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  1. If I open "View past Trackables", how can I tell which (and how many) of the logs are drops and which are visits? Not necessarily directed to you, Mr. Dolphin. I just quoted your post in this old thread for relevant reference.
  2. I was just saying that there's a difference of forbidding not to take trackables and asking not to leave them. I understand of course that neither can be an ALR. Also I meant that CO does not wish that TB hotel is empty, because then it's pointless cache. He/she may not also want huge inventory. Again, this is something you can wish for and I totally understand it, but you as a cacher are not obliged to obey. Slightly off topic: I used to put place some swag in my cache so it would not look so empty. Apparently, people either liked those items or removed them as rubbish, because every time I visited the cache, there was nothing left but the logbook. So I just quit doing that . Lesson learned,: cachers don't always act like you wish them to. As for me, I almost never carry more than one TB at a time. If I see one and I have one with me I swap. It all depends on TB's goal and the safety/loneliness of the cache.
  3. Maybe you should search for earthcaches that have difficulty 5 rating? I understood it so that people dislike more of the ECs that require mind reading skills to be answered "correctly"
  4. Last spring I opened one cache and spent couple of hours waiting for it to try. I didn't dare to leave it open (to come back next day, for example) because showers could be quite unpredictable there. Once I get my caching gear sorted, I was thinking of including a small gas cooker so I could try to dry a cache more quickly. Has anyone tried that?
  5. Former farmland where they've planted a dense crop of identical trees about your height. It's winter so you would not know the difference anyway. Hint: beech I have seen some of those "under rock" hints where there's nothing but rocks. One such cache was actually named "field of rocks". I took that as a caching equivalent of middle finger (but I found it nevertheless).
  6. Asking cachers not to take TBs is just wrong and those COs should be reminded that they don't actually own the trackables. However, asking cachers not to leave trackables unless they are prepared to also take one with them (if available) would in my opinion be perfectly proper. I can understand that these COs want to keep cache inventory tidy so that there's always are manageable number of trackables available. Possibly, they also run warehouse inventory as a profession.
  7. I don't mind visiting EC, they are always at worthwhile spots.However, there's usually a traditional cache or multi next to it so I can't say which one took me there. I don't like logging caches in general so I surely prefer tradis for logging. ECs feel like taking an exam. The ones I have done were hovering between D 1.5 - 2, but I consider D3 mysteries less work. I have logged 4 EC's so far and a few that was rejected either by CO or by self-critisism.
  8. You are right. What I meant that they were not traveling on someone's pocket, but were actually searchable by anyone who was fast enough -- Competition was fierce, these were much coveted caches with hundreds of FPs. I read the logs and the first one was indeed hidden to new place (not a cache) and coordinates posted in the logs. However, second one was a special case. It was designed to be a parasite so it would only go from cache to cache ("Hirvikärpänen" is a parasitic fly that is slowly spreading across this country). That's why it got the GC attached to it, as a joke, so it would have a parasite of it's own. So it was in fact bending the rules a little if there was any rules back in 2003. Also, I don't know what the rule book say about permanently attaching your trackable on someone else's cache or TB. You'd surely have to ask the owner's permission. I have seen mystery caches were the coordinates are either written on a trackable or are to be found in an unlisted wandering cache, whose coordinates are published in the logs. These work like the traveling caches we had, but of course the actual (final) cache is at a fixed position. BTW does anyone have idea how many traveling caches were released originally? I would think they get lost more often than trackables because mistakes made when posting new coordinates. I'm surprised 100 survived for 15 years. However, judging from the fate of Hirvikärpänen they are not going to last long out there as trackables. Soneone will want them in their collection, a piece of caching history. Also, a chance of grabbing a loose geocoin at the same time does not help.
  9. I think there were two in my country, going from cache to cache as they should. One of them was converted to TB and is now in the hands of the original owner as TB8DWQX. The other was also converted but in an interesting way: A cacher had glued a geocoin to the traveling cache, so it would go where ever the cache goes, When the traveling cache got archived and locked while it was hibernating in a remote host cache, the owner changed the name of the GC. As a result, the traveling cache is forced to move with the GC, that has assumed it's former "identity". Unfortunately, the combo now appears to be lost... I had the travelling cache on watch but never got a chance to log it. The image of it can be found at the GC page TB58PQH As you can see, it's just a normal looking cache container with a log book inside.
  10. My bad, I misunderstood valid to mean correct. Still if I type coordinates as say 60° 58' and want to try 5 min more,for some reason, I can just type 60° 63' and the program will correct it to 61° 03'. At least the correct coordinates seems to work this way. However, if I subtract back to 61° -02' it just ignores the minus sign. Not working logically there.
  11. Okay, I got it wrong. Someone sees a new cache and claims FTF because he's already logged another cache a few miles off, maybe even in the same forest. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. My interpretation after reading this several times is that he/she found the cache and realized he has already logged this long time ago in another location. Perhaps the cache has moved or it's logbook has somehow migrated into another cache. It is also possible he/she don't know what FTF means.
  13. If you make mistake in any decimal, you don't have valid coordinates. IMO it's better to make a big mistake so it's easier to detect. Even better if the program or application tells you so upfront. I would think any program works internally with decimal degrees so if your input has two or three numbers of input per lat/long, then it just assumes the 2nd and 3rd are in base 60 and convert them accordingly. They might even be negative.
  14. If the add favorite function was there a long time ago, I wouldn't know about it. I've been PM only a couple of years. Now that I think of it, if there was the same tick box, then you should also be able to remove your FP by using the log edit. This could be the reason it is not there even though the form is otherwise the same. By the way I find it weird that if I open "Manage Favorites" on the right hand side of my page, I get a list where I can remove caches from the favorites list (and this presumably also removes one point from the cache page) but not add them in a simple way. Therein is a further link "View your Found Caches to Award Favorites" but this only opens a list where you can only open the cache page and add the favorite there one by one. There is also "visit log" link at the end of every line, but as we already know you can't add FP via this route. It would be handy if you could just mark the caches you want to award and press submit.
  15. Must be a false memory then. It took me awhile to learn how to add a favorite afterwards and could have sworn there were two ways to do it. TBH, I never grasped the difference between "Post a New Log" and "Editing a Log Entry" other than that the latter does not send a notification. The appearance is exactly the same except for the missing favorite box, so that may explain my confusion. I'm still using the old version, why change.
  16. I just realized that if I click the number after "Add Favorite" (remaining fp's) then I'm just directed to the favorites list without the fp being added. Apparently, you have to click the text to succeed. Also, I notice that when I open my old log for editing, the "add to your favorites" box is not there anymore. I'm pretty sure it used to be there.
  17. I know it's old question but yes, this happened to me once. It was bit of a shock and put me off caching for some time. I was heading toward a cache and decided to shortcut through a small urban forest. It was suspiciously empty of caches and I went in to see if I can't BF a cache there, because there is a lot of mystery caches in that area. I noticed someone standing by a group of small trees reaching up. I naturally thought that's another cacher, so I made little noise to no response. As I approached I noticed yikes, that's a body and it's not a hand going up that tree. I don't know what would have happened if I didn't go there. The closest cache (the one I was heading to) was couple hundred meters away so probably not many go in that isolated patch of woods and have a look around. The body could have been gone for weeks until found. It was wintertime. Strangest thing was, I went to this skeleton cache right after this. It had lots of FP's but I was not amused. Luckily, I knew what to expect so I didn't freak up.
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