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  1. I live in a UNESCO patrimonial site (Quebec city, Canada) and there are many tourists who come to visit the old city all year long (including geocachers!). It could be a great improvement if we can create an adventure with the option of 2 languages: one in the local language and the other in english for the international geocachers. A new parameter can be added to the player to select the language: ° English (International) or ° Local. If there is a set of text and questions defined/created for english, this set will be chosen to play the adventure. Obviously, if there is only one set of text/questions, this set will be played. Also, depending of the “language parameter”, the adventure list will display adventures titles in 'english' or 'local' language. Hope this improvement will be implemented in the near future. Cordially
  2. This macro helps very much in planning geocaching. I use it to create (lab caches)-geocaches in my gps via GSAK. It’s easier to ´goto ´a lab cache, by direct way or route-by-route directions rather than with my cell phone. I have all the geocaches in my gps (first generation geocaches and lab caches), great!! This macro adds complementary value to the cell phone app by : Facilitating navigation to the stages of Adventure Labs by creating geocaches for these stages (Lab caches) that we can send to the gps; Maintain precise statistics about all found geocaches (all different types including lab caches); The description, the question, … can be read ‘offline’ to get a better experience before going out to ‘catch’ the cache; A better planning of the routes/ways/pathways to take to optimize our outing; Second thing: it helps maintain statistics instead of manually create lab caches one by one. It will be a great enhancement if you turn on the switch for this macro to run as expected again. Thank’s for listening (reading) to me and many peaple will be grateful if this macro is functionnable again. Regards (note : English is not my first language, forgive any semantic errors and spelling mistakes I might have made)
  3. When I refresh geocache data for a cache in Saint-Martin country, I get two different country names depending of format type I set : with Format=Light -> Country=St. Martin (the wrong country name) with Format=Full -> Country=Saint Martin Regards
  4. Hello! I had an idea in this exceptional time of confinement. I know that geocaching is an outdoor hobby but, exceptionally, could we not create a new type of geocache that we could search and find without going out? As soon as you find it, you have to sign a logbook which is "virtual"! It could be a type of temporary cache which represents an ephemeral event like APE type caches for example; with its own icon (a virus?). I'm going to call it the "Covid-19" cache type for simplification and understanding until someone find a permanent name. Many things are stopped or no longer work, but the geocaching site works very well. We could continue to log caches (for example type = Covid-19) and feed our statistics (which are important for many geocachers). There could be several ways to “find” a cache of this type, such as virtually visiting the Louvre Museum to find the cache with given clues, for example. When the cache is found, the log book is unlocked and you can sign it ... virtually! Here, it is a suggestion. Regards
  5. Thank's, I'll document this landmark in the " Public Land Survey Marks" category. Regards!
  6. Hi! I found an ancient landmark stone: image to the marker ...and the text for this landmark: It was declined to be in the "Signs of history" category. I need help to find a category for this landmark. Regards
  7. It will be nice to let know other geocachers that, some time, we do not have access to a computer and we can't respond to their requests (owner of an earthcache for example and they wait for an 'approved' from me to log the cache). This "visual note" will appear in the " Message Center: Send Message" panel and in the " E-Mail Address: Send Email" panel. This note can also appear automatically to the reviewer when he/she write a reviewer note to a cache of an owner that has set this flag in his profile. When I am in one of these possible situations, I write a note in my public profile but most users don't see/read this note unless it is written in 500 pixels height bold in the first line. Also, it will notify reviewers that we are not available, at this time, to do maintenance to our geocaches and asking for comprehension to give more time for doing maintenance. Thank's and regards! Zubulus
  8. Hi, I'm developping a new WIG cartridge (my first one) and I got bugs because mostly of these computer settings (Windows XP Home): - language French (Canada) (which contains characters like è é à ë ç etc...) which causes a crash of the builder when used in comments/descriptions - the decimal symbol is a comma (",") instead of a dot (".") which causes waypoints not to be recognized and forces a crash of the builder I have workarounds but it will be nice if the builder "looks" at the regional settings for the decimal symbol and just accept the french characters. Thank's a lot for this great new type of cache, Zubulus
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