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  1. I have been reading tons of forums about all three (GeoCoins, PathTags and GeoTags). I understand the differences in tracking (geocaching.com vs. other sites and trackable vs. non-trackable). I want something as a trade/ collection item but I just can't afford GeoCoins. They are beautiful but out of my budget. PathTags and GeoTags both seem great and might be an option for me. Does anyone have a picture of all three of these types side by side? I would LOVE to see a pic of this so I could get a better idea of size difference. :-) Thanks!
  2. ah..ok. I misunderstood and thought you were under the impression that he did put those in. :-) I LOVE that last line! That is great. :-)
  3. I would too. But as the original poster said, he did NOT put those items in there. He didn't stick recruitment propaganda/ tracts in there. He put items people may want to trade (lapel pins, a bumpersticker, coin, dog tags, notebook, and patch) He specifically stated "There is no recruiting information and no go to church or go to hell items." So his military items would be the same as someone putting a cross necklace, a mug with religious phrases, or a Star of David lapel pin. Those to me are much different than propaganda and tracts which are usually paper pamphlets meant to convince (or in religious tracts, threaten) someone into joining a specific belief.
  4. Thanks for posting this. It's been so weird with websites giving conflictin information as to whether the cable comes with the 200 through 500 models.I think we might be able to put the cable issue to rest about the 200-500 models. The reports continue to come in about these units having the cable in the box. Today I was at Cabela's and saw a 300. The outside of the box said it came with a cable. I opened the box and it did have a cable inside. Good to know we won't have to pay extra for the cables. Unfortunately I didn't think to push the buttons to see how they felt compared to the eXplorist. Thanks for the info. I haven't kept up with forums (until yesterday since its snowy here) in the past week or so and I didn't know that many had reported the cables as being included. I had only seen one person with a cable vs. many websites indicating it was not included. That makes me feel much better about it to not have to buy the cable seperately! :-)
  5. I think if supervised, it would be GREAT for them! I would send a letter home (and insist it be signed by a parent/guardian) since its likely they will want to go again and their parents should know about it if they do. I know that many boy scout and girl scout troups do geocaching. Its a great way to get the kids out in nature and away from the TV! My step-son's science teacher took them geocaching in 8th grade. Just be sure to make the parents aware so that they can (hopefully) keep an eye on future geocaching activities of their children.
  6. I think that a few people misunderstood what I was saying in the church swag discussion. I'd like to say that if my posts were among those that left you with the impression that I was offended by religious swag, I am sorry that my posts gave you the wrong impression. I had thought that all religious, commercial, political and 'agenda' items were prohibited. I now understand that they aren't prohibited from being left in a cache, but a cache cannot be set out with those agendas as the theme. I don't think this rule is to say that any of these themes or agendas are bad, but that if some are allowed, then they all should be allowed...and that is usually where things snowball downhill (not just in the geocaching world, but everywhere). ALso misunderstood was my feelings on 'religious swag". to me, swag and propaganda are totally different. Military or religious items do not "offend" me. My husband is a veteran and I understand how meaningful military symbols and/or items can be. Its the paper advertisements/propaganda/tracts (or in your words, the "recruiting and go to church or go to hell" items that make no sense in a cache. Your military dog tags, and other items sound like great swag and I"m sure some will be happy to have them. My point was that a cache should not be stuffed with pro-abortion/ pro-life/ pro-*insert ANY religion here*/ pro-*insert political party* literature, tracts, etc. Because it's really not an appropraite soapbox from which to make a point. Thus, why i agree with your statement "You'll spread religion by your example and giving of yourself, not beating people over the head with your religious rhetoric - that assault.". I agree with that 100%...and that's what I was referring to when i said that I would find it inappropriate to find a cache stuffed with bible-tracts....just as I would find it inappropriate to be stuffed with pro-life/ pro-choice/ pro-democrat/ pro-republican or pro-*insert any agenda here* tracts. It just doesn't get people to understand the material presented but instead serves to anger or annoy, not to mention make a mess of wet soggy mush in the cache box. I do still feel that agenda caches aren't really a good idea. Primarily because it often happens that the agenda of the majority overrides the rest and then an unfair double-standard starts being applied. I guess if the agenda is specifically stated on the cache page, and opposing agendas aren't sensored, then each person could decide for themselves whether to seek out that cache. The problems I see are that sometimes the page does NOT indicate this and thus people aren't give the choice. I also see the double standard happening. I haven't been around geocaching long, but I have searched by keyword. There are many caches that seem to 'hover' on the line of being Christian themed, but there are only two in the U.S. with a Pagan/Wiccan theme (and even then they're subtle). I had wanted to place a Wiccan themed cache but decided against it when i read the cache placement rules. I see so many approved though with seemingly Christian themes, that i might go ahead and try the Wiccan theme. Oddly enough, I see many Wiccan/ Pagan themed caches in the UK. Seems like I must live in the wrong country...lol.
