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  1. I tried using the new search procedure yesterday and don't see a way to search by cache name. Is that no longer available?
  2. Good. I'll give that a try. What I want to do is have three caches, A, B & C. I want to set them up as a sort of multi but let caches get credit for each one. So I want to say in Cache C that the final coordinate numbers can be found in Cache A and Cache B. So I'd like to have the GC numbers for A & B to put in Cache C write up, and Cache C's GC number to put in Cache A & B's write ups. And then have all three published at or near the same time. Does that make sense? Jim
  3. Hi MrsB, Yep, got all that and I did submit it for review. But what I want to do is not submit it at that time for review but come back two days later and edit the cache with some more information I've attained. I don't see a way to get back to the new cache. It doesn't show up when I go to "Geocaches (Yours)" and even though I have the GC number when I try to "Find a Cache" I'm told Groundspeak can't find it. Jim
  4. I've created a cache page but how can I start editing and then finish it at a later date? I don't seem to be able to open it up for editing until it's published.
  5. OK, Thanks! Just didn't want to give away the later stages when first posted! Jim
  6. That's not the one I was talking about but it will serve to check this out. I just now changed that one to "Show Hidden Waypoints". Can anyone see the hidden waypoints on GC2WJ93, A Civil War Leaf? Jim
  7. I've set up a multi-cached and entered the later stages as hidden waypoints, visible only to owner and reviewer. When I look at the cache page, under additional waypoints you don't see those waypoints but there is a note to "Show Hidden Waypoints" which when clicked shows them on the page. The note then is to "Hide Hidden Waypoints" which when clicked does so. My question is, if I click the "Show Hidden Waypoints" are they still only visible to the cache owner and reviewer or can everyone see them then? Thanks! jimpyle48
  8. Picked up my first TB and have a question. I cheched out the TB and see that I can help it along its way. My question is, when I drop it off in a cache is it OK to leave a note in my log for that cache giving a hint of the TB's objective? For example, say I pick up a travel bug in Wisconsin that wants to visit Texas cities. I decide to drop it off in a cache in St Louis. When I log my visit for the St Louis cache is it OK to say, "Dropped off a TB that would love to hrad south."? Jim
  9. I'd like to fix the time also. I saw somewhere it said to click on the "Register" link on fhe forums page to have this tke effect but I don't see this link. Jim
  10. Hi, I live in Colonial Heights, VA and have done a little geocaching, mostly alone. I was wondering if there were any retirees in the area that might want to get together once a month or so for some geocaching during the week. Jim
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