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  1. I know there is a solution to this but cannot remember it: the waypoint number in my Garmin Etrex Legend HCx 'Mark Waypoint' screen is incrementing over time. How do I reset it to '001'? Solved: Change current waypoint number offered to 999 and 'OK' it. The next one offered in the 'Mark Waypoint' screen is 001.
  2. For further information on OpenStreetMap and adding it to aGPSr, see my posts 11 and 15 in a recent topic, "Garmin eTrex Legend HCx" at http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=266824
  3. stavvy, I am in UK, too, and have used the routing maps from TalkyToaster for some time. My thanks to Martin Overton for providing that excellent facility. I overlay the routing maps on my Legend HCx with transparent non-routing maps created from mkgmap, incorporating my own .typ file to replicate the appearance of roads and tracks with which we are most familiar in this country. For this, my thanks go to Charlie Ferrero and his excellent tutorials on the subject. I should not have been able to achieve that without his guiding hand.
  4. Queenyb, Regarding your second request for information about OpenStreetMap and loading maps to your Legend HCx: Create an account with OpenStreetMap at http://www.openstreetmap.org/index.html if you haven't already done so. Next, go to http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php Check the box alongside 'Choose a predefined country and/or enable manual tile selection:'. Select map tiles covering the area your require by using the continental drop-down lists or zooming into the map and left-clicking your pointer. The selected tile(s) will change to a darker blue. I suggest you select one tile or area in the first instance as a trial: the response and data file transfer times will be quicker. A box for your email address and a list of selected tiles will appear. Enter your email address and click the box 'Build my map'. In due course - it could be a matter of a few hours or much longer - you will receive an email containing a web link. Clicking on that link will take you to a page that lists four different configurations. You require the gmapsupp.img file. You will find this information and much more described on the website itself and the links it offers. Copy the gmapsupp.img file to your computer. With your microSD card inserted, start your Legend HCx and connect it to your computer. Through Main Menu>Setup>Interface> press the joystick with USB Mass Storage highlighted in yellow. A window should display on your computer that shows your microSD card as a removable drive. My card already has a folder named 'Garmin'. Create such a folder if it is not already present. Drag and drop or copy and paste the gmapsupp.img file you saved into the 'Garmin' folder. Your Legend HCx should indicate 'Transferring Data' at the foot of the screen. Your map should be visible when the data transfer is complete. Please note for all occasions: any existing .gmapsupp.img file will be overwritten when you carry out this task. Additional notes: I use Img2Gps (http://www.img2gps.co.cc/) to copy my files. The advantage of using this, as you might later find, is that it will allow several files such as a gmapsupp.img, a set of contours and a .typ file all to be loaded at one time to your Legend HCx. http://forum.openstreetmap.org/ is a useful site. Refer to 'Questions and Answers' and 'Garmin Maps'. Lambertus maintains the site that allows your OSM selection. You should find much to interest you there. I hope this helps you and good luck!
  5. My son bought a Garmin Legend HCx recently; I bought mine three years ago. In setting up his unit to match mine, I noticed a big difference in the depth of colour between the two; my older unit has much more - his looks washed out in comparison. This has nothing to do with the brightness level. I wonder whether any other users have similar experiences. Further, my unit continues to display the Garmin logo and desktop computer image when 'USB Mass Storage' has been selected, whereas his displays it momentarily then changes to a blank screen. I have never changed my 'Software Version': it remains as Software Version 2.30/GPS Software Version 2.30. His is Software Version 3.30/GPS Software Version 2.90. I should welcome anyone's input into these issues.
  6. I have found what I believe to be a wholly satisfatcory outcome to my many searches for a suitable car air vent mount to hold my Garmin Legend HCx, which I should like to share. I discovered the range of Herbert Richter German-made holders and car air vent mounts that are primarily for PDAs and mobile 'phones. The arrangement I chose is in two parts: 1. The holder. There are various models to choose from. I settled on Mini Gripper 3, model number 1230. It is perfect for the Legend: the back support of the holder at 90 millimetres long stops conveniently short of the USB connector port on the back of the Legend; with the feet of the holder moved from one end to the other, all side buttons of the Legend are unhindered by the side grips of the holder 2. The car air vent mount. My choice was the swivel mount, model number 1546. The two parts fit clip to gether so easily and the resulting unit fits very neatly and unobtrusively to the car air vent. I cannot praise the ingenuity and workmanship of these items too highly. I should be most happy to provide further information to anyone who is interested. Finally, a piece of advice for UK purchasers: search thoroughly for these items - there are wide-ranging prices. I have tried unsuccessfully to display images of the setup in my car, even with the help of 'Adding a Picture to a Forum Post'. I should appreciate what further assistance anyone can offer.
