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  1. Will be upgrading to the PN-60 and am selling a PN-40 which is in perfect condition.Unit has had screen protector on it since new. Comes with everything that was in the box when new, including Topo USA 8.0. Also included in sale is Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, an 8gb class 6 SD card, DeLorme case for PN-40,and a Ram Mount cradle for PN-40. Asking $250.00 shipped to continental USA. Will accept PayPal or Postal Money Orders.
  2. I have an Oregon 300 and have been using Duracell 2650mAh rechargeable batteries. I'm very pleased with their performance so far. They are fairly new and I hope they stay this strong for a couple of years. Anyway I've been real happy with the Duracells so far. Work great.
  3. THANKS!! But, as tempting as that offer is, I am more than happy to send my money to DeLorme. Not sure if tis offer is with DeLorme's permission... J&R is an excellent company to deal with. I have bought from them several times and have had no problems. They have a no questions asked 30 day return policy on most items. ( which I have used lately.) I would not hesitate to buy the subscription from them. Thanks to cliptwings for the heads-up on a good deal for those of us that may want a map subscription.
  4. You made a good decision buying the PN-40. It is a great GPSr for geocaching, especially with aerial photos loaded on it. I guess I'd have to say I love mine to. Good luck geocaching.
  5. What Topo maps are installed? Magellan or AccuTerra, and what scale (1:24,000 or 1:100,000). Does the Triton 1500 do paperless geocaching. Can you downloada Pocket Query's directly to the 1500? Thanks for any info you can supply.
  6. My Oregon 300 with 3.10 update has the same problem. When out geocaching, even under light tree cover, the compass and distance to cache jump all over the place. Hope Garmin can fix this problem soon or I'm going to sell the Oregon and get a Lowrance Endura.
  7. I'm trying out a Oregon 300. Not very happy with this unit either, when under tree cover and geocaching. Compass seems to go crazy when you get close to the cache. (using software v. 3.10 and compass calibrated).I looked at a Lowrance Endura Out & Back yesterday at a local store and was very impressed. Nice bright screen and good feature set. If it works well under tree cover, I will go with it. I have had two Lowrance models before and loved them. They seem to be less flakey than Garmin units. (Don't have or need constant updates to software and hardware).
  8. The Nuvi is a great auto GPS. However, I just returned a Nuvi 500. It worked great in the car, but not so good under tree cover when geocaching. The compass was all over the place. Not very good reception under tree cover, otherwise a good unit out in open areas.
  9. I use Garmin POI loader. It gives you the choice to add or delete geocaches from your unit. Works great on my Nuvi 250.
  10. One thing that really attracted me to the Colorado was the fact that the unit was smaller than the GPS Map 60 CX but the screen was bigger. Making the unit just slightly bigger than the screen itself is key. Than you can keep the unit small for carrying outdoors.
  11. I have owned Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance units. They all worked well, but lacked good topo maps. My last GPS was a PN-20, which I liked so well, that after only four months of use, I've traded up to the new PN-40. The Delorme topo maps are the best, and then add USGS maps, and air photos to the mix, for a very useful device in the great outdoors. Also, I now can do paperless caching. Plus you get top notch service from Delorme.
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