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  1. This thread is akin to the folks who move to the small town because they like the "small town" environment and then complain because there isn't a huge shopping mall in the city limits. There is nothing stopping us from creating a personalized TB. Prepare the customized TB and put your email address on it. Ask those who move it to email you regarding its movement. Or, better yet, set up your own personal web page to track your customized TBs and provide a logging system so that those who want to participate receive a "score". They could then record their "score" on their GC profile page if the numbers are that important. You can personalize your GCTB with by attaching your personal charm, ornament, etc. using the current system. We don't need individualized personal TB tracking program.
  2. Looks as though I didn't make myself clear. I renew annually; I hate that month to month nuisance. I receive "bot" notices via email that claim to originate at Groundspeak.com but I don't open "bot" notices. Spammers use "bot" addresses and I don't consider them a authentic origination identifiers.
  3. Well, it's time to renew my premium membership. In the process of performing that task I noticed that the member page includes a frame that reads: "You are a Premium Member. Your membership will continue through (day of week), (month) (dd,yyyy)" So it occurred to me that adding a little check box link to that frame so that, by simply clicking on it or using "mouse over" routines, we could quickly and efficiently renew our membership. I hate searching all over the various pages (for any web site, not just Groundspeak) to accomplish what seems to me should be uncomplicated and straight forward.
  4. My cache (Court Jesters Revenge - GCHW6Q) includes encrypted hints that appear on the page like this: Ubefrf syrr nf yvtugavat synfurf Ybpx gur tngrf naq frpher gur fnfurf Gur "qevir-ol" pnpur jvyy vapernfr lbhe ahzoref; lbh pna svaq gubfr rnfvyl, rira nf lbh fyhzore. Ohg vs lbh jnag n yvggyr zber; gur rivy pnpur bssref guevyyf tnyber. Lbh pbhyq favss guvf bar bhg, V fhccbfr; ohg lbh'q arrq n irel irel ybat abfr. Zbyyl zvtug svaq vg; fur'f Zvevnz'f ubhaq; fur favssf qbja ybj, whfg nobir gur tebhaq. When the hints are decrypted, the look like this: Horses flee as lightning flashes Lock the gates and secure the sashesThe "drive-by" cache will increase your numbers; you can find those easily, even as you slumber. But if you want a little more; the evil cache offers thrills galore. You could sniff this one out, I suppose; but you'd need a very very long nose. Molly might find it; she's Miriam's hound; she sniffs down low, just above the ground. But they should look like this: Horses flee as lightning flashes Lock the gates and secure the sashes The "drive-by" cache will increase your numbers; you can find those easily, even as you slumber. But if you want a little more; the evil cache offers thrills galore. You could sniff this one out, I suppose; but you'd need a very very long nose. Molly might find it; she's Miriam's hound; she sniffs down low, just above the ground. Regardless of how I prepare the text (I even tried some simple HTML codes to see if they might work) I have found it impossible to incorporate the proper text formatting in the listing. Anybody got any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong here?
  5. I suspect that whatever rationale produced the category "discovered" for travel bugs was well intended. However, I find that not everyone understands what it means and how it is used. I had one TB that a newcomer to the sport "retrieved" but logged as "discovered" and it took several emails to correct the process. This "discovered" thing is causing me more work and not helping much. I'd vote to get rid of it. If I want to know if my TB is still in someone’s cache (after a reasonable length of time) I'll email them and ask them to verify it on their next cache site maintenance trip - geocachers do still maintain their caches, don't they?
  6. gallahad

    Html Format?

    I prepared my cache page using HTML (as well as I could) When I access the page, the encrypted hints are laid out in paragraph form: Court Jester's Revenge by gallahad (GCHW6Q) When I "decrypt" the page, the hint text runs together: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...77-efdeb9ac59c4 When I ask for a "print out" version, the encrypted text is laid out in a paragraph form: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=n&decrypt= When I "decrypt" the "print out" page, it remains in paragraph form: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=n&numlogs= So what's causing it to run together when I simply ask for the decrption of the hints on the main page????
  7. All the text under the heading "My current goal" on this page is centered. While the heading should remain centered, the text that follows the heading should be formatted to align left. References follow: URL http://www.geocaching.com/track/sheet.aspx...72-087c02009016 Page Source: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> Line 41 delete HTML code " <center> " (the HTML code "</center>" that follows this section will then, of course, become unnecessary.)
  8. Seems to me that this is a question best put to the owner of the cache. Who are we to second guess what he or she would want done with it.
  9. gallahad

    Dot Gif

    I, too, see the legend of these symbols at the bottom of the page "View New Posts". And your link works just fine. But my question remains unanswered because, as you pointed out, "... notice the "Legend Of Envelopes" does not show any with a Black Dot centered in it." Inasmuch as the person posting the note to the thread is aware of that fact, creating an icon to notify him/her of that seems rather senseless. This causes me do doubt that the black dot indicates it's a post that I've placed in the thread. While hovering the cursor over most of the icons produces an identification label for that item, hovering the cursor over the envelope icon doesn't produce a label with my machine. I've tried it with all three browsers available to me on my system.
  10. gallahad

    Dot Gif

    I checked the legend but I don't find an explanation for "dot.gif'" Do I need better glasses????
  11. I've given the subject some thought but, for the life of me, I can't figure out what purpose, short of just another useless sort project, a list of caches sorted by the number of people watching would serve. I don't mean to pour cold water on your idea, I just don't see how developing a sort of this information would prove worth the time it takes to write the routines.
  12. Try posting the question here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=10
  13. gallahad


