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  1. here's a good article I just noticed on macrumors about how a company making cheap satellites is using the parts from cellphones,dvd players,etc to make the alternate gps satellite system galileo interesting article gps article
  2. I have the 600 my accuracy increased alsalthough usually 13ft now but often 10 ft. so thats good. I like the option to format sd card. and the unit seems to faster for the update. I would like to see the autoupdate for autorouting. that would be great. my sd card info is showing up fine along with the internal memory used.
  3. after nstalling the update noticed that I got a lock in under 30 seconds. also like the option to format the sd card if I want too.
  4. LOL... gummy bears for dogs... sorry its not funny at but for some reason I couldn't stop laughing about it. u know whats worse, your downloading geocaching points,maps in your computer room only for someone to knock on the front door, then the dog tears off to see what it (that was sitting at your feet), on to take the wires,usb cable, gps unit with him and maybe the laptop.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, I was impressed with the e-mail , wonder how they got it, off here? or from techsupport e-mail.. who's cares they sent one out... they seem to be trying. hum.. can't wait. going to upload mine tomorrow night... flir67----
  6. just got the e-mail,, going to snag it now.. holy cow... owe,owe
  7. I got ticket after noticing I was speeding with gps. saw the headlights go down. looked up at my gps speed. 55 in 35mph. wasn't paying attention. oops
  8. whats the next old bird to be taken out of service for the next launch in january of the 2nd modernized bird? next launch in jan.
  9. nothing for me in nc as of 9am this morning, will try tonight after work.
  10. someone I know has the tomtom700 unit for the car. the road directions are excellent. but it would not be good for geocaching. its main purpose from how its built is for driving directions. the voice is very nice also. he has the sd unit with out the harddrive and has a 3 or 4 state radius for 512 card. just my 2 cents
  11. excellent.. thats the info I was waiting to hear. it showing up yet for anybody????????? good luck
  12. was searching for a 12volt battery connector for my energizer ni-hm charger and ran across this digital camera battery recharger. has 12/wall plug plus has plug adapters for several countries.it would be nice to use when on cruises or flying over seas. its on crutchfields site. here's the link fuji film battery kit if the link doesn't work the item number: is 072XL05 price is 39.99 thought it looked like a good post for us battery users flir67------
  13. haven't heard much about the explorist xl llately has anybody recieved one and tested it out compared the the 1-500 series explorist. I know there was alot of discussion about it a while back. thanks in advance.
  14. happy thanksgiving to all... flir67-------------
  15. I have the explorist 600, u should try the solar power method. look on line for solar powered hats. people use them to charge their cell phone when walking, might sound dumb as all. but it could charge your unit on the move. i think you will need a solar unit that has at least 1000milla amps for the amperage drawb to chargit. coleman makes a nice solar powercenter for on the move. it has a removeable battery pack with a 5v usb connection on it. charge it up on the move during the day. use it at night for charging up the gps.
  16. thats very interesting forrest green, I wonder if they have the new firmware on those models compared to the grey ones.? hummm , but that is a good deal.
  17. target has the garmin etrex for 79.00 no mail in rebates either . 2 day sale only.friday and saturday. not sure if its online deal and/or in store deal. in store for sure.r rei has a few on sale, the garmin new forerunner 301 on sale 199.00 amazon has the etrex on sale for 88.00 but if you apply for the credit card get 30.00 instant so 58.00 not bad..... if u get it.also the explorist 200 is on sale thought these were worth a post. flir67--------
  18. just found a new solar unit that is a self recharging lithium-ion unit. it doesn't list what the power output is but looks promising for the explorist series if they will work. here's the link new soler lithium-power unit worth a post I thought. flir67-----------
  19. look on google, I accidentially ran across a site about a week ago with a guy that had the same request and made them and had them on his site. good luck if you look hard enough you will find it.
  20. I use a swiss brand backpack with a 3 liter water resevoir in it. it works great has a place in the shoulder pads for the hose and a place in the back for the hose to come out. check out bed,bath+beyond for one usually upfront. for 20.00
  21. I work on computer alot and have heard of this happening from hitting the eject button. sometimes a superfast cdrom drive will drop the cdrom on the drive tray before its completely stopped there by letting it spin in the carrage and getting it scratched. I haven't figure out what causes it, but I think its in the cdrom itself. my option try another cdrom player or computer to verify the problem and I'm betting it goes away. or try using the eject command up the drive in "My computer" , they do the same thing but differently on how it slows the cd down to eject. the button on the front being the worst in cases like this. just my 2 cents flir67-------------
  22. I had the same problem while using it with my sportrack color. as in the previous post. its off a old info. the wildest part if you have not noticed yet is lots of the highways are only marked going onway on the highway. I just order direct route and will soon see the new additions. If I should have waited for the new directroute cd that some have mentions with all the software on it . and all you do is just activite it over the net. flir67--------
  23. good post, the gps got her out of there, thats what counts the most.
  24. does anyone know how long testing will be before they bring the new gps satellite online. is it just how soon the testing will take or set to a certain time period wonder how many of us are going to run out side and turn on our gps'es to see if there's a new satellite signal by days end. flir67--------
  25. Uh, you might want to slow WAYYYY down and use your senses to drive in a situation like this and not rely on an electronic device that can fail. If not, you don't need a GPS but you might need a physician! I do slow down but if you can't see anything when it rolls in from the side your screwed either way
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