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  1. Not only did it make it more practical in loading labs onto my car GPS, It also made it more SAFER. As some one who caches 99% of the time by myself, (so no one to navigate) I could load them and wouldn't even have to look at the app until after I got parked.
  2. Happy Birthday ! May all your caches be filled with great swag
  3. i really love these, gotta get me some when they are ready, add me to the list
  4. this is soooo good because not 15 minutes ago i finished watching the movie, not having too much time to dwell on it i guess my 5 would be: get a hole-in-one in golf bowl a perfect game play golf at St. Andrews visit the Grand Canyon own and run my own golf course
  5. also you can see the tracking number of the travel bug in his photo
  6. i'm on my 2nd Garmin GPS and have over 400 finds and havn't loaded a map to either one, just using them straight out of the box
  7. I have a TB Shirt i wear and i'm human, does that count ???????
  8. you going to Disney World ????????????????????????????????
  9. yep, the site is up and running. i ordered my 1st tag tonight
  10. Congrats !!! i'm right there with you, i hit 400 this past Sunday
  11. there is a big 3.5 ft flip flop TB called If the Shoe Fits we discovered at an event, i have a pic of it in my gallery under my profile. Its usually given to the LAST person who signs in at the event
  12. 100 or so miles from my home, i've gotta go do this cache
  13. Discover - yes just discovered but did not take from cache Retrieved - yes Grabbed - usually used when you grab it from someone and not the cache
  14. i just click on that map and then print just that page
  15. i usually do "some" searching and then if a come up empty, i look at the hint - if there is one, guess it does pay to have a palm and go paperless out in the field. is it cheating ? in my opinion - nope as a cache owner, well 1 hide, i do "want" people to find my cache
  16. i delete them right away after i record the find in my notebook usually when i get back to the car. why ? why do i need it anymore once i found it ? plus it clears up space on the gps. i do keep it on my palm for future reference and if someone else would need the info
  17. It is VERY difficult. I have one, but I pretty much reconstructed it from the broken off pieces. It held up for a couple of years, but its at home for repairs currently. A different, and MUCH easier cache of mine (now archived) was a plastic apple hung in a pine tree. The cache name? Why, Pineapple, of course! lmao, i did a cache simular that was a plastic pickle with the container inside hanging in an evergreen - very hard to spot
  18. Isn't that what they use to kill werewolves ??? i found one not too long ago that was a micro shaped just like a bullet with a flip open lid but it was clear
  19. Don't go over 64 characters, or you'll have a conflict with being able to log into the forums. And try to avoid special characters like & or < or >. try writing 64 characters on a nano log
  20. only ones listed are virtual caches, i think there is like 5 or 6
  21. be thankful it was only a dream, if you find enough nanos, it WILL come true,
  22. no problem, happy caching
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