, into an open area, obtaining a bearing and noting it. Then, repeat the process from another direction. If you get three bearings you've got an easy solution.

    Now, put down the ignitor and calm down.

  4. Take an aspirin, put a cold towel on your head, and go back to sleep. Everything will be alright. And, if it isn't there isn't much you and I can do about. To be certain, I'm not trashing my GPSr out of fear that some terrorist is going to misuse its capabilities. C'mon folks; lighten up - and just keep an eye open for this guy :P;)

  5. I've been a Ham for over forty years. Happy to find you interested in advancing the service. I believe these are in your area. Any local club should have something that will help you achieve your goal(s) if you're serious.

    Here's what I've found that may help:

    Club Contact

    Info at bottom of page is probably most helpful

    Personal Contact

    Getting Started in Amateur RadioGo to this page and click on "Licensing". Just follow the menu items provided.

    Now, it's up to you..... good luck. :P

  6. There's a couple of answers to that question.

    Here's one possibility

    Wouldn't that be both answers?


    To Markwell a thread means to answer a question by showing a previous thread. Named after Team Markwell.

    Nope, you provided the second answer. :P

    I know, it's a technicality. But I consider "Team Markwell" and "a Markwell" as two separate classifications. The first being a geocaching participant, the second being a reference to the practice for which the reference was coined.

  7. If you're going to be in the Fairfield/San Francisco area, you'll be close enough to Napa (you can drive through Napa from SF - taking the long route - enroute back to Fairfield) and you might like some of these:





    and if you're up to doing some research in that area you'll find anything created by "Huntnlady", "Standord Gal", "InspGadget" to be interesting. If I were to rate the difficulty of their hides, I'd rate Huntnlady most difficult and InspGadget most accomodating.

    In the greater Fairfield area there is much to choose from. But I can't personally recommend any.

    I would suggest, however, that you avoid wandering about Fairfield late at night unless you know precisely where you are and what you might run into.

    You'd have lots of fun, if you have access to a bike, riding the trails (which run roughly from Natomas to Sacramento - and you'll want to travel in that direction cuz it's downhill) and searching for caches along the route.

    There are more caches along this route than you could hit in a week of Sundays.

    Welcome to California.... and good luck. :P


    Here's a look at the trail area map. Zoom out to level 7.



    (edit for typos - lot's of 'em)

  8. ... I hope it goes through tonight so we can get weekenders looking for them.

    Don't be disappointed if you don't get the approval as quickly as tonight. Depending on the workload of the approvers, it can sometimes take a couple of days. But it'll be out there a long time and there'll be plenty of opportunity for those seeking the experience to accept your challenge.

    Best of luck.... :P

  9. In addition to the firmware versions, you might check the following:  1.  Make certain that both units are using the same datum (In settings).  2.  Make certain that both are on the same battery saver settings.  3.  Make certain that both are using the same WAAS setting (Enabled/Disabled).  Consumer grade GPS receivers are going to have variances and I believe the differences you found are within reason.

    Only one other suggestion. Make sure you've given your GPSr enough time to "settle down" before you record the coordinates. It's not uncommon for the GPSr to take quite a while (I've waited fifteen minutes or longer in some instances) to fully stabilize.

    But don't expect both units to give you the same exact readings. I've never found two units that were precisely the same side by side. They're just not that accurate. :P

  10. This little beauty has a 44% frownie factor. In its original configuration it was so natural in appearance that finding it required complete mental focus and extremely keen powers of observation - not to mention a lot of uninterupted time. It's been found and replaced several times since my FTF log so that today, even though it is still difficult to spot, it's a bit easier than it was in its original condition. The owner of this cache has a gift for designing "evil"cahes and all geocachers in this region look forward to the work it takes to find one of his creations.

    Rating caches by "frownie" symbols wouldn't really identify the best creations however. Many in our sport don't bother to log a failure to find at all. Some only log a failure once, after many attempts to locate the cache. For those reasons, the "frownie" wouldn't provide an accurate rating tool. :P


    (edit for typo)

  11. i see this as being sorta along the same lines as deadbeat travel bug people. deadbeat hiders.

    I understand your concerns. But around here a group of us take care of those types of caches ourselves. But there are so few of the unavailable caches who's owners are MIA it just shouldn't matter much.

    Ditto... that's how we do it around here.

  12. When you get to be my age, every cache is a milestone. There aren't enough icons in the world to renew it every time I find a cache. The "ego-con" icon is available (see above post) if anyone cares to use it on their own web site, and it might prove to be a suitable method for achieving the goal outlined in the topic of this thread. As the number changes within the graphic the milestone monitoring is substantially more accurate - whether you're proud to have just passsed one or on your way to achieve a new one.

  13. was beyond ubonics.

    You what? :lol:

    Bubonics, I think it related to the black plague which was especially concentrated in inner cities. It used to be spread by rats, but now it's spread by geocachers, and sh|t.

    OK, OK - Ebonics. I admire the quick wit displayed there. But the parallel drawn in your reference to "plague" (bubonic) is closer to reality than some may realize. There was a move afoot to provide instruction in the ebonics "dialect" in public schools in our state a few years ago. If that drive had been successful we'd have all suffered from the "Ebonic Plague". IMHO, my point remains valid - regardless of the spelling error.

    Oh; one more minor point. The bubonic plague was not spread by rats. The rats provided a home (and transportation) for the fleas which carried the disease. But it's always easier to kill a few thousand fleas by killing some rats than trying to hunt down one flea at a time. :rolleyes:

  14. You can add the banner as a signatue in your Outlook mail. Make sure your messages are formated in HTML.


    Create an html file like so:




    <img src="the url to your banner">




    Then open outlook got to Tools > Options

    Select the Mail format tab.

    Click on signatures.

    Click on new.

    select the Use file as template option.

    Click browse and find your html file.


    Voila! you can now send your banner with every email message.

    That's a lot of "clicking". How 'bout just creating the string using a text editor (like notebook) and saving it as an *.html file. Seems easier.. but, then again, as long as the job gets done I guess it doesn't matter what tools we use.

    No shirt, no shoes, no service..... :rolleyes:

  15. I don't have a bike...

    I've got a Trek 460 I'll make ya a good deal on.

    OT - while there are many bike trails in this region, there is a special trail in the Sacramento area that's something like 25 miles long. I think there must be a cache hidden about every hundred feet (OK, so I exagerate - but there's lots of 'em) along this trail. Our group did half the ride late last year and when the rains go bye-bye we're gonna do it again. A great way to spend a day.

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