    I use a Hummer and pull a 4x8 foot two axle trailer.
  14. Well, thanks John. Did you have equal success on both pages????
  15. I completed a bulk download of .loc Benchmark files last night by selecting a series by zip code designation. While driving through the area of interest this morning, I let my GPSr select the closest benchmark designation from my downloaded files. The benchmark designation was KS0788 with coordinates of N39:05.316 W121:17.850. Not having had time to spend on the hunt, I noted the occurance and later, when I returned home, attempted to print out the page for this benchmark. Searching with KS0788 produces a failure to locate. Searching with the coordinates produces the same result. So I now have a benchmark in my GPSr memory for which there appears to be no file on record on the Groundspeak site. I didn't make it up.... so can somebody explain what's happened here????? UPDATE: I have found that a search using the page at URL http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ produces accurate results. Using the page at URL http://www.geocaching.com/mark/nearest.aspx produces search failure.......
  16. You know, I keep hearing people saying that everytime a question like this comes up, but the questions keep coming up. Obviously, numbers (in one form or another) ARE IMPORTANT, at least to a segment of the caching population (probably a bigger segment than the 'anti-numbers' segment)....... What's the phase I hear often "Play the game the way you want to" well, some people want to play by comparing where the 'rank' to others. Yeah... I hear that a lot too. That's what prompted me to emphasize the "numbers aren't important" tale of woe. The crying frog implies that, of course, numbers are important. Those of us who don't have big numbers to our credit somehow feel better when we protest the importance of numbers to the sport. It's a self image thing.........................
  17. It's a sport; the numbers are NOT important.... They're NOT They're NOT They're NOT
  18. I'm retired and, like many others, have thought it might be interesting to take on the responsibilities of volunteer reviewer. But if it's by invitation only then there isn't much sense in giving it serious consideration until the invitation arrives. So, treasure_hunter, be patient, remain active, and maybe one of these days you'll get that notice that says, "I Want You". It will not be the one with Uncle Sam's picture on it.
  19. and who asked for your rude reply? Good response Craig333. That'll get you lot's of help in this forum.
  20. What condiments come with a "Pittsburgher"?
  21. Thanks to all who contributed to this discussion. I'm confident that there is enough information here to help Admin. in making a decision that will benefit the sport, and I am grateful for having had the experienced input of so many helpful geocachers. Kudos to all the volunteer reviewers. Theirs can, and I think often is, a thankless job. Hats off to ya'all. (edit for one of those awful typo's)
  22. Yes KA, that would have worked fine for my purposes. It sure would have saved me some unnecessary embarrassment. However, I want to make it clear that I do not in any way wish to place blame on anyone, especially the reviewer, for the problem. The reviewer did his job well and I appreciate all his efforts. He's been extremely patient and helpful in working with me on this cache.
  23. I wonder if we haven't lost sight of the original issue here. The objective was to provide a means of submitting notes to the reviewer (which, in my view, should be private) without sharing them with every Tom, Dick and Harry who has a watch posted on the page. And, that this was especially important when "unarchiving" a cache. Other little tid bits of information that might be of interest as described by KA are unlikely to fall within the realm of private communications.
  24. I concur that, if it's a "waste" of resources, we shouldn't spend a lot of time on developing a fix. However, if it's a "waste" of resources to fix it, perhaps we could spend a few minutes editing the text on the page to alert members to avoid using that feature when editing an "unarchived" cache and to use direct email to the reviewer as an alternative. I'm not looking for utopia, just a solution. Some of us work long and hard to create challenging caches and when a key stroke spoils all the work it's a bit frustrating to learn (after the fact) that you'll have to tear down what you've built and start all over again. If it's "wasting" resources to write a permenant fix, here's an idea for editing the source page: <TR> <TD vAlign="top" align="left" colSpan="2"> <P><STRONG>Note to Reviewer</STRONG><BR> In order to expedite your new cache approval, please provide any details for the cache listing. For example, include coordinates for each stage of a multicache, or provide more details about a virtual cache. The reviewer will delete this note before approving your listing. If you are editing a cache that has been previously approved (including "unarchived" caches") you should avoid using this feature and, instead, communicate with the reviewer directly by email. </P> </TD> </TR>
  25. When we create a new cache page it is customary to provide at note to the reviewer, especially when creating a mutli-cache or puzzle cache for which the reviewer may need to know coordinate information for determining whether the final cache coordinates are in compliance with the rules. The "Note to Reviewer" is transparent when creating a new cache page and the reviewer removes it when the cache is approved. A problem exists when an archived cache is unarchived and edited by its owner. The reviewer does typically lock the page so that, prior to approving the edited version during the editing process, only the reviewer and the owner have access to the information. However, there is a flaw in the system: Any member who has previously posted a watch on the page will receive an email notice of the Note to Reviewer posted to the edited page. Therefore, even though the member cannot access the page being edited, he/she is privy to the notes posted for the reviewer. I realize that there is a work around that involves simply sending an email to the reviewer instead of posting a "Note to Reviewer" under these circumstances. However, I had to learn that the hard way. Wondering if we couldn't adjust the system so that, when the cache is "unarchived" and the page is locked by the reviewer, email notices are not sent to those who have the page on their watch list......
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