  7. Has anyone had any success in purchasing a car air vent mount suitable for a Legend HCx?
  8. Once again, while travelling by car today, my Legend HCx decided to shut down. I have it connected to the cigarette lighter and most of the time it is OK - it might not happen at all on both outward and return journeys of up to three hundred miles each, or just once one way as today on a journey of eighty miles. I cannot see any reason for it: even if the engine is switched off, the GPSr should remain on and simply bleep and give a message to state that external power is lost, but this happened as I was driving. My Track Setup when driving is set to 'Auto', the Interval today was 'More Often', 'Wrap When Full' is checked and the Track Log registered 21%. I only lost about two minutes on this journey before I realised and was able to switch the GPSr on again, but on other occasions it has been for much longer. It is somehat frustrating, because I do like to record my car journeys and walks, though I cannot remember whether this has happened while I have been walking, and so using the batteries only. Has anyone else had this issue and is there any solution?
  9. Over time, I have read several posts recommending http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi. I have visited the site out of curiosity but never used it; I have always used Cypherman's GenTyp, which works well for me. But I shall certainly give it a try for comparative purposes.
  10. My reference to the cGPSmapper manual guided me to the solution: the answer does appear to lie with entering both daytime and nighttime details into the .typ file. Here is the example from my .txt file: [_line] Type=0x16 XPM="32 2 4 1" ". c #009900" "X c none" "3 c #009900" "4 c none" ".....XXX.....XXX.....XXX.....XXX" ".....XXX.....XXX.....XXX.....XXX" [end] [_line] Type=0x0a XPM="32 2 4 1" ". c #999999" "X c none" "3 c #999999" "4 c none" "............XXXX............XXXX" "............XXXX............XXXX" [end]
  11. Looking at my GPS in daytime, against what I saw when I first created the TYP yesterday evening, I think this issue possibly relates to daytime/nighttime colours. I shall investigate further today.
  12. I have compiled a TYP file of customised road line widths and colours and loaded it with its OpenStreetMap gmapsupp.img to my Legend HCx. The resulting display is just as it should be. I ventured further to add dashed lines to represent footpaths and tracks. The result is only half successful: the dashes and line widths display correctly, but the colour of the dash always appears white, whatever hex code I have used so far. Here is an extract from the .txt file: [_line] Type=0x16 XPM="32 2 2 1" ". c #009900" "X c none" ".....XXX.....XXX.....XXX.....XXX" ".....XXX.....XXX.....XXX.....XXX" [end] [_line] Type=0x0a XPM="32 2 2 1" ". c #999999" "X c none" "............XXXX............XXXX" "............XXXX............XXXX" [end] I wonder if anyone can throw any light on what might be wrong?
  13. I thank you all for your useful information.
  14. I have read numerous times reference to a 'D' appearing in the signal bars on the satellite page of GPSRs if WAAS/EGNOS is enabled. Is this still something that displays? I have 'Normal' mode selected in my Legend setup and WAAS/EGNOS enabled, but have never seen the 'D' as far as I can remember. I am in the United Kingdom.
  15. Thanks, Orion84, your first suggestion does, indeed, help. I must remember that.
  16. Ken, I readily take on board your alternative method. The removal of a waypoint was an extreme example. Even to display waypoint details requires the first four steps. It would be so nice to find fewer moves required to waypoint details incorporated into a future update. Is the process the same for the later Oregon, for example?
