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  1. Will+Bill make a good suggestion. When you log on to the main page and enter your zip code to obtain a list of caches in your area, select one of the caches from the list and review the resulting page. As you read through the page, you'll see a section that reads:


    ...other caches hidden or found by this user

    ...nearby caches of this type

    ...all nearby caches

    ...all nearby placenames

    ...all nearby benchmarks

    If you click on "nearby caches of this type" or "all nearby caches" the system will sort the information on file and trim down the list you originally received (when you entered your zip code) so caches closer to the one you have chosen.

    You may want to consider becoming a "Premium Member" which, among other benefits, allows you to request regularly scheduled reports on caches in your area (you'll see them referred to here in the forums as "PQs".

    Welcome to geocaching.

  2. I have been trying to start a new topic under geocaching topics, it says I don't have permission??????


    Obviously I can start one in getting started without a problem...


    Anyone answer this??

    The license plate on your Jeep appears to be missing one of its mounting screws. <_<


    Hey; but on the serious side. I just posted a little note (linked to this page) and it worked fine for me. I don't have permission to do anything so it's certainly no special authority bestowed upon my account.

    Mayhaps you'd wanna try again????

  3. Much like embra, I'm scratching my head a bit. ;) Of course, we don't know the environment you're engaged with during the calibration process. When I'm doing a serious re-calibration I find an empty spot in a parking lot - a very l-o-n-g way away from ANY metal objects (I even leave my belt at home) and:

    Press and hold NAV and PWR buttons at the same time. Hold them down until you get double zeros in the boxes on the screen,

    Use the up/down/left/right arrow button to change the double zeros to the number "21".

    Press enter.....

    Now you'll go through the extended calibration (which can be a bit confusing when you get to the part that involves placing it on its "head") with as much deliberate attention to detail as you possibly can.

    Next, go back and do the compass orientation thing again.

  4. As for metric, the rest of the world is changing to meter which really makes much more sense. I have been pressing for metric for forty years.

    Got to this thread late but got a warm fuzzy feeling when I read this part of the post. I thought I was still the only one pressing for metrics. My commitment to metrics grew out of electronics experience - but metrics is metrics and the sooner we ALL convert to that system the sooner we'll improve our mathematical accuracies.

    With the obvious exception of hexadecimal (which is another story)

  5. it's too easy to scratch up the 60cs display because it has nothing protecting it!

    I was mountain biking an event cache last Saturday. I tried to pull out my Meridian with one hand, and it flipped out of my gloved fingers. It skipped across the gravel rail road grade, and landed screen down. :D

    I picked it up and there wasn't a mark on it. :D

    The screen for the Meridian is nicely recessed.

    I'd never leave home without a protective clear plastic overlay covering my Magellan Platinum screen. That's insurance for preventing screen scratches. You were extremely fortunate to have recovered your GPSr without a damaged screen.

  6. If the page to which the system defaults following my sign-in activity is user selectable I haven't been able to figure out how to make that adjustment.

    Anybody got the answer???? :D

  7. If I understand your question correctly, you're already downloading information from the web into EasyGPS, but need to know how to load that information into your GPSr.

    I assume you have your GPSr connected via serial port or USB to your computer, and that the GPSr is turned on.

    After you open EasyGPS, click "file" (upper right hand corner of the screen) and "open" from the drop down menu. From the selections offered, select the file you want load to your GPSr and double click on it. The information from that file should load into the EasyGPS window on the screen. Look at the top of the page and click on the "Send" button. The software should download the data to your GPSr.

  8. From primary NAV screen (the one with the coordinates at the top, followed by elevation date, time, etc.) MENU (enter) Setup (enter) Compass Orient (enter)

    You have two options:

    GPS Course

    Magnetic North

    I suspect your Magellan is either set on GPS Course OR the previous selection of "Magnetic North" was corrupted.

    If your Magellan is already set on "Magnetic North", highlight "GPS Course" and press enter. Then press "Esc".

    Go back to the primary NAV screen and run through the process a second time, this time resetting it for "Magnetic North".

    That should solve your problem.

    It's a VERY common problem with the new Magellan software update.

    When I originally experienced the problem I tried the Advanced Compass Calibration routine (as recommended by Magellan) but it didn't resolve the issue.

  9. Based upon your comments, it appears price is not an issue. Spend an hour or so with a knowledgable sales person in a quality outlet (e.g REI) and run through all the features on each one. IMHO there isn't enough difference in the electronics or logical features of the top line models from either company. You'll find the greatest difference in size, weight, screen size, readibility, location and size of buttons and switches, etc. It's your decision; go for it.

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