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  1. Hello BigD! so you send them out? I haven't received anything yet for the april fools 2017... actually.. not even my april fools 2016 that |I had won... strange.... maybe it was lost in the mail or in the customs office?
  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  3. hahahahahaha Secret society of foolishness and I have a rank in there!!! I already have 3 april fool's coins and I think.. I won the fourth!! hahahahahahaha I am high ranked fool!!! oups!!! :blink: :blink: :laughing: :laughing:
  4. how is everybody??? I missed you guys!! Hey BigD? how are you my friend???
  5. happy april fools!!!! I always come here for this game!!! I am called a fool.. and I like it! :laughing: hhmmm... shall I say that to my doctor? :laughing:
  6. WOW!!!!! nice origami coin!!!! and what a story!!!! congratulations my friends!!!
  7. wow!!! nice coin!!!! congrats to al who received it!!!
  8. my foolish price arrived today too!!! WOW!!! nicely made!!! thank you so much my dear friend for all!!
  9. How have you been Nikos? We've missed you! I've missed you all too my dear LB! things have come upsidedown in my life and most of the changes were not good ones.. so I got lost from the forum... sorry! I do all the housework now.. and cooking..(my mother died) plus that I am a student again... to take my diplom as a museum guard! the lessons are way too difficult.. but... oh and I am also an uncle of twin girls! hahahahaha
  10. so???? anyone? is this game still on?
  11. happy April fools Day!!! Hey BigD, how are you my friend? How is Emma?
  12. wow!!!! Super mystery coin for sure!!! congratulations my friend!!!
  13. excellent job my friend!!!! yes... the red-gold one is... amazing!! hmm.. will you have a blue- silvr version too? Minoans probably had a strong navy! they didn't have any walls to protect their cities (knossos was the biggest one and its king was the strongest), probably because they were not afraid anyone! their nave was protecting the island! lovely Greek theme coin!
  14. WOW!!! I have just entered in the forum and saw that!!! Congratulations my friend!!!! I am so happy for both of you!!!!! It is so nice for me to hear really good news this year...
  15. congrats to the lucky receivers! you deserve it my friends!
  16. hmm... I do not see it 100% round.... it lloks quite interesting!
  17. Hello Nikos, yes they are proxies of the metal coins. Ok the coins are fantastic.... but I really adore the proxy one!!! why they didn't make a version like that of a normal witch coin in acryllic? it looks...huh :wub: :wub: hmmmm.... maybe in 2015???
  18. Nice!!! are the red ones proxy valpurgis coins? they are lovely!!!!
  19. Hello Lara!! I am here.. there were just too many things and problems to deal with and didn't leave me a lot of time for fun... actually so far in 2014... things are not very good... things in my life changed in a sudden way that I was not expecting.. and... now I am trying to stand up again.. anyway... what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... huh.. I hope this is true otherwise... I am also active in other forums that has to do with coins and banknotes (paper money), medals, tokens..., that I also collect.. too many need help in things that happens to know... so... but I enjoy helping others so.. Heather (please call me Nikos), I am still a cointest fanatic! hahahaha not many are in but it is normal..
  20. Heather??? (do I remember your name well?) is that you??? Wellcome back my dear friend!!! Oh... and.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I think I saw something... somewere... about this special day.... Am I correct?? hahahahaha Hey... you have these metal disks??? interesting!! you have extra fr trades from all your 3 designs or you also have other doubles? WOW!! your children and now 7 and 4 years old?? WOW!!! time passes!
  21. WOW!!! amazing coin!!!! I love it!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: especially the shiny gold with the colours.. (with the red...) huh.... I have fallen in love! hahahahaha it is so real!!!
  22. WOW!!!!!! wht a beautiful coin!!!!!! of course I love forest... and I am proud for helping taking out some big fires here in Rhodes, when I was in the army! in these fires.. I had seen bad and sad things but I have also seen the power of nature too! Well done mystican greenman!! it is an amazing design my friend!
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