  7. Thanks for posting this. It's been so weird with websites giving conflictin information as to whether the cable comes with the 200 through 500 models. I'm sure we'd all love to hear your opinions on it once you get a chance to play with it. I am supposed to be getting a 400 in the next month or so.
  8. Rather than fill the thread with individual replies to each person, I'll just post this one THANK YOU to everyone who answered my questions. You've given me lots of information and lots to think about! :-) I definately am goign to make a nice quality signature item. I'm not exactly sure which one yet, but I have four or five ideas I'm kicking around that will all flow with the "Firespinner" aspect of my user name. With the cost of minting, I will probably not be doing that one unless i get a small batch of those semi-personal kind where you only buy 20 or so. Years down the road.....maybe I could have a personal coin minted, but it will be a long way away. Until then, I'll just collect signature items since I'll be trading those. :-) Thanks for all the help and information! :-)
  9. It did help. Thanks for teh response! I haven't seen pins yet, but I'll keep looking for them. I also didn't know that the vendors would offer resale programs. That might be the way to go so I'll keep checking with the various vendors. I couldn't figure out how people could afford to have 150 minted at ~10 each. Maybe that is how they are doing it? The only other way i could figure it if they were selling half at a profit and keeping half....and that seemed even more confusing. Thanks for the help.
  10. I knew they are unrelated, thus why I explained first off that I understand the travel aspect of it and I know to never keep a coin that is meant to travel. My questions were specifically towards the non-traveling types. Don't worry, I'm not a coin theif in the making....If i were, I wouldnt' have bothered to post questions about what's ok. :-) I'm all about the trading up...i just coudlnt' figure out how people afford to trade $10 coins more than a couple times. I definately do want something more than my card as a signature item. I want something that people will want to pick up and keep. I'm working on making something cool as a sig item. I just didn't want to trade handmade sig item (even if it is high-quality) for a coin if its considered against the rules. And i coudlnt' figure out how people can afford all these expensive minted coins to trade others for.
  11. ok....I hate to do this, but I'm still not understand a couple things. I know, I know,.......another newbie who can't figure things out....lol. Bear with me. I have read the FAQ's and many of the forums and a few things are still unclear for me...... I totally understand how travel bugs work. No problems there. I also know that trackable geocoins work much the same way. I understand there are non-trackable geocoins that people leave in caches and these are considered trade items, and anyone can trade and keep them and some people have big collections of them in albums. Signature items are a personal token specific to the cacher and many people collect signature items as well. Those things are clear. Its a few other related things I'm fuzzy on. 1. I will probably never be able to afford to have my own personal geocoins minted. Its just very expensive when you look at it costing approx 7-12 dollars per coin with a required minimum of 150 coins according to most websites. I really liked the idea of collecting geocoins (the non-trackable, of course.....I know if I find a trackable one, it is supposed to keep moving like a TB), but I can't see that it would be fair for me to take non-trackable geocoins (considered trade items) when I know they cost approx $10 each, especially when I'm only leaving items in the $1-2 range. What i can't figure out is.....considering how expensive they are to have minted, how in the world do so many cachers have these huge collections in albums of geocoins? Is there some etiquette about this? I know that many people say a non-trackable geocoin left in a cache is considered a trade item, but isn't it considered rude if I go collecting these and putting them in an album for myself when I'm not leaving coins like this or other more expensive swag? I like to trade up, but at $10 per coin, there's no feasible way to 'trade up' and collect geocoins as well....unless i win the lottery. lol. I can't see how people do this. I do sometimes see people selling their geocoins, or taking 'pre-orders'.....is that how they do it....they get promises of who would buy them first and then mint them? Are they selling their coins to try and make a profit or are they trying to sell them to offset the cost of minting and thus only keep some for themselves? It would seem unfair of me to collect non-trackable geocoins if I'm not leaving geocoins in any cache's myself....unless i could make quality things myself...which goes to the signature item question (3) Or do people use geocoins as signature items, thus it is fair to trade coin for signature item? 2. Is there any way to make your own trackable item without going through the minting places? I know about TB tags, and I am buying a few of them, but I'm really interested in the idea of making my own things. I could probably afford to buy a block of codes from Groundspeak eventually, but I can't afford minting >150 coins at 7-10$ each. I am really good at handcrafts and think it would be fun to make my own trackable items. I know there are rules about this because if it was cheap to do, I guess it could be a problem. I mean, I know we don't want used tissues floating around with tracking numbers on them. lol But isn't there a way other than expensive minting or TB tags? 3. Signature items....I see people collecting those as well and I understand they can be anything that a person decides they want to use to identify themselves. I am confused though on posts I see on the forums. I thought signature items were things you put in a cache to say you were there, and that other cachers can take them if they collect them. But I often see posts about trading them via snail mail. So is this different? Do people just collect them even if they've never met the person or been to a cache where one was left? If that's the case, I think i'm still not understanding something because anyone could trade any random thing with any random stranger without geocacing being a part of it. I am going to come up with a signature item soon....I'm kicking around several ideas/ options that I can make that will look nice but be low cost. So again, sorry for being the newbie who just can't seem to get it, but these questions aren't exactly answered in the other posts i've seen. Thanks Edited to add: I should have mentioned about the trackable items question.....I have heard of the couple other websites which offer free tracking (outside the US), I am specifically wondering about trackable items that can be tracked through geocaching.com. I dont' want to use those other sites (which aren't allowed to be posted on these forums anyway).
