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  1. o.k. so the other day I decided I wanted to start a geocoin collection. I went on ebay and won a bid on o cool cool. It was about 10$. I'm not sure what its name is, but its a cache in an oyster and on the back it has the tracking number and it says June 2006. I have sveral questions about it. 1.did I get a get a good deal? 2.was I ripped off? 3.is it rare? 4.is it worth a lot?
  2. I always hear about them, but how do you get them?
  3. I'm just wondering if theres any 5/5's in georgia because i've searched but come up with nothing.
  4. i am flawed in many ways,but probably my biggest screw up was in the grand canyon ,before i knew what a mystery coin was.me and my dad were caching, and we found a coin that wasn't logged. we left it there and drove on to las vegas.not two days later, back in atlanta, did i find out what a mystery coin was.
  5. im coming from the southeast.i would make these coins travel like this:3 in seperate events; 2 in seperate caches
  6. how do you win them from cointests?
  7. ok so,im kinda new to geocaching and i've never looked at the forums before.BUT when i did i saw all this stuff about cointests and mystery coins and i would like to know what its all about. thanks
  8. hi i just learned what a mystery coin is today and i would like a chance to get one
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