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  1. Who has what new designs for Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston? I am curious to see all the new delicious flavors!
  2. approved my colors for production and event was published GC5CW9Q
  3. Here is my event so I will do a coin too. 12-13-14 Multi World Event by mo pirate | GC5CW9Q | Missouri
  4. sorry the link did not take me there!
  5. i have seen a possible design. i am in for the scheduled date for my area as i already have the place booked.
  6. Those Ponies are so adorable, I have one in my collection that I paid a pretty price for but I had to one anyways ~Valarie of sweetlife, Keep On Caching! Really? I thought we traded coins Valarie? AND these are very high dollar items!
  7. Sweet Gas Pump Collection I really like these!!!!
  8. Maybe not exactly in my mailbox as I won the raffle for the set at the NEBRASKACHE event Saturday. Got skunked on the Poker Run and the other raffle drawings. BUT I am happy!
  9. I am interested in some of you activated ones as well as all of the unactivated. thanks will email you.
  10. Thank you! I still have a few LEs and some REs. all others (XLEs and AEs) are sold out.
  11. Well a couple people on facebook noticed the secret words. Nick must be getting old and slow! anyhow I still have REs available. I also got 20 Mobil tags from Gemma. Here is the link to order.My link
  12. Yes sounds like the same guy that I bought and activated coin from on ebay. He said he bought it at an estate auction. He was very rude saying he was not going to refund my money because he didn't do anything wrong. The only thing was it was not mine but a close caching friend of mine who had recently passed away from cancer.
  13. I still have several of the LE version in Black glitter/ gold glitter (MU colors) available $35 with 3 tag inserts.
  14. My linkI guess I do have one AE left on ebay as well as a LE red/blue glitter.
  15. Unfortunately, all of my AE and XLE editions have been swallowed up! SO as Nick says if you have not ordered, you better hurry. I still have RE versions in all 3 color schemes. And I still have some of the LE combos. About 6 red/blue glitter and about 12 of the Blk/gold glitter editions. Here is the RE in yellow/black.
  16. Here is the LE black nickel with glitter gold and the RT66 insert. It is Black glitter on other side. originally to be silver glitter. oh well. LE is $35. sure love the hoses and the gas bowl as it looks very much like gas inside of it!
  17. Geez Nick I thought maybe a Vintage Gas Pump would be on this list????
  18. Here is a sample with the insert options. Each pump (any edition)will come with 3 tag inserts.
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