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  1. does anyone know if directroute or topo 3d has the bouy or water markers info built into it near the ocean shore, if you switch to water use with the new explorist? I know the old mapsend streets and trips use to have it. thanks in advance.
  2. somebody got pissed at this program and listed how to back in up in the stores feedback log. and they posted it. LOL.... here's the link to direct route for sale at some site. directroute on the net enjoy... haven't tried so i have no clue if it works
  3. It takes me 3 clicks (GoTo, My Points of Interest, the POI itself) to go to a waypoint with my explorist 200. So the Garmin can do it in 1½? We must be doing something different. I'm not trying to be adversarial, I'm just curious. Let's see......firing up my Explorist....using it out on a day of caching.... 1. Hit the Goto button 2. Screen pops up that says "A goto already exists, clear it?" I click "Yes" 3. A Screen pops up that says "Do you want a new GOTO" Well, that's why I clicked "Yes" last time, but..ok..."Yes" 4. Screen pops up for choice of "My Pts of Interest" or "Background Map." I'll take Pts of Interest. "Click" 5. Scroll through "My Pts of Interest," find the one I want. "Click" I'm ready to go Now with the Etrex Legend: 1. Hit the find button 2. Tap down for Waypoints 3. Click Nearest 4. Choose my waypoint "click" 5. Click "GOTO" Whoops. My bad. Same number...I apologize. Still, the Explorist menus don't make a lot of sense to me. How necessary are steps 2 and 3? They seem to be there just to make the unit idiot-proof. Just to clarify, I have no interest in ridiculing Magellan. I've owned 2 Magellans and will probably own more in the future. I've owned three Garmins and will probably own more in the future too. All that really matters is that I can get the GPS to do what I want it to do. Bret I'm guessing the idiot proof feature is there so you don't get your self lost or killed.but I've heard of 2 stories where us soldiers where changing the batteries in the gps devices, I guess they forgot to click goto again after changing the battery. and gave fire positions on their on own cooridinates killing there group or soldiers. I've heard of this once during desert storm one then again during desert storm 2. I heard of it on the net or news... anybody else remember anything about these...
  4. just noticed that magellangps.com website has magellan geo-caching t-shirts now. are these new? haven't noticed them before.com thanks in advance
  5. look at the wattage or milliwattage of the output of the card. get one that has wireless a/b/g on it and has 200mw of broadcast power. just make sure your laptop bios will recongize it. some bioses won't recongize them right. good luck
  6. like the old saying newer is not always better. I've wondered the same thing when I had my old magellan sportrack color. good luck
  7. does any body know if you can turn off waas via the explorist menu and if so which option number is it. I want to see how accurate it is with it off. thanks in advance.
  8. I was just about to post that, good answer though
  9. hum.. thats interesting you have newer version. my explorist 600. is the 5.1.57 I think. I'll check when I get home today. I wonder if there is a way to upload firmware on these new models. anybody got a clue? just double check mine. its 5.1.61 also.. wonder what the difference si from the 500 to 600 in the firmware.
  10. I had the 2300 mih energizer ones in my old sport trak color. my power meter never fill all the way up with the rechargables. but I never had a power issue with the batteries dying or the unit cutting off on low power. it would warn me then depending on my light settings I could get 10 minutes of use out of it before they would die.
  11. check out the magellan explorist 600. it has alot of features plus you can select land use or marina use to display items on land or bouy,etc on the water. but you need to buy the direct route software for it to use the detailed options. you maybe beable to find a older sportrack color that is just as good as the explorist it pretty much as the same features but has more customizeable screens.
  12. i guess theres no hope but to get newsoftware, thanks
  13. the sd card will let keep anysize of area on it. not just limited to 24mb . I'd say got for the explorist for the long run if you plan to keep it for a while. just my 2 cents
  14. so map topo3d generates a *.img file? did I see that correctly typed. then use the conversion manager to convert to a imi file? so what is technicallogical answer again as to why the older mapsends don't work? re-edited well I re-read some forum post and see that its the communications software built into the older software that can't communicate with the explorist. it would seem that since you can create a virtual cdrom on your pc to play games that have been copied to your pc. there there must be a way to create a virtual com port to send this map data to so we could use the older mapsend software. I'll have to do some more googling into it but it sounds feasible. anybody want to add to this.
  15. 60c does seem very nice but is magellan the only company that combines water and land use into the same program. on my 600 I can switch between water use or land use to show the best options for a all in one package with out having to buy new lakes or ocean software. I guess it depends on your use of gps. I remember reading this being one of magellans old marketing ideas. I don't know if the garmins have both integrated or not.
  16. I had the same problem, I thought it was just a temporary fluke but it never went away. forgot about that happening unitl now.
  17. the explorist 400 has more options and is a mapping unit, if you never had a mapping unit its very nice to see the streets when traveling in the middle of nowhere.
  18. its kewl but for 2000.00 I'll get the gps thats in the bmw's and talks to you.
  19. its gotten to public I think there by driving the addiction, everyone will have gps in their hands , spitting out coordinates to all theirs friends and we all will be tracking each other for fun... ok a little overkill but think its understood
  20. thats sounds about right 5-6 hours then your good for 15+ , you can also charge it with a computers usb port if its modern enought. good luck
  21. link the coordinates you type in, to a map or topo map free online... there are several free gps mapping sites outthere. have it so you can save it to your desktop and easily view it.
  22. right their with you on that comment, I wish I didn't sell my sportrak color afterall.
  23. boats have it built in, so unless you want to lug around a huge backpack with all of it stuff it there. we will have to wait for a while, sprint pcs phones have live radar and tv via web on them. for 5.00 extra a month I though about getting it but decided against it.
  24. rei is having another big sale on gps stuff , 50.00 off etrex vista colors... worth a post I thought
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