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  1. Thanks for the food for thought though you misquoted me. I didn't say I wouldn't "return your ugliness", I said I wouldn't return "the ugliness". I do see how a person could miss that small but important difference. Looks like I should think more about the way I express my thoughts and or opinions here. Take care and have a wonderful day!
  2. I see this conversation has taken a turn for the worse and probably not worth any further effort. As a Christian I will not attack you or return the ugliness. I will simply wish you the best of this world and much peace and happiness.
  3. 3...yes three...III is my pick.
  4. lol I thought you were politely telling me off. lol
  5. Sorry for making you repeat yourself knowschad. I'm sure answering questions gets repetitive for some veteran GeoCachers. Thanks EraSeek.
  6. If I found and take a travel bug or geocoin from a cache is it required that I leave something in it's place? Thanks for the guidance friends.
  7. Yeah and I will trash McDonalds toys because I think their menu is fattening America...and Microsoft products because I don't agree with their business practices...and anything red because it reminds me of a bad experience I had a couple years ago.... That doesn't sound very reasonable does it? Just because I don't Find value or am opposed to McDonalds, Microsoft and the color red doesn't give me the right to prevent others from enjoying these things. I probably agree that simple flyer type advertisements, church or otherwise, shouldn't be placed in caches but religious trinkets/Jewelry, 10 commandments coins and similar items are very much appreciated by many people. Please add and trade the items you appreciate but don't take away someone else's right to trade the items they value because you don't agree with their life philosophy or value system. In other words treat others as you wish to be treated and give others the same respect you wish for yourself. Above all, have fun and find those caches!
  8. If you have some time I recommend you take a look at Snoqualmie Falls. Twenty years ago I stayed in their hotel for prom night. Wonderful restaurant, spas beautiful scenery and hikes. Photo of the falls:
  9. I retired all 5 of my Mag flashlights when I discovered the Coast LED Lenser series flashlight. Honestly they put out WAY more light than even my 6 D cell mag lite....and they are only like 4 inches long. Also the light is a true white rather than the yellow light of the mag. I use this one mostly...Really bright focused light: LL7730 V6 Stainless Steel Luxeon I also use this one for general illumination: LL7736D V² 6 LED Cockpit Aviation flashlight Trust me I'm a flashlight fanatic and these are unlike anything you've ever seen. Edit: to add that these are not for kids...they are extremely bright and can cause damage if you look directly at the beam....
  10. Thanks for the wonderful swag idea. I just purchased a bag of 50 plus one gold coin. Having just started geocaching I didn't really have anything to leave or trade. I introduced my sister and her family to geocaching and we were planning on going to a dollar store to purchase some swag. I'll probably still do that but I really like the idea of leaving these coins which I will obviously do now that I placed an order for them. Thanks again...Blessings.....
  11. OH! I would love to come across one of those 10 commandments coins. I'm a Christian and wouldn't mind seeing more Christian swag.
  12. They want a GeoCaching family so the swapped wife can take it away from them. lol I've see their tactics...
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