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  1. Hello! I have found an entire box with Geocoins inside, it was left behind on a train here in the south of Sweden. I was hoping for advice what to do with them, unless the owner happens to read this post, so the coins can be returned to the rightfull owner (after a proper description of the box and the coins inside! ). I am new to geocaching and I'm not familiar with how geocoins work. What I have understood they are supposed to be passed on from geocache to geocache, or might these be some sort of collectables for the owner? If it's not too much to ask here in this post, I'd love some information about how I pass them on from a geocache (cause all I have found this far has only been tiny ones with loggs in them - no room for a coin!) So, priority is to find the rightfull owner, otherwise I will try to pass them on. Kind regards, Rhythm86
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