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  1. Man oh man. The search function has to be one of the worst case scenarios one could imagine. When I plan an out of town trip I like to see caches along the route I'm taking by scrolling the map down what ever road I want to travel. Now that is impossible unless I put in a point every 30 miles out. Crazy and wrong. Things must be pretty slow at HQ to dream up this kind of stuff. Please , Please change it back or at least give an option to go to the old way. Horrible.
  2. I know it has slowed way down in my area
  3. I'm not sure how the challenges relate to geocaching. I'm not seeing any reference to going to a cache location, finding a cache etc. I'm hoping this website is not trying to become a social site. Kiss a frog? please.
  4. I agree with de Hunters. About a month ago tells me nothing. Sometimes I need to look for a specific date. I echo, very disappointing
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