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  1. I love collecting new countries and US states. So far, I've gotten 13 countries and 18 US states (19 if you count DC...). For several years, I've been a leader with People to People Student Ambassador programs and have taken high school students overseas. I'd always manage to find some time to run out and find a cache...free time before dinner, time in a park, during a walking tour, etc. This past year, geocaching was actually a planned activity on our tour and I got to pick up a cache in Austria without having to sneak off for it. I also picked up Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium on that trip. A week after I returned from this past summer's P2P trip, I turned around and went back to Europe for a personal trip that took me back to Austria (picked up more caches in Vienna), the Czech Republic, and a long layover in Turkey. I loved caching in Prague...some really aweseme Wherigo caches there that take you all over the city. Also, Istanbul was incredible...I found a cache on both the European side and Asian side, but depending on which tool you're looking at both caches are either listed in Europe or in Asia, as opposed to one each. In the US, I picked up Florida, Georgia, and Alabama this year thanks to a couple of mega events (GeoWoodstock in Florida and Going Caching in Georgia). For 2014, I'm planning on picking up Illinois, Missouri, and Washington states...with possible side trips up to Canada and Alaska!
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