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  1. anybody know if magallan mapsend worldmap for magallen sportrak color shows detailed roads and such for countries in the caribbean, such as grand caymens, bahamas,jamica,etc. I haven't hear or seen any detailed maps for these areas. any input would be helpful. I looking for detailed maps of carribbean area for my sportrak color. thanks.
  2. I like my sportrak color really well. the only down fall to it is the serial connection and slow upload speeds, I'm about to buy a serial to usb converter soon. any body notice better speeds with the usb connector vs serial. thanks.
  3. I hope this is some helpful information about going abroad with gps devices. I just got back from a royal carribbean cruise on the navigator of the seas to the carribbean.flying with gps was no problem if anyone is still wondering I just put mine in my carry-on back pack and it went right through all the x-ray machines with no damage. customs leaving the united states didn't care either. they had the same x-ray machines the airport had so again it went right thought with no problem. same with the boat x-ray screeners to get on and off the boat. all went well. my magallen must have been scanned 6+ times just to get aboard the ship. airport-deport airport -arriving, port-departing, boat-boarding,etc. after all this my magallen gps unit worked flawlessly. out at sea it did take about 1 to 2 minutes to find it self again. much longer than I had to wait in the states. once aboard I fired up my magallan color sportrak gps and watched us set sail. once or twice the onboard boat tv gps system wasn't up to date and said we were in the middle of cozumel or else where so my gps device was very handy and keeping me up to date all the time. I used cog(course-over-ground) some as is what the crew used too. the navigator of the seas has a peek-boo bridge deck. you can see everything they do. and the equipment they use. as for onlookers, no one even cared I had it in my hand or took a second look. I did spot 1 other geocacher onboard wearing his geocaching t-shirt but I didn't bother him since he was eating breakfast with his family. none of the ports of call had any x-ray machines, just the cruise ship. just id checks so no problem there. just watch your back for backpak pic pockets,etc. on the way back miami was no joke , all shoes off and lots of random bag checks , on the way back into the states my bag caught a scanners attention since I had a lot more crap in it at miami airport and he took it off and they took swap samples from the zippers and sent the results to some machine right beside it( I guess to look for bomb ingredients or such), a few seconds later she said all was fine and to move along. I didn't use my gps device on the airplane flight. alots of laptops,cd players,mp3 cellphone players etc were being used, but no gps devices so I decided not to chance with it being confiscated. hope this info helps.
  4. how did u get 395.00 its now 415.00 ???? on its site..
  5. found a site that selling the 60cs for 401.00 link below.. http://www.planetgps2.net/store/customer/p...partner=froogle
  6. its not spam, I was just curious how many people listen to the radio while trail walking since I been thinking about doing it. actually those are really good responses and tips. thanks flir67
  7. does any body take their portable xm radio in the field geocaching. or for that matter have xm and use it geocaching? this site(link below) has a portable xm unit to make it a walkman and wonder if anybody uses it for music and geocachine. http://store.myradiostore.com/index.html enjoy flir67---------
  8. yeah no doubt about the ticks and lyme disease on the east coast, I just got bitten by a brown recluse spider 3 weeks ago in nc and had to go to the er for outpatient survery. now I have a hole in my leg half the size of a golf ball and over a month to heal. all this by wearing shorts on a recent cache. i was lucky to say the least... boots,pants,long sleeve shirts for sure next time. and ivy lotion. LOL------
  9. I use mine in the car as a speedometer and for distance while walking.
  10. I would not recommend hiking in sandels or shorts for that matter. I just got bit by a brown recluse spider on a geocache in nc while wearing shorts and got put out of work for week and a half. I recommend boots with heavyjeans and closures at the bottom of them. what if you step on a snake with those sandels your toast... just a tip from a person who's gotten bit..
  11. bestbuy has 3 frs/gmrs radios for 19.99 not a bad deal here's the link http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?j=...85&type=product
  12. best buy has 3 frs/gmrs radios for 24.99 2 audio vox hand helds along with wristwatch communicator. great for multi-person caching. heres the link http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?j=...85&type=product or just go to bestbuy.com and click under 2 way radios. enjoy flir67------------
  13. have similiar problem but only when pushing buttons at start up for quick pinpoint. then the unit restarts flir67-------------
  14. does any body have coordinates to some of public caves in the nc mountain areas. I would like to see some of them in the coming weeks. I know theirs laural caverns,etc but don't have any coordinates.. thanks flir67------------
  15. I have a magellan sport-trak color pro and I love it but the new 60cs looks better. but gpsstore said they were about the same size and now I want the new cs so bad due to the new color screen. can't wait till all the bugs are worked out... will be a very hard contender to beat mark-------------
  16. I had several problems too like with vers 5.0 with 4.5 it let showed my distant to target with that black line in the new version it barely works . the tracking dots are only visible about half the time the other half they just dissappear then reappear 10 seconds later. this sucks while driving at 55mph looking to see if you get off on this road or the next. also my unit will restart also if I push the buttons to fast , it will either restart or say "loading' then display the info.. kinda strange you know.
  17. did not think about not being able to enter cordinates.... I so use to that being the standard for today.. thanks anyways.
  18. has any body tried these to see if they are any good. they prices isn't too back and some have heart rate monitors and gps inlcuded in the wrist watch.. below is the link.. http://www.timex.com/bin/detail.tmx?item=048148539914#
  19. I used the walmart 2.99 silver cellphone holder that attaches to the air vents.. works perfect in my altima for my magallen sporttrack
  20. nc finn your right, its 800.00 now, I guess I'll just packit and see what happens. its maimi port of call. thanks everyone for the response.
  21. I'm going on a cruise this may and wondering does anybody know the securityrequirements for taking a gps device with me. the us customs site says that all items must be pre-registered at a customs office. before leaving or you will have to pay duty tax on it, if you don't have the orginal reciept. any more suggestions or problems going thorough security for cruises and other countries. I want to use my gps on the trips day trips through the cities. I e-mailed royal carribbean and got no response. thanks in advance
  22. I have the sport track pro for a couple of weeks now.no problems so far. my first unit. bought at gpsstore at ocean isle while on vacation. the magellan map software makes it a great car map navigator.
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