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  1. has anybody noticed on the new explorist xl that on the side of it is the words "sd" thats looks like where the sd card will go? so the unit is going to have a lithium battery area and a seperate sd card slot area?I don't see how this unit will pass for any kind of water resistance,after a couple of removals of the rubber gasket and it banging on your hip or backpack, anybody think thats going to be problem, . what do you think,might be easier to remove card but at what cost. maybe I could be completely wrong on this. but the unit looks very nice. flir67------------------
  2. orginally had sportrack color and loved it , upgraded to a explorist 600 and enjoying it even with the bugs in it, now I want to wait and try the rhino 530 to see how it competes with the other handheld color units. drop 500.00 on a new gps unit get soaked by rain covered in mud, chased by bees, bitten by bugs, covered in posion ivey, meeting fellow cachers in these conditions in the middle of nowhere looking for a tupperware box. priceless, geocaching its everywhere u want to be flir67--------------------
  3. I'm curious about the weather radio in it. I wondering if it just one of those el cheapo models that can hardly pick anything up or worth the money but the new features are definitely a plus. but I hope the price comes out is lower than the one they state. flri67---------
  4. with all the talk about the bugs in the explorist line of products and it looks like no update is going to be available, has anyone giving up yet on magellan. I have the explorist 600 and thinking of switching to the new garmin 530 coming out in september.it has nice features but from experience garmn seems to have better support and keeping there products up to date. I just can't believe magellan made a buy it and forget about it product. because with all the talk everyone is mention , the techs on the magellan phone support have no update available. anybody else going for the jump. good luck..
  5. I have one of those energizer one with 2 led and 1 led red. it works but not the best.
  6. its very complicated and not worth the time. look for a sale online for the cheapest price.
  7. is it just the explorist that doesn't get recongized ? have u tried any other usb devices to see if they are detected correctly? did u try inunstalling the usb hub driver under system hardware profile under system. there's the usb driver "unknown hardware" and a usb hub driver under system at the bottom. try a friends computer to see if it says the same thing. then u know its the unit and not your computer just checking.. good luck
  8. trying deleting the device under system hardware list, then letting it redetect it, if no lucky there, find the specfic driver (good luck) being used and delete it, back it up just in case the later doesn'et work. then reinstall the magallen explorer disc program. I've had the similiar problem with out devices, a reinstalled xp to fix it but then just realized all I needed to do was create another admin user and run the program again and all is well. good luck flir67
  9. I like the fact you attached it also by bungie string it looks like. is that just a standard bike mount customized. those velcrow zip straps are pretty strong I've got to make one of those. a kewl new project for me.. sorry for the spelling in advance great idea. flir67-------------
  10. go for the 500, I have the 600 , the electronic compass is really not worth it unless your in one of those hopeless situations that u need to get out of fast with out digging for a compass in your pocket at night. use the saved cash for a BIG sd card. I've heard 800-900mb will hold the entire usa , of course in chunks. good luck flir67------
  11. have it sync with a geocaching folder on the desktop with your gps devices so it constantly updates to and from the gps if you plug it in via usb. that would be nice
  12. just rented the new release "suspect zero" from blocker buster, has alot of gps in it. great movie also.. enjoy flir67
  13. I had a few scratches on my explorist 600, my friend recommended apple computer polish which is called "apple sauce" its made to get the scratches out of ipod screens. he did mine and turned out pretty good. look for it on ebay.
  14. I use a old cellphone holder that clips into the dashmount vents. its adjustable, and cost about 5-7$ at malmart if they still sell them. good luck
  15. just tried this for night time driving, I switch the use of my explorist to marina use instead of land use from the map screen menu , and the land is yellow which shows up much better for night time driving. just a neat idea. anybody else doing this. flir67------------
  16. just saw on refurbdepot.com they have the magellan roadmate 300 refurbished for 387.95 normally they are 1000.00 hope its worth a post to some one flir67-----------
  17. I sat on my handheld that was in my backpocket and it never worked again.I vowed never to get one again. I guess I just had bad luck with them
  18. I had the na sportrak color when I upgraded to the ex600. now I look back and wish I knew then what I know now. if your unit works now and your happy with it ,stick with it until some updates come out for the ex600 such as firmware. the color screen is really a nice addition. the pc connection is great and fast. as noted above there are fewer customizable screens on the explorist then the other units. good luck with your decison. flir67- I've thought about that also, the future will tell.
  19. Basically they are crap...but hey it's free! You can look at my work at Hiking staff BTW...I no longer sell them. El Diablo your sticks are great, sorry to hear your not making them anymore. I gave mine to my dad as a birthbday present and he uses it everyday for walking in greensboro's parks. flir67--------
  20. the strange thing is this also happened to me today I used mine explorist 600 for hours today. then I went to a autoparts store, shut it down. when I came back out and powered it back up, it locked up. wouldn't let me do a darn anything but if I pushed the "x" the burn in test appeared. nothing else, it was strange for this to happen to me right after it worked perfectly moments before. I took the battery out and reinserted and all was well. who knows ? I'm holding off on buying software till I figure out if there will be more upgrades or if magellan just made a buy it and forget it product line of explorist. flir67-----
  21. sears has gps now? that is just funny to me for some reason. wonder if they will remodel there gps section each year, like they do everything else now.
  22. my accurucy is also b/t 20-30 feet. but when I "can" get a waas lock its usually 7-13 feet. my old sportrack color always got a lock on waas and had a accuracy of 13feet and that was its everyday feature most of the time. I'm happy with the explorist but the reception doesn't seem as good as the older models.
  23. last year I went on a cruise. I put my unit in my back pack and hoped for the best.I used the normal line, not the laptop check line at the terminal entry it went through fine. I flew with it in my backback to miami and then on to the dock where customs rechecked it. I left my zippers unlocked so customs could check the bags. on the way back I locked my pack. and at one airport it got a questionable look by several xray checkers who then got some kind of test strip and rubbed it against the zippers then stuck it in a machine with instant results. it passed so I was free to go.. I guess they were check for explosives or something. who knows... no problems thought I used those neon zip ties for bag identification. neat idea my friend told me about.
  24. have had a hard time with getting a lock on waas. takes a long time even with a good lock on satellites.
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