  17. It fascinates me to wonder how much more I do not know about my Legend whenever I hit upon something new, as I still do (I have had my Legend for nearly two years). I was idly playing with a route in the map window recently. I discovered that a route leg changed from its default purple to a purple pecked line on white/outlined purple when the cursor arrow hovered over it. Not only that, but on that occasion (I have been unable to repeat it so far since*) 'ADD' appeared next to the arrow, and I found I was able to move the route leg from the point at which the arrow was situated (I believe). I should dearly like to know to what use other enthusiasts put this facility, and are there other editing actions that can be carried out on the map display? I purchased a very useful publication at the same time as my Legend, 'Getting to Grips with GPS', which I found excellent as a beginner. How it cries out for a comprehensive manual to be written, though. *Press joystick briefly
  18. To work with the Waypoints display in my Legend seems a lengthy process sometimes. If I wish to delete/remove several waypoints that cannot be removed by Menu>Delete...>Used Symbols because I wish to be more selective, I find myself carrying out the following involved operation: 1. Use joystick to move highlight from 'A' to 'OK' in Waypoint display (seven moves) 2. Click'OK' 3. Scroll to waypoint to be removed 4. Press joystick to display particular waypoint 5. Use joystick to move highlight from 'Go To' to 'Delete' (two moves) 6. Press 'Delete' 7. Press 'Yes' when prompted by, "Do you really want to delete waypoint .....?" This seems to involve a lot of work just to delete one waypoint, let alone several. Am I correct, or is there a way in which the Legend can be set up to reduce the number of steps? If I am right, is it something that bothers other users, too?
  19. Motorcycle Mama and Ken I have just now renamed EA01 to EA14, E01 to E14. Transferred both route and waypoints to my Legend. The waypoints in the route display read correctly as E01 to E14. Deleted all routes and waypoints. Renamed E01 to E14, EA01 to EA14. Transferred both route and waypoints to my Legend. The waypoints in the route display read correctly as EA01 to EA14! It's too late now, but I do wonder whether the fault lay with the original route created in MapSource, that changing the waypoint names has nothing to with it and whether, if I had simply deleted the route and recreated it, that would have solved the problem. Time to close this issue, I think! I thank you both for your input.
  20. Motorcycle Mama Under 'What To Send' when transferring data in MapSource, both Waypoints and Routes boxes are automatically checked, and that is how I believe I would have previously transferred the data without a problem. However, wondering whether that did cause the duplication in this instance, I subsequently transferred the route only. The result is still EA011 for EA01. Ken Waypoints added manually in my Legend to create a new route display correctly as EA01, for example.
  21. Motorcycle Mama I have done the best I know to remove everything through Waypoints>Delete...>All Symbols and Route>Remove All. I have just repeated the exercise before replying and the result is the same. I do accept what you say, however. I can quite understand the digit being added because EA01, for example, exists already. Yet the waypoints themselves are seen as EA01; it is only when viewed in route form, either in the route's waypoints list or on the map, that the extra digit is seen.
  22. I have successfully transferred routes and waypoints from MapSource to my LegendHCx numerous times without issue. Now I have a new series of waypoints named EA01 to EA14 from which I created a route using Edit>New Route using Selected Waypoint(s) in MapSource and transferred to my Legend. On this occasion, although the transferred waypoints are identified as EA01, etc. in my Legend, the route displays them as EA011 to EA141, adding the numeral 1 in each case. In order to ensure there is no conflict from other routes or proximity alarms, I have cleared my Legend of all waypooints, routes and proximity alarms before freshly transferring this route. The result is the same. What is going on?
  23. I thank you, jmundinger, for your patience to fully explain the chipset installation process.
  24. jmundinger: I have downloaded the software version file eTrexLegendHCx_280.exe and the chipset version file GPSChipsetTypeM2_RegionFile__250.rgn to My Downloads in my PC. Now I don't understand how to install the chipset version file to my GPSr: its file type is presented as 'Garmin MapSource POI map'. While on the subject, one thing that has always mystified me when reading posts, is the associated chipset version: what is its impact? My Legend HCx states, 'Software Version 2.30' and 'GPS SW Version 2.30'. Which is the chipset version? On another note: I have read posts about obtaining chipset and other information by holding down the joystick then pressing the power button. I seem to have limited success with this. I managed to obtain the display yesterday evening after a few attempts, but have been unsuccessful today. Is there a knack to this operation?
  25. Thanks, jmundinger. I see now at http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3707 the following improvement was made in software version 2.40: 'Changed odometer calculation to more closely match track log distance.' A further improvement '◦Improve distance calculation in odometer.' was made in 2.70. I have not updated my Legend HCx from its original 2.30 because, until now, I was satisified with its performance, and have read numerous scare stories in this forum regarding certain updates.
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