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  1. I had a chance to find the cache that Team Jsam hid -- there are some fantastic wooden nickels out there! A round of applause for all who donated, and to Jsam for the hide!
  2. My Idaho Geocachers Organization 2006 coins are here (and look great). I have a few extras that are available for trade. SkinGuy
  3. Yee - Ha! Finally arrived! Thanks LFD!
  4. I'm interested in pretty much any coin that I don't already have... Here is a list of coins I'm more than happy to trade. Please email through gc.com if you are interested in trading. SkinGuy Iowa 2005 DHenninger Sunshine Gang Wildwood Bob and the Moose Caching around the world (neilsenc) Happy Thanksgiving (silver and bronze) KevinG68 PDXGeocaching JoelMart donbadabon Opticsboy Federation California 2005 Thanks!
  5. I'm Brian -- and so's my wife! Uhh... sorry...
  6. Lemon Fresh Dog -- Great idea for the coins! If possible, I'd like to order three of them. Please let me know how to get payment to you after that has been calculated. Thanks! Chris "SkinGuy" BTW -- I tried to send you this as an email through GC.com, and it kept getting bounced back to me.
  7. As a dermatologist, I feel obligated to chip in... Wash it off. Wash the clothes. If the rash starts, see a physician. There is very little that you can get without a prescription that is effective. As stated earlier, the fluid in the blisters will NOT spread the poison ivy/rash. Contrary to what was stated earlier, the urushiol (the oil in poison ivy which causes the allergic reaction) will not be absorbed into the bloodstream. The rash may appear at different times in different locations based on the amount and/or concentration of urushiol which contacts the skin. SkinGuy
  8. ...or, if you are somehow bothered by having a DNF to your credit, you could change your DNF to a note -- after the cache owner confirms that the cache is gone.
  9. T: ammo can. L: tupperware. Thanks for the cache! (actual online log)
  10. I leave a signature token in quite a few caches that I find. The hope is that someone will come along and get it, rather than have it just sit...
  11. Did it. Enjoyed it. Made the world a slightly better place, if only for a while...
  12. This weekend a group of cachers is having a get-together for the express purpose of solving a few of the my yet-unsolved puzzle caches. As the cache hider, I think it's great -- pizza and beverages, and spending part of the evening with a group of great caching folks! It's all about having fun!
  13. CoyoteRed wrote: I would humbly suggest that you missed RK's point. Whatever your standards for "crappy" or "lame" might be, there will certainly be some cache that fits them. When you find this cache (and you will...), you can choose to respond to it in a variety of different ways. Some of these responses (as RK points out) are creative, constructive, and fun. Some (unfortunately popular) are whining... If you aren't having fun, ask yourself "Why?" If you can use this to make the experience enjoyable, then do it! (and with a grin on your face!) If you can't -- then walk away. Well said.
  14. It seems to me more a puzzle cache than a joke... Just a guess.
  15. I had mine made by the Token Factory (available online). I was very happy with the entire transaction.
  16. I leave my tokens as a signature item in caches that I find. Usually they are marked with the find date. They are free for the taking -- some folks collect signature items.
  17. Rather than eliminate the power of the original poster to close their own topic (and re-open it if desired), could "closure" be split into two types? A. Moderator closed. The topic is closed, and the original poster does not have the ability to re-open it. B. Poster closed. The topic is closed, but the original poster (or moderator?) has the ability to re-open it if desired. I'm not computer-savvy enough to know if adding this feature is a large or small endeavor, but thought that I'd throw it out for discussion. BTW -- nice to see that the powers that be pay attention to suggestions in this forum!
  18. In the past few weeks there have been several forum topics locked by moderators that have then been unlocked by the initial poster for a "last word" post. There have been terse replies from the moderators that, IMHO, although correct, may cause some hard feelings. Would it be possible or advisable to have topics locked (by moderators) in such a way that the original poster would be unable to unlock the topic? If the original poster was the one who locked the topic, then such a restriction may not be applicable. Just a suggestion...
  19. I've also had geotokens made by the Token Factory (link posted above somewhere...). For 500 tokens, it was around $120 -- that was with poker-chip sized tokens, and two different designs. I found them very easy to work with -- and the tokens were exactly as expected. SkinGuy
  20. My caches have been approved by MT Fellwalker. We've had a couple of minor disagreements (settled without problem), but I've always found him helpful and quick. No complaints from me at all -- keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do! SkinGuy
  21. Saw one a year ago that had been found by muggles, and apparently used as a hiding place for their stash. The log read: (geocacher-sounding name) Took: weed Left: quickly.
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