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  1. Thanks for starting this thread! I am totally new to geocaching and have never owned a GPSr. My husband is buying me one for a Yule gift and I am leaning towards the Triton 400. I was hesitant when i saw so many posts about horrible customer service. It seems that there will always be a Magellan vs. Garmin debate (much like Mac and PC) and there will always be satisfied and unsatisfied customers no matter what product or company you're talking about. I am still leaning towards the Triton 400, but I will be following this thread closely for a while before making a final decision. Somewhere (and it's killing me that I can't remember where) I did read an article from an online magazine that stated that Magellan was aware of their reputation of bad customer service and that they have been focusing more effort in correcting this when releasing the Triton series. I wish I coudl remember where i saw that because I really like the Triton. The customer service is the only thing that would make me leary of buying one at this point. I'll be really interested in seeing what people think about the Triton once they actually get to use one for a little while.
  2. I'm new to Geocaching and so besides asking my husband for a GPS unit, the following were on my list (and better priced than expensive GPSr's): Tiny First Aid kit heavy-duty back-pack AA batteries (since the GPSr will need those if it's not a rechargable kind) Tiny log books Camo tape fun stuff to put in Cache's (stickers, beads, sparkley pencils, cute stuffed animal keychains, polished stones) plastic containers tiny stamp set (for letterbox cache's) and of course....Travel Bug dog tags. :-) Somethign else TOTALLY cool that I saw for geocachers that would be a great gift idea for those on a higher budget.......It was a backpack with solar panels and 15 adapters! The solar panels would charge as you were out and about and then you could use the different adapters to charge all kinds of electronics like GPSr's, cell phones, cameras, etc. It said the only portable thing it could NOT charge was a laptop. It sounded so useful! I saw it in a tiny earth-friendly shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio. If your not from that area, you could probably find them online too.
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the responses to my question. It helped alot to know that it was different and subjective rather than a set rule that all view one way. Thanks! :-)
  4. I think most have already answered your main questions, but another good use of way points is to get you back to your car. If you park your car at X, you store that as a way point. Then as you trapse through the woods, you can store locations along the way as waypoints. That way if you've been on a long hike and get lost, the waypoints can help you re-trace your steps and get you back to your car. Its a huge safety benefit.
  5. I am new to geocaching and was all excited about getting stuff that I could put in a cache when i found one. I am on a limited budget and was afraid that I couldnt' afford to leave cool stuff.....but then i went to the thrift store! Problem solved! I got tons of cool things that aren't expensive but aren't junk (cute small stuffed animals, little girls hello kitty sunglasses, decorative holiday picutre frames, ceramic candle holders with cute decorations, handpainted glass suncatcher-type artwork to hang on a window...etc) all for only 25 cents each! I wish more would do that....it woudl be better than finding a gum wrapper.
  6. I love a good cheeseburger! I absolutely LOVE that cat picture.! :-) Is it ok for me to use it sometimes?
  7. it seems that a 'minimum of 100' is if you want someone to mint geocoins for you with a specific design or logo that you request. If you're just looking for cool geocoins to track or trade, just google geocoins and you'll find lots of stores. geocoinstore.com has many and their site says "max of 100" not a minimum. hope this helps
  8. I am somewhat new to this and I am wondering if what cache etiquette would apply when logging finds that are found while hunting with several friends. If a group of friends are all new to geocaching and go out hunting....do we each log a found cache as a find? Does everyone in the group get to claim the find if we all sign the book....or should it only be the person who actually got to squeel "I found it" and cause us all to run over (in non-muggle territory, of course). I didn't really think about this earlier but three of us went caching today. We found three caches as a group and so i came home and logged all three as 'finds'....but actually while we all hunted in the same area and we all signed the logbooks, I was the 'it's over here" shouter only once, and the other two in my group each found one causing me to run over to them. Is there a general etiquette for this?
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