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  1. there we go finally a program for osx widgets, I'v been wondering if anyone would build one. these widgets are just awesome
  2. hope this info is helpful. I have the 600 , already got small scratches on the screen. so I was looking for a cleaner and my friend recommend "applesauce" and "apple polish", both are designed for the ipod screen cleaning. so I gave it a shot and sure enought it works great, he was able to polish the screen and the scratches are not visible. he told me you can find it on ebay. just a tip for cleaning the screen.
  3. checking the magellan website tonight and I now notice that that's a patch for worldwide basemap patch for the explorist 400-600 series. so guess it now allows it to save in the imi format for basemaps? can anybody confirm this that it works.. if thats the case I wonder if the patch will work with tweaking for streets and distinations?
  4. buy.com come has a navmap NAVMAN iCN 510 Pocket GP on sale for 319.99 it looks like the magellan roadmates navman gps worth a post I thought
  5. get a sd card reader for your computer , I found that is much faster at transfer the data over.
  6. I would suggest the sportrak color. I just got rid of mine and it worked flawlessly. its very rigid,I've dropped it numerous times and it just kept on going. and has orginal naming for the items in the menu, such as epe, distance to target,etc. now adays they are called accuracy and distance to end. not that big of a difference, but still a difference. the only draw back is that it doesn't work that well indoors compared to the new models coming out that can practicaly lock on inside the middle of a house with no windows
  7. does anybody know of anysoftware on the net thats capible of converting the mapsend topo maps into the directroute format so we can put them on the explorist?
  8. no it doesn't I left mine hooked up to my laptop port over night for charging and fully charged by morning. it charges a pretty good rate by usb, not super fast but I'd say a little longer than the instructions of 4hours for a fullcharge. flir67-------------
  9. compuplus has magellan mapsend 3d topo maps for 65.00. anybody ordered from these guys before? worth it, it would be cheaper than directroute for explorist 5/600 series. compuplus.comcompuplus
  10. it would sound right with all the post about lost reception. I'm in my house 15 feet from any window and have a lock with accurracy of 50ft. explorist 600....
  11. I tried saving a img. image from topo 4.0 and I tried changing it to a .imi file once I turned off usb it said: incorrect map and proceded to lock up. you have to take the battery out and then the sd card and delete it off the card via your computer card reader if you have it or it will lock up each time you turn it back on with the incorrect map on the card. there has to be a way to change the serial in the registry to 1 so it saves it to imi. don't you think. we so many gps hacks out there someone has bound to figure it out by now.
  12. sunspots didn't even think of that one. i've had similiar problems 1 minute no satellites a while later all the birds work fine. I read everyone else's post alot were in the garmin and had bird problems so I said what the heck and create topic for it. for better tracking.
  13. it seems after reading recent post lots of readers are having bird problems, locking onto satellites. recently I thought it was my new explorist unit but it may not be ,but tracking satellites. who's having trouble recently.? any website we can check the status of the satellites?
  14. which mapping software buy topo 3d maps or direct route. I can't decide. I heard 3d topo might be a little more up to date. but does it have all the restuarants,and other info the direct route has? how useful is the autorouting on a daily basis. most of the time I just look at the map zoomed out a bit and create my way. how about everyone else?
  15. i'll give it a a shot. simplegps for mac, I could never get to recongize the explorist except on the first time I run it.
  16. Since the transformer in the power plug outputs 5 VDC (just like the USB port), it would be two 5 VDC sources in parallel. Let me whip out the old EE textbook...hmmm...hmmm...hmmm. Yup that would output a grand total of 5 VDC. thanks , sometimes they don't think of it when in development.
  17. yes if I set the usb to file transfer it will show up as just like usb drive and you can put anything on it. but the explorist file structure is on the sd card though,but it lets you creat new folders great for mp3's on the go just take out the card and put in the mp3 player but I don't know if it would work that easily for other stuff besides gps.
  18. with all the talk of the inverting the power connector on the back so it points up and the usb charger working. how about solar powered usb gps, and never worry about a external power supply again. hummm sound good hum. I did a search on google and found this. any one think it will work. usb solar charger for explorist series. usb solar charger this was just a quick search but it opens up the possiblities you know. hope it helps
  19. just for kicks and giggles, I decided to hook up my explorist to my apple ibook usb port with "no" power adapter on it and guess what it charges as others have stated with connector turned "up" if I turn it down and plug it into the ibook it just says "external power" with a picture of a cord and plug on it and this is all off just usb laptop port. so kewl hope it helps....... hay what would happen if we had the usb connector plugged in and the power adapter plugged in. would that constitute for a power surge and fry the unit? I'm not going to try it but what if? 12+from wall power + usb power =? regulated you think or power surge? somebody's bound to do in the future, thought of it. hummmmmmmm...... any ideas
  20. just fired my problems off to magellan also , thanks for the idea.
  21. thanks for the replies, yes Iam able to use the sd card, thats what my main question was about, but mostly the transfer speed. I thought they would be at topspeed such as usb 2.0 etc, transfer speeds but it is faster than serial on my old sportrak color . flir67-------
  22. very true, all my sensors work fine , I agree I think its just a firmware, mine locked up with or without the usb. but as you say we are all early adopters of the newest technology, so I'm keeping mine and living with it for now.
  23. the screen locked up unable to change anything and none of the buttons would do anything. it only does it when i change the menu's really fast. as for the clearing the memory, yes that was strange. when it couldn't find the birds. the start up screen didn't show the moving satellites. once I reset via secret menu , the moving sallites on start up screen returned. it was very strange, I'm going to hold out to see if I can figure it out for a while. good luck
  24. just wondering what communication setting we should use under advanced menu on the explorist 600. also I transfered my basemap to my sd card and for 8mb it too 7 minutes. does this sound about right, that just sounds slow to me?
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