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  1. It seems that there is a generous spirit among the geocaching community -- thanks to everyone who participated in the Christmas fun!


    Twenty SkinGuy coins were mailed out this morning. If you think that you were "on the list" and you don't receive a coin shortly, please let me know.


    Have a great 2007 on the trail!




  2. To the caching community: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and the best to you and yours!


    Since there isn't a way to get individual greetings to each and every cacher, we'll try the next best thing:


    The first 10 or so cachers who send me their address through GC.com will be getting a SkinGuy geocoin -- for the low, low price of nothing but Christmas wishes (directed wherever you choose).


    I've got 10 or so coins and mailers ready to go. Send your address, hug your family, admire the falling snow, kiss someone under the mistletoe -- and have a truly wonderful holiday!




  3. The coins ordered so far are all mailed. There are silver coins still available to order.


    I have a few of the gold coins and the silver coins available for trading, if anyone is interested. I'll trade for any desirable coin -- desirable meaning any one that I don't have already...



  4. The gold coins are sold out -- there may be a few for trades later.


    There are still silver coins for sale.


    I'd be happy to trade coins -- probably easiest to email me directly. I'll try to chase down trade offers here when things slow down.


    Thanks to all!

  5. There are jerks everywhere -- unfortunately our game is not immune. IMO, each cacher needs to come up with whatever plan gives them the most enjoyment -- to balance what they put into the game with the risk of loss of the coins.


    I continue to place coins in caches, and so far accept that some will be stolen by the idiots amongst us... but it's still not enough reason to stop caching or to stop circulating coins.


    One guy's opinion only...

  6. That's tremendous that you are willing to return to "pay up" as it were!


    Unless the item has instructions attached to it, consider it swag (as mentioned above).


    I drop unactivated trackable coins in caches at times as swag, and then am sure to mention this in my log (since it won't be found in the TB/coin part of the cache page).


    Tell Jiminy that you'll take care of it!

  7. The error pictures that you show would not lessen the value of the coin to me as a collector.


    If the coin is released into the wild, it will likely pick up some nicks and dings there as well -- so I wouldn't be too concerned.


    If you are willing to sell one of the "error" coins, I'd be happy to purchase it -- it is a great looking coin!

  8. Different coins will have different values to different cachers. Some of the trades that I've made might seem lopsided -- but if both parties agree, then it is all good.


    This is all easier when both parties know exactly what the coin is that they are getting -- not that difficult with all the lists out there.

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