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  1. ecost.com has a 1gb sd card for 45.00 great deal here's the link http://www.ecost.com/ecost/ecsplash/shop/d...dpno~496972.asp enjoy
  2. thanks for the replies, at least I'm not alone, it looks just like another annoying key stroke problem. maybe they will change it so it doesn't happen as often in a firmware upgrade, if they release one.
  3. I had problems as other users have posted about the explorist screen popping up with the burn-in test. well this morning I figured part of it out not sure if I'm doing this out of just luck or bad luck u might say. when you first turn the unit on and the next screen that says press the "enter button" to continue. well I hit "x" thinking that meant no, then hit "enter" button and by goosh the burn-in test screen popped up. so I turned it off and tested it again. sure enought , if you accidentally hit "x",then "enter" when turning it on . the burn-in test screen on mine comes up.. anyone else can confirm this with there units. is this a bug or did a access a secret menu item. flir67-------------
  4. thanks for the tips, I'm definitely not getting one then... lol
  5. with all the downsizing of large companies, maybe they require they tech support team to go out in the field ,test, and repair peoples damaged units to get their moneys worth
  6. I bought my first gps from them, they have great service and prices, highly recommend them. if you get a chance go by and check out there store if your on the way to nc beaches.nice place
  7. I was thinking the same think,but have u seen their latest technology, people are not laughing at them anymore. but I think its still questionable personably.
  8. has anyone heard of audiovox gps units? I never had head of them making just but just found on on the froogle searching. has about the same specs as the garmin rhino 130 but its selling for only 60.00? here's the link audiovox gps edited: priceaudiovox website info what do you think worth a buy at that price? I did research on it and it even transmits your position like the rhino 130 to another unit also has built in battery charger for ni-hm batteries.
  9. amazon is having a gps sale, some stuff price not so good others not bad, magellan 3d topo for 75.00 with free shipping, thought it was worth a post. enjoy
  10. I have a ibook also with a magellan explorist 600. as for ways to get maps on gps via mac, your pretty much out of luck on that part but for waypoints I use gpsbabel to convert them from geocaching.com here's the link gps babel good luck
  11. check out the ilowerence line of gps products. they have a color gps held held unit I think thats going for around 200.00, (I think its called the iFINDER® H2O) do a search on google for their stuff. I've haven't heard much of anything about their products from users. it looks like a decent unit.
  12. a search for on google give the price of 150.00 bucks... not bad..
  13. that "burn-in" test happen to my 600 yesterday after I reset it, not sure if it was suppose to happen but hasn't popped back up since. it was just strange see it, since it is listed in the secret menu items of commands. flir67-----------------------------
  14. that definitely sounds like a bug you have found. you should e-mail magellan tech support with your pictures and let them know about it. I e-mailed them with my problems and I got a called within a few days, all thought I missed the call at first. good luck.
  15. your probably right but after the reset it seems to work better. waas finally kicked in after the rest and now I'm indoors on the second level of house with a accuracy of 10 feet. can't knock it ,just dicuss it. I'm just "use" to better readings of 12-15 feet
  16. I agree with that, the compass is the only thing worth the extra money. the temperature gauge might work but I have never seen it go down only up when viewing it.
  17. what do u need out of it. a map showing you the way back or just gps coordinates for marking trail spots? garmine has a joggers armband gps. I think the latest has a back track feature so you can find your way out if you decide to turn back. the 4/5/600 are good units and worth the money, every unit has qwerks. I had the burn-in thing happen to me today after I reset the unit. back up your maps and poi files. reset the unit and recalibrate. if the burn in test comes up exit out of it and you should see better results. let it sit a while after you recalibrate to update itself with all the satellite info. good luck
  18. ok I saved my poi's and reset the unit. but on reset it did some strange things i've never seen. after reset it automatically went into "burn-in" test mode. so I cancelled that and recalibrated unit. waas is still not coming on at all even with 6 satellites. and I left the unit sitting there for 30 minutes.I'm starting to think that it only works on this unit if you move with it. but the good news after the reset and calibration . I get a lock with a epe of 35 feet in 30 seconds are less, actually when I turn it on 4 satellites are already locked. in stead of a few minutes.. will have to watch the waas feature but I'm happy with a lock in under 30 seconds.. any way to get waas to lock on first instead of last. thanks for the reset tip
  19. was surfing the net looking for a solar radio when I came across this new product from coleman, you know the outdoor company. its a solar powered unit with a usb removeable power supply and flash light all in one. out put is 5v for usb here's the link. http://21st-century-goods.com/page/21st/PROD/PREP/COLPPK any think it could work. the sun would charge the usb power cell, then you could power the explorist off the usb. I know power have said this would be a bad thing but its for emergency power if you need it. what do you think , it looks promising
  20. I have the explorist 600, thanks for all the replies, will try the erasing memory after I back up my waypoints.that actually helped once on my old sportrak color. good tips.
  21. didn't even think about the solar activity, completely forgot about that happening. I have been having problems with my cellphone crackling for the past few days. I thought it was from the all the rain in nc but I will try it again when leaving work today, I have noticed accurracy being off alot more in the city vs less populated areas, and come to accept this. I thought it might have something to do with some of the satellites being taken offline I think the last one was 31 that was taken off line? I know waas is ground based but what is the minumim for a good waas reading. my explorist needs 4 just to get a lockwithout waas. good luck flir67-----------
  22. has anyone noticed how long it takes for the explorist to lock onto waas. I just noticed that mine is about 5-10 minutes each time I turn the unit on for it to get waas lock. I recently calibrated it so I don't think thats it. any clue for faster lock. I thought this was a bit long, for such a new unit. thanks inadvance.
  23. if your thinking of up grading check out the sportrak color. I had it and now I'm stuck with the explorist 600. wish I never sold it.
  24. the easiest way is to use magellan pc conversation manager for the way points and is the only way to get maps on the explorist 4-600 series from my understand. I have the mac ibook and a pc laptop. as for loading maps. the pc is the only way to go. you can use the nema feature on the explorist 600 with some gps utility software so it will display your coordinates , you might be able to use this mac mapping programs but I have only tried it out on the gps screen utility program. search for google on it. good luck for your info I'm running tiger 10.4.1 tiger has a nice widget called cords that does coordination conversation. .
  25. I've caught people jogging past cars checking the inside of cars parked in parks then noticing me and keeping going. when in doubt make your self visible to protect other peoples stuff. just a tip..
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