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  1. Very few probably less than 10. Need one or two?
  2. I think I have caught up on these and facebook orders. Still a few left if you are interested. Hope you like! thanks, MO Pirate
  3. I have about 30 of my newest geocoin left after the debut at geowoodstock. It is the Bonnie and Clyde Death Car from 5/23/1934. It was released on 5/23/2015 for Geowoodstock Anniversary date. It is a 3" geocoin that is trackable. Price is $18 plus shipping. Shipping is $3 in US and $9 Int.
  4. Does this back look better? Might do BN, Antique silver and antique copper.
  5. Thanks for all the coments and remarks. I will try to get this in for price quotes now and see what can be done.
  6. WOW, i am as well. Love good causes and this one is a GREAT one. will the $20. be postage in US included??? No, postage would be extra as some might want other coins or more than one. Combined shipping is always offered. I am guessing about $3 shipping (US) especially if it ends up being a 3" coin!
  7. I will be making a new geocoin (trackable on geocaching.com) for the mission of helping with a tremendous amount of funding needed to restore a mansion built and occupied by the inventor of the Saltine Cracker. Frank L Sommer come to St Joseph, MO when the Wagon Trains started moving out to settle the West. He started his own Bakery business and made a new product that would be lightweight and easy to transport on a wagon heading West. This became know as the Premium Saltine Cracker. They were stowed away in barrels on the sides of the wagon and ready for using at any moment. Later through the years his company became the National Biscuit Company or NABISCO. He moved to New York and the Block size building that was his Baking Empire is still used today at Francis and Main Sts in St Joseph. One part is a Dinner Theater while other parts are storage, etc. This endeavor is for his personal residence about 7 blocks north of the Bakery (next to the Ferry crossing on the MO River)at 914 Main st. The house has suffered through more than 20 years of non occupany and lack of maintenance. It now has a clear title and a group willing to make it a mansion again. All of the proceeds from the sale of the coins will go to help with needs for this restoration and rebuild. thanks, Steve Allen I am thinking of doing a run of 200 with a sale price of about $20 each. RE will be antique Silver with LE being Black Nickel and maybe an XLE of Antique gold. I would like to hear your thoughts of interest and comments on the actual design.
  8. Some cool coins I got recently from Germany from Elli Pirelli and Ulrike. Thanks to you both! and Thanks to SSoCA! Love them all!!!
  9. My suggestion would be to buy some cheaper coins that you like and then maybe you can trade for some others you like better. Do not try to get every coin made as some of us have! LOL. Collect your favorite things, designs and see how it goes. And of course check out all of my designs!
  10. I too was blessed with a Super Mystery Geocoin. How surprised I was when I opened it. Looking at the return address to see who it was from as well. HMMmmmmm! THANK YOU!
  11. I have added more old coins to my listings so now I have over 200 coins offered. Some of these are 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 etc. Several are very detailed as they seemed to have better QC then! Rare coins so now is your chance to get them. Follow the link above in first post.
  12. I have added about 50 more to the list! ck the link in the previous post.
  13. I have posted about 50 of my older geocoins on ebay if you are interested. Most are in very good to excellent condition. check out the link My link Just click on the number to see all of my items for sale.
  14. Yes I still have a bunch of these if anyone needs nice door prize coins cheap or cheap travelers. $7.99 with free shipping in the US. I would still like to make a couple of new coins that are rather complicated so the price is not cheap. But that is how I roll. LOL
  15. Still looking for the Ouija Board ? I have silver and a gold one. thanks MO Pirate packerbacker31@hotmail.com
  16. I agree with this selection being my favorite of the year too. Did you post this today for a reason ? Why not wait til your birthday?
  17. The 5 copper coins are trackable with the same icon (http://www.geocaching.com/images/wpttypes/713.gif) Here's what was produced 145+50+50+5. For the 2 trainset coins, they have the same number. Got them as a trade with Ranger 216. No clue what he did with #2 and #3... They are silver. PM sent
  18. I was very much in awe at the request to do this interview. Hope I didn't mess up too bad. I really thank you and appreciate the opportunity. Danke Ulrike for asking me.
  19. Have a safe and Happy New Year! Not sure which coins were my favorite in 2014 but I know some of my biggest! Let's see what 2015 can bring. Best Wishes from MO Pirate
  21. OK here it is! THANK YOU SO MUCH Joe the Mailman!! I do not have it so good choice!
  22. Was someone looking for a Smokey the Bear Geocoin on here? I have one. please message me thru geocaching.com
  23. Was someone looking for a Smokey the Bear Geocoin on here? I have one. please message me thru geocaching.com
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