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  1. I have the magellan sportrak color. its great but others have mentioned it is hard to view in sunlight and they are right. if I had to buy a new mapping one I'd choose the garmin 60cs or the new etrex color vista. garmin has the best computer interface (usb) and the fastest download so I've heard. good luck
  2. how much do you think emergency workers and clean up crew will use gps after the hurricane? I 'm just curious to see how much gps will be used to mark locations needing the worst help and such things as powerlines down,etc. any rescuers planning to use it after major storms? when we had bad ice storms back a few years ago in nc. I set up a cell phone plan amoung all my friends and family and that way we could get messages to different people in different cities through one of us,since most cellphone towers have back generators.the ice storm knockd out all power and line based phone lines due to trees falling on the lines. people could do the same thing and implement gps positions with item reporting during hurricane clean up. u think thats a good idea orworthless? thanks in advance mark-------
  3. that happened to me once when I went exploring in some small town in the middle of nowwhere. I was following the map then it just stopped and everything started displaying wrong just like yours did. 2 hours later it came back on line. who knows what caused it.
  4. my friend got the navman gps model for his laptop. he's using ms streets and trips and it updates very fast but he's bound by it in the car and won't take it out on foot. plus it doesn't give all the info that a held hand would display at once.. my magellan sportrack updates slower but it really depends on your situation. I use mine for driving all the time and its perfect for me. I just zoom out to see the streets ahead when I need too.
  5. hay just check my magallen sportrak color and my says version 5.34, marine 1.08 after updating to 5.34 mine too said land or sea use. hum------
  6. I have a magellan sportrak color and use it for both the features you mentioned. mine works great for both. but most new roads and blvd, and city loops are not in the magellan series mapping software. i'd say 99.5% roads are on the map. the only bad feature is the memory holds only 21mb of maps I live in nc and that whill only cover 3/4 of the state and part of sc. I guess it depends on how big the city is for memory consumption. but over all not bad . definitely worth buying in my option. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/style_ima...p-964/icon1.gif
  7. I'm happy with the update thats what counts most. loving the 7epe range the best. this pastweek went geocaching and got within 10 feet of it. then stepped on a yellowjackets nest in the ground and I don't think my gps could keep up with me while running so fast. lucky no bites.and had deet 100% on.
  8. as 4X4 has said the location accuracy has increased also on mine. I used mine for about a week now and the epe is about 10-13' being the norm too. I also recently noticed that my location is sometimes off by 20-30 feet when its already pinpointed my direct location. for example when driving down the interstate it will show me in the woods) for about 30-1 minute at random times instead of on normal road or right beside it. it auto corrects itself after about 30 seconds then its all good. but it didn't use to do that before.
  9. hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my magellan sportrak color with a newer unit that has more functions and has multiple map prgrams for it with color detailmapping. the only thing I can think of is a ipaq pda. such as streets and trips, macnally,etc. does any body know of such a unit or small name company unit with a color screen I seen websites stating that the new color etrex is capabile of using nav man software and the usual mapsource. I just want more detailed maps. I have heard metro guide is really good. but have not had the option to test it out. thanks mark----
  10. oops I thought he said sportrak color not sportrak map.. my mistake
  11. I noticed several improvements which where more satellites signals being recieved and when u get the 4th satellite signal it stays on the satellite page instead of taking you directly to the map view page. mark----
  12. your software is version 3.00 your sportrak gps model is model 330 to completely different numbers so yes it should work fine. current software is 4.20a I think so it might be a little out dated Ithink mark-----
  13. ok waas works, it poped up after driving. epe is much better do to more satellites getting picked up. hardly goes above 16 epe when moving. usually around 10-13epe most of the time. mark--------
  14. hi, everyone just downloaded the new magellan sportrack color firmware upgrade from 5.09 I think to 5.34. and this is what I've noticed about the changes. 1. when the 4th satellite use to lock it would directly take to me the map screen. now it just stays on the satellite page. 2. noticed it locks on to alot more satellites than before. 3. the 1st screen with the coordinats and the epe feet above sea level etc. mine use to waas when it was locked on to it. now I've been using the new firmware for about 10 minutes and it has yet to say "waas on it" once it get to 16ft or below it says "averaging" and stays on it . then goes back to "epe **ft" outside the 16ft radius. any body else notice these things. I'm going to go out and drive around to see if averaging changes back to waas after a while. mark------
  15. thanks, I have no clue how big the magallen road mate is , it looks small but something thats a deception I guess. I guess I will stick with the my color gps and find direct route cheaper. thanks again mark-
  16. I know this sounds strange but has any one used the magellan road mate for geocaching or does anybody own with a comparsion with other color gps devices want to upgrad my magellan sporttrack color for a better mapping base system and bigger memory. such as a pocketpc or a roadmate. any suggestions? thanks in advance. flir67----
  17. just found a cool french gps website with allot of their devices from their country listed. llooked interesting so I thought I might pass the link along. enjoy. http://www.gpspassion.com/fr/Default.asp
  18. officemax has 2 5-mile gmrs radios for 20.00 look up uniden or item number #20395234 just a quick post, it will be great for those long geocaching trips or mulitpoint caches. I hope this was the right forum for this. it was a short supply sale I think
  19. go to walmart and buy a cheap cellphone holder model. I bought one of those 4.99 adjustable vent cellphone holders works great on my magellan sportrak color. look in the auto stereo section
  20. what kind of icons show up for in the city... parks,aquariums etc. I have the sportrack color with city streets, its worth its weight in gold if you need to find a alternate route in 5 oclock traffic. just zoom out and pick a route.
  21. thanks for the replies, I'm going to be buying it for a friends laptop. not my handheld unit.
  22. with so many units on the market its hard to decide which one is best performer vs. options. so lets see what everyone using. looking to buy one that has waas and uses microsoft and macnally software or more. any suggestions. usb only models please. thanks in advance.
  23. magellan sportrack color - absolutely love the contour and size of the unit.plus color.
  24. I'm wondering what fcc class is my magellan sportrack color for north america. I hear about class b being the most popular but its not listed anywhere in the manuel or on the device. any info would be helpful thanks in advance.
  25. do any of the mapsend maps show in detail the caribbean areas such as roads,etc on jamica, grand caymens, or nassua. thanks
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