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  1. I'm not trying to bad mouth the explorist 600, its a great unit and I like it alot. its just the firmware needs updating and I don't think its going to happen.even though there is word that a update is coming. the 600 is a amazing piece of technology, but with a firmware that needs updating , I just can't depend on it, like I could on my old gps devices. I know the manuals say do not depend on this in extreme conditions. but I use my explorist 600 for driving alot. and have come to depend on it giving me accurate readings on my position on the road. I travel alot of the same routes day after day. I need to knowwhere I am on the road, not how to get there. its helped me numerous times, like go 60mph then hitting a fog bank with 20% visibility. a quick look and I'll know my position on the road zoomed in all the way. with a 7 foot accuracy reading, which is was. but if I get a lock up while doing this you could seethe possiblities of the danger.
  2. saw this on cnn technology page, another article about a smart cycle helmet with gps heads up display http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/09/29/piers.tucker/index.html/ heads up gps helmet
  3. I have a magellan explorist 600, it replaced my magellan sportrack color the explorist 600 would be a great unit if it had a good firmware but overall its performs well untill it locks up 2 miles into woods, making you remove the back cover take out the battery, then reconnect everything, hoping it works on next startupand it saved your track or your just flat lost.
  4. how do you know it will ship with the new directroute software?
  5. dont get the 600, I have the same upgrade as yours. I wish I had my sports track color back. the accuracy on your unit is much better than 600. the only thing I like is the usb connection 600. go with garmin.
  6. Just an aside... The Explorists have a seemingly ideal USB implementation: For file transfer, it's a mass-storage device, no drivers required. Turn on NMEA, and it's a standard-compliant serial data stream. Has Garmin got something better? the nmea is great but as for file storage.? how many people use it for things besides gps... its like a big ipod but without the ability to play music. but you have to invest a good amount of money for a nice 2gb sd card.. ?
  7. whats the point of the explorist xl? the explorist 600 has more? the explorist xl has the same 4 screens .. is the screen the only thing different as in bigger, besides the 30mb of built storage.? just noticed that magellangps.com has the specifications of the xl up now or I missed them earlier and can't see that much of a difference. the xl doesn't list a temp sensor or other things the 600 has. is this unit suppose to be less or outperform the 600? thanks
  8. this post sounds like a enrollment for the army, of course I could be completely wrong....
  9. sorry to hear about your loss, I just lost my buddy(chocolate lab) of 9 years and when I lost her it was really tuff. just hang in there..
  10. yesterday while driving with my gps I noticed satellites 24,26 in my magellan 600 were constantly yellow and never got a lock which was odd, as this never happened before
  11. yesterday while driving with my gps I noticed satellites 24,26 in my magellan 600 were constantly yellow and never got a lock which was odd, as this never happened.
  12. thanks for the quick replies, I had no idea that the european system had not even been deployed yet. but its interesting none the less. I guess I sticking with american gps. just thought I'd explore what other countries have.
  13. does anybody know if the russian and european gps satellites have anything similiar to the american waas system for accuracy? I'm seeing alot of these dual units now on ebay with dual gps systems. american/europe (honox-think its called) and fac(taiwan) that has russian and american all in one unit. just wondering about the accuracy of these satellite systems compared to the american gps system. flir67----------------
  14. there's a video on how a man used his gps to find his boat after katrina hit. its on cnn.com under technology section / right side of the page under videos. haven't viewed it yet, I'm on a mac and it will not detect the player correctly... worth a post I thought flir67---------------
  15. unit is still available but not long left to auction ends good luck flri67
  16. does the forerunner 301 have a mapping screen for your progress? I haven't be able to find any pictures on the net that shows them. ? thanks flir67------------
  17. just thought I would post a good deal. thegpsstore has the explorist xl for preorder at 369.00 this looks pretty good. good luck flir67-------------
  18. up for sale is my explorist 600, its a fine unit. but I'm moving on to garmin the price is 305.00 with buy it now on ebay, hoping for a quick sale enjoy, hoping for explorist 600 on ebay
  19. anyone else notice that garmin just released a gps program for sprint new phones(sanyo models) you can get maps,etc. on these new units.. check it out on garmin.com on the right side ofthe page. looks pretty good, now that nextel and sprint are merged. thought it was worth a post. good luck flri67------------------------
  20. after view their website, I'm still considering getting one off ebay for the heck of it. if you visit their website they also make a gps unit that tracks the gps satellites and the glosnoff (soviet gps system of satellites) all in one unit. its called the gg h16 unit. but after a e-mail to them its sells for 1900.00 us dollars. thats way out of my range for a dual satellite unit but nice that they make them now. thanks for all the replies flir67----------
  21. while surfing ebay I found this neafity unit for 99.00 below is the link. I have never heard of this unit below at all. its interesting is its sd/mmc and has something I haven't heard in a while dgps. I though mostly ships use this but I wonder why they included it in such a small unit. it has the ability for a usb external antenna for dgps. it seems sony might have made it at one time from a google search. anybody know any thing about these units.??? pyxis user manual ebay unit for sale thanks in advance
  22. just as a note with the current disaster in louisananna. I wonder how the gps lithium ion battery packs will work after days on the job marking locations and finding people with no electricity for months to come, once the units run out of power and people sleeping in the field. I think this will be a test of all the technology we have in the world to save the most people in the shortest amount of it, now that they are doing house to house search. I'm praying there won't be thousands dead as reported. good luck to any one helping save people down there in that disaster area. flir67----------
  23. I'll give it a 4 I have the 600 also the goods: nice unit, good color and great battery time the bads, current firmwire sucks, waas takes too long to lock on when u need it most. and the icons rub off on the rubber buttons too easily.
  24. this unit looks nice but why would u need a bicycle speed sensor if speed is built into gps in the first place, a cadence is interesting, haven't heard of that being put into gps but I guess it will work. edited: oops there too different models. speed and a cadence version. is there any way to view your gps coordinates or is just the map u view? sorry
  25. thanks for the secret code 14 tip, but after changed the tempeture gauge mine is still off.
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