  12. I will be watching this closely as well. I am new to geocaching and this will be my first GPS. I know its not the exact question but since the USB cable has been talked about, I thought I'd mention it here. In other threads, people have been posting that the USB cable comes with all tritons. However, I would seriously recommend anyone buying anything OTHER than the 1500 or 2000, buy it at a brick-n-mortar store where you can look at the contents before buying. Websites have conflicting information as to whether the cable is included in the 200, 300, 400 and 500 models. Pictures (of the boxes ) that I've seen in other forums show the cable listed in the 'package contents' of only the two upper end models, and not the others.
  13. well, for some reason, my "quote" function isn't working, so it may be hard to folllow that last post. Basically, the links show that the USB cable does NOT come with all units, only the 1500 and 2000. However other websites (http://www.gpsoz.com.au/magellan/triton.htm) are saying that it DOES come with it. (although when you click on their individual specs from that chart, it indicates the 1500 and 2000 have it included and the others do not. There seems to be conflicting information and the two actual box pictures i've seen show that it came with the 2000 but not the 400 (or it may have been a 500 box pic). I am still asking for one for Yule but I told my husband NOT to buy it online. Because there seems to be such conflicting info about whether the cable is included, I want to go to a brick-and-mortar store where I can see the box, the contents and look at it in real life before paying the money for one....and if it isn't included, i want to be able to buy a cable when we buy the unit.
  14. According to the Triton 300 box that I saw along with a demo unit at a local Sportsman warehouse the 300 does come with a USB cable. The USB cable is listed as bring included. That's really odd because I have seen two pictures of boxes in these forums (if i can find them i'll post them) and the 2000 clearly lists the cable in the box contents while the 500 (or it might have been a 400) did not have it on the list. Also, the following links are the product detail pages of tiger direct. If you click on the "package includes" tab, the cable is listed for the 2000 and 1500, but NOT for any other model. Maybe there is still a 'bug' in the shipment centers about which unit is supposed to have which accessories? http://www.tigergps.com/magellantriton2000.html http://www.tigergps.com/magellantriton1500.html http://www.tigergps.com/magellantriton500.html http://www.tigergps.com/magellantriton400.html http://www.tigergps.com/magellantriton300.html http://www.tigergps.com/magellantriton200.html
  15. I have no clue what his motivation was, but to me it sounded like something he had observed and was just wondering if others had this happening in their areas too. There was a year or so in and around my city where several people from a group would shove hate-filled bible tracts in all the non-mainstream religion books in our local book stores. It was quite offensive. It didn't happen around my work 80-100 miles away, but it was commonplace here. Quite likely, a group in his area has just come to learn about geocaching and thus began putting religious stuff in. It might not be happening nation/ world wide, but it may be very real in his area.
  16. I have seen Christians openly practice religious persecution against Pagan & Wiccan items and TBs in these forums as if it's perfectly okay. I haven't been in these forums long (or in geocaching for that matter) so I can't show you specific posts about this, but I do see it in every day life. Since I face it often in every day life, I am leary of geocaching changing into a venue for it to happen too. Thus, my feelings on keeping it non-preachy. When you start using a non-religious activity to push a religious agenda, it always leaves someone out. (again, i'm not talking about gift-type things like pendants, crosses, mugs, music, calendars...etc. I'm specifically talking about bible tracts, presuasive literature and sermons of any media.)
  17. This was part of my point earlier. I think 'bible tracts' are often mean-spriited and not family friendly. They are often scary for kids, seem threatening to them and have a message of hate and fear towards others. Jewelry, inspirational poems/prayers, calendars, plaques..etc are different as they often have positive thoughts instead of hate messages with them.
