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  1. i travel in california from San Fransisco down to tj . and i have a garmin ique 3600, that is a pda with gps. also i have a Triton 400. i have tried (unsuccessfully) to load geocaches from my area and surrounding with no good results i have tried for many many hours. i just want to get all the caches in california maybe 2 times a year and i will be happy. the only unit i successfully used for geocaching multiple caches is my old Magellan explorist 500 i am kinda SICK of spending more time on my computer trying to load caches than actually caching!!!
  2. is there a way of downloading all the caches in california without having to enter 1 zip code at a time
  3. HELP I NEED HELP!!!! i have been working with my ique 3600 for months and i just cant figure out how to do use cache mate and file converter. i have purchased it but that did not seem to work either and i got a subscription to geocaching.com but that did not work either. i need help! i live in los banos ca i just cant figure it out. if anyone is out there that can help. i need it me e mail is michaelandrade1213@gmail.com i think this is the 1st time i figured out how to wright a reply
  4. i told my daughter that there are invisible lines on the earth that gps satellites keep track of and the gpsr unit receives the information . than u need to explain radio and tv waves that are running all around the earth and through bodies and walls than teach about a compass and all the degrees of the compass
  5. u can buff it quite easily just use the buff kit that came with your dremill if it is bad use the red and white rouge.
  6. we have been trying for a week prob like 1 hour a day (OR MORE)to get cashes into my pda an ique 3600 RUNNING PALM OS . and i cant do it is there some one local that can help me!! my family and i love cashing(3 finds WOO HOO) . but we would like to get more, with-out the 1 hour prep time .and all just to get the cash in the pda. we live in the los banos merced area\ PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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