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  1. got 2 people interested in it , going fast if you want a good gps.
  2. 6`0 and 285, and actively caching when I can
  3. if this gets outlawed in sc, what happens to all the government people working on benchmarks and the new mapcorps asking for help from us, identifying landmarks and such since they don't have the staffng power. we all going to go to jail for helping the us gov. that would be funny, here in nc alot of the land surveyors I've seen not working on the road wear jeans and t-shirts. I can see it now "headline news" government employeed gets arrested after snooping in cemetary with strang hand held device, more at 6pm.
  4. how can one find out the direct route version for the new explorist series. I just ordered the explorist 600.00 and magellan says I need direct route version "f" I think its called or "e" . is it printed on the barcode or the external part of the box if I buy it retail or online?
  5. you would think after all the magellan units they made , the text problem could be addressed with wordwrap or some controls to scroll over or down.the sprotrak color had the same issue waypoint and texting lenght naming. but the new unit looks nice with the pictures you posted. can't wait to get mine in a few days. I just ordered the 600
  6. selling it for 220.00 shipped. email me if your interested
  7. with my sportrak color on the highway on a clear day doing 70mph I got 7feet epe on average but no higher than 12. when I slow down it goes to near 20 or less. flir67----
  8. center part of north and south carolina to the ocean is about 23.8mb fits on my sportrak color I want the whole usa detailed on 1 sd card. how much do you think that take? 1gb or more
  9. I don't know if this is the right place for this post. but rei is having a sale. only last for 3 more days I think the new explorist 600 is on sale for 358.00 which is a great price flir67---------------
  10. up for sale is a used sportrak color. it has the latest bios that was issued for it. every thing works on it, also included is the magellan madsend for the usa cd for download maps too it, with rechargable batteries, and the serial cable. I use this sportrak color daily for my car and geocaching.very good product but I'm selling to get the new explorist 600. as I'm a fan with color screen and want to upgrade. e-mail me at flir67@gmail.com with a price if your interested. serious inquiries only will onlly sell as a whole pacakge thanks flir67
  11. hi everyones, I'm wondering how much of a rubbergasket there is covering the batter compartment. I have the magellan sportrack color and the entire area around the batteries consists of a rubber pad from what it feels like to make it water resistant to the ipx standards I think its called. from all the new 500 and 600 explorist pictures posted, it looks like that black area around the lithium battery is plastic instead of rubber.? can anybody confirm whats made of. I'm thinking of buying one also and want a very ruggid hand held unit. thanks for the input in advance flir67----------
  12. just read that a new company has come out with a pet tracker for animals. cost around 349.00 and 17.00 a month. I was thinking someone could use this a as cheap live update vehicle tracker or a loved one tracker over seas or something similiar. heres the link enjoy http://www.globalpetfinder.com/
  13. I have the sport track color with fhe new firmware 5.34 which is based off the marine or water version of those who have heard. yesterday I was looking for a certain restaurant and tried to use my sportrack to locate the nearest restuarant but due to the firmware being for marina use, restuarants or for that matter nearest hotels are no longer on there for searching. am I missing something. in previous firmwares I was able to search for these but the newest one you can't? that doesn't make much sense. any help would be appreciated. thanks-
  14. I've been biten 3 times by brown recluse spiders in the past year and the last time was the worst it left horrible scares and I aboult lost my leg after thinking it was just a really bad boil under the skin. flir67--------------------
  15. just visited my local bedbathandbeyond only to see swiss army backpacks for half price. I got the apex model and it has a opening in the top for headphone jack but Instead I put a camel bak water water sack in there and ran the tube through it. works like a charm. online they are selling only 1 model but check local stores for the different models. mine cost 19.99 which is half off. all were on sale between 15.99-19.99 there by cut the cost to half. I guess they are getting rid of them. mine features the contoured shoulder straps, lots of storage space, and the shoulder straps have lots of place to connect your camera or gps holder via carbiner . sweat proof back and other neat features.. worth a post I thought. flir67---------------------
  16. nike acg department (all conditions gear) has a testing department and they sent you new products to be tested in the outback or very rigourious conditions.the website states they send u free new products to test and use then after the test period send them back to be evaludated by them. not bad for new hiking boots,shoes,etc... of course we can't keep them. I thought we geo cachers might fill the void for a while.LOL ,with all the bush wacking we do in the outback to our delight. here's the link : http://www.nike.com/acg/flash.jsp?ref=http://www.nike.com enjoy
  17. just got my digital edition of computer shopper and in it on page 28 is a new gps watch. its at http://www.suunto.com/suunto/main/index.jsp kinda pricey for a watch 715.00 . ability it upload and download waypoints to pc. neafity
  18. on winamp tv some guy is showing how to make a geo cache. look for channel rant-tv. enjoy
  19. its good for your car but its big and bulky for a handheld compared to a handheld gps.I had a post on this as I was thinkg to get this but was advised against it. great for car thought
  20. I have the color version u think that will work. I still have my old install disc with firmware flash on it but not sure if the version is on there I'll let you know
  21. does anyone know of any caches on the island part of ocean isle,nc. going there for labor day weekend and can't find any on the island at all.anybody know a good place to eat there also... thanks in advance
  22. I have the duracell nihm rechargeable 2100 in my sportrak color. works great. also use sanyo nihm 2200 in it too , I got those with my digital camera but the small 2 aa recharge for the sanyo's seems to condition them too for the longest life. plus I can just slip it in my pack for on the go.
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