  18. I spin fire. Thus, Firespinner. (my user icon is from an impromptu performance in a hotel in Columbus Ohio...those bright circles are balls of fire on chains spinning around)
  19. Sears also shows the Triton 300 as "in stock". BTW....according to many websites.....the Triton 300 is NOT intended to be shipped with a cable. You only get the cable with the purchase of a 1500 or 2000. If you buy the Triton 200, 300, 400 or 500, you will need to purchase the cable seperately. Many websites are incorrect on the cable issue just as they are on the touch-screen (which is also only on the 1500 or 2000 models)
  20. I think in this day and age, putting cache's on military bases woudl be a huge problem. First and foremost, it could too easily be mistaken as a terrorist item (bomb, explosive....etc). Second is that civilians certainly have no business wandering around a military base. It's too risky to both them and for the military personnel who may mistake them for a threat. On the geocaching listing requirements it specificallly states that your cache might be archived if they discover that it is ...and then they give a long list, including the following text: " Caches near or on military installations. Caches near, on or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These may include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports." It seems like a bad situation waiting to happen in my opinion
  21. Your interpretation of the guidelines isn't correct. If it was then then you'd have to say that other items commonly found in geocache, like McToys and Business Cards, violate the no commercial caches guideline. If you really fear offending someone by something you leave in a cache or being offend by something that was left in a cache then I suggest TNLNSL and go. I guess I should have worded it differently in my original post because it didn't come across quite the way I meant it. I am not offended by church swag but I do find the content of bible tracts to be quite often offensive because to me they are hateful towards others rather than inspirational about the good things about Christianity. I could go on and on about that but then that would be a tangent that would go far off of the topic of whether 'church swag' was ok in a geocache. I do worry about offending others because its part of my beliefs and my general nature to make sure I dont' purposely go out of my way to try to offend someone. My religion requires that I stop and think about the effects of my actions, even the tiny things. While I could probably leave something that is non-preachy (a pendant, figurine, etc), I would think literature trying to convert someone, explain my beliefs, or tapes/cd's with 'sermons' wouldn't be appropriate. (Now, a tape or CD with religious music wouldn't be offensive in my opinion) It all boils down to each person's opinion, and since geocaching is a multi-culture, multi-religion, multi-person hobby (obsession lol) it should stay diverse and there will always be other opinions. I also should have been more clear on my statement about what I would do if I found them in a geocache. If it was a cache that I set out, then I would take all the religious tracts, pamphlets, etc out. I would leave any 'church swag' that was non-preachy such as a cross pendant, a coin-type item, Christmas music CD, Veggie-tales...etc. If I come across a cache that isn't mine but has tons of offensive bible tracts or literature to get you to go to a specific church, I would also remove those....but I would consider it my 'trade item' and I would trade up. I wouldn't just take them and leave nothing. I'd probably "trade up" by taking them out (and recycling them) but leaving something non-religious and better in their place. I would never just take them and not leave anything. :-) I just don't want geocaching to turn into a venue for people to push their political or religious views. It would take the fun out of it for so many people.
  22. I assume you are actually replying to Firespinner's post? Firespinner, if you pass Team Cotati some swag, could you please include a shirt? Thanks! I'll see what i can do about including that shirt. lol.
  23. I thought 'church swag' violated the general rules. I know its a somewhat grey area though because although a "theme cache' can be refused if its a religious theme, there is no way to control what other geocachers leave as trade items (just like those who leave trash). I am not Christian and it wouldnt' bother me to see a christian gift in the cache such as a cross, pendant or other nice item. Bible tracts however are not a nice gift. They are often offensive to non-christians and they don't help convert anyone. They only make people angry and thus less likely to want to listen to what a Christian has to say. ALso, I go geocaching for the fun of it...not for a religious sermon. SO bible tracts pamphlets and other paper-type parephania to me is would, in my opinion, anger more people than its worth, but a pretty cross pendant, a wooden wall plaque with a bible verse, a bible calendar...those sorts of things might be of interest to someone. I would say that if the item is something of a religious nature but it's of 'gift-qyality' it might be ok....if its something just to try to convert, convince or promote attendance of a church, its not ok. Geocaching is supposed to be fun for all, not a media to convert anyone to any religion, belief, political point of view or any other agenda. I could also be coming from a slanted view though because although I am not Christian, I am a very religious person but my religion is often misunderstood and looked down upon. If i put items from my religion into a cache, there would surely be those who would "throw a fit' about it....it comes down to fairness. I don't put my religious items in the cache because I don't want others to fill caches with bible tracts, sermons or other such material. If i found a cache with those in it, I would probaby remove them and recycle them and leave nice non-religious swag in their place. I woudl of course, leave nice cross pendants and those sort of things.
  24. hmm..ignore this one. It double posted my last post but then won't let me delete the second one
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