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  1. I run a Pentium II with Windows '98. I initially used the original serial port to download/upload info. from EZGps and Mapsend between the PC and the Magellan Platinum. It worked just fine.

    I recently installed a dual port USB card in a PCI slot to support a PDA. That action disabled my factory serial port, assigning that Com port to the USB card I/O.

    So I bought a USB serial adapter cable for the Magellan, figuring I''d use the remaining USB port for the GPS receiver interface. PDA in one slot, GPSr in the other; sounded reasonable to me.

    But, eventhough the PDA installed just fine, Windows recognizes the GPSr as a new piece of hardware and wants to install a VIVO90 Audio driver to support it. I don't believe that's going to do much to make the devices compatable, and I haven't the slightest idea where to find the proper driver or whether I even need one for it.

    Anybody got an idea where I might find and download the correct driver to affect this interface between the PC's USB port and the GPSr please?

    GPSr software doesn't include any drivers. :D


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  2. There may be a more sophisticated method, but this is all I can come up with.

    Send 'em an email explaining the trouble you're having. They can respond with an email address (or not) or tell you what alternative method they prefer.

    You might also post an image on your own web page (if ya got one) and send them the link via email.

    I don't know of any method for attaching images to the Groundspeak email system.

  3. i just look up and smile B)

    There's that mail vehicle again. ;)


    I think we're all agreed that the responsibility for controlling the circumstances remains with the approaching cacher(s). When someone is focused on their "find" they can't be expected to set up a perimeter to protect the territory. Furthermore, the person(s) approaching, it seems to me, have the first opportunity to recognize the possibility of a cachers conflict. You don't have to know the password to signal the person at or near the potential cache site in a manner that let's them know you're also a participant in the sport (like waving a GPSr in the air) and waiting for an invitation to approach. No invitation? Take a nap, enjoy the scenery, and wait a while.

  4. ... it can not acquire its location.

    A short time ago my Magellan Meridian Platinum produced precisely the same behavior. I couldn't tell you why (unless it was because I sat on it while it was in my back pocket) but I had visions of a few hundred bucks down the drain.

    I cleared all memories, turned it off, removed the memory card (don't know why, just seemed like a good idea) ;) and removed the batteries. Installed new batteries, re-initialized it and re-installed the memory card. Works like new. Give it try; maybe it'll work for you. g-luck! B)



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  5. When setting up a pocket query, I select the *.gpx format (compressed). Then, using the My Pocket Query page, I select "run" for the pocket query sought. All files downloaded are in *.loc format. Of course, they can be converted; but that takes more time. What's provoking my curiosity is why the files can be sent in .gpx format at the scheduled time(s) but not when a "run" is requested between those scheduled times. ;)

  6. Make sure the "page contains html" button is checked.


    Here's the code you need:

    <body BACKGROUND="http://whatever you want" BGPROPERTIES="FIXED">


    The BGPROPERTIES="FIXED" is optional.  I recommend you try it with and with out it inserted and see which you like better.

    Stated another way:


    <body BACKGROUND="http:///filename.jpg">




    <body BACKGROUND="http://www.anysite.com/mycachepage/picture.jpg">


    Careful how you use the quotation marks.




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  7. Having just discovered the PDA thing and only yesterday loading GPXsonar supported with Mapopolis and the Maplet features (neat to have all the geocache.com report pages right on the PDA) I'm wondering if any of you experienced PDA users have tried the setup I'm using and how it compares with GSAK. Any comments appreciated.

  8. Looking at the plaque that has been placed in honor of the very first "stash," I noticed that the entire top half of its face displays the geocaching.com trademark. I don't mean to take anything away from the efforts of this website towards the development and improvement of geocaching, but the plaque supposedly commemorates the game, not the company.


    Why was the GC.com logo and name included on the plaque?

    Is this a sock puppet comment or is this truly an active member?

  9. Hey, this guy Chris Barge ( Camera Staff Writer - ain't it strange how some papers get double duty out of some of their staff) writes a nicely balanced piece. Let's remain balanced ourselves. We've all seen cache sites that are disgusting, in one way or another, and it's not unreasonable for those who place a high priority on environmental issues to be cautious about wholesale consent for our sport.

    It's our responsibility to set the good example and, it appears, many fols in Boulder are working diligently to do just that.

    "Way to go cachers!!"

  10. I think I am going to have to talk to Jim at the meeting. This one is making my brain hurt. I am going to ask a friend in Texas who is a math genius to help me with it this week. Maybe I can actually find it before the meeting. :D I think that's my only hope! :)

    Now that a bunch of us are "hooked" (and I'm a very long way from Colorado) I'd appreciate it if you would ask "at the meeting" what the author means by "There is one point where all three circles touch". Geometrically speaking, the "point" at which three circles "touch" isn't physically possible. If he means "intersect", that's another story. Or perhaps I slept throught that lecture. :)

    Oh yeah, one more thing. If you're into EQOA and photography you certainly have a head for math... just turn it on cuz your smarter than you might believe.


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  11. Mayonnaise jars? Fragile? You're not using glass jars are ya?

    Cigar tubes and 35mm film canisters are some of my favorites. I regularly visit those second hand shops where I sometimes find small plastic cheese jars (the type with the sealing lid with the wire "snap over" latch on top. They make great cache containers.

  12. I think I remember hearing that there was a compatiblity problem with the version from the easygps site.

    harleycache - did you load easygps from the gc.com site or from the easygps site?

  13. Be certain to read the cache listing very carefully. Look for anything that might help you get an idea as to the type of container you're looking for. Look too for any subtle hints or suggestions in the cache page. You can use other cache pages by the same author to get a sense of the types of caches he or she seems to prefer and, sometimes, their comments in the forums allow you to get inside their head just a little bit. Some of our fellow sports folks are Altoid can artists. Others seem to remain true to the ammo can. We have one in our area who loves those little containers that memory chips are in when you purchase one. Try finding one of those in a pile of rocks. I certainly agree with the suggestion that you find a local cacher with some experience who is willing to search out a few with you and show you the ropes. Don't get discouraged. The thrill is, after all, in the hunt.

  14. ...

    BTW, I saw that post in Captain Chaos's thread, and loved it....I could see the GPSr the first time I looked....still laughing about it! :blink::bad::D

    I thought it was more fun to ignore the GPSr. Makes for a much better story. Wonder if I'm catching something from you through this forum. Whatever it is, keep the antidote a secret. I like living like this. :mad:

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