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  2. I have Missouri as my personal coin too. These are new with glow and glitter. $10 with $2 shipping to you in US.
  3. Here is a better pic of the coins with info on each. AE has sold out. others are still available. $3 shipping in US with 50 cents more for each additional coin in pkg. $10 International.
  4. back side Bottom left is RE Antique silver $18 70 made, next to in in bottom row is Satin Silver SE $18 40 made, next to it on bottom row is Antique Bronze LE 20 made $20, And far right bottom row is Antique Gold also LE 20 made $20, Top row left is Antique Copper XSE 30 made $22 each, and Next to it in middle top row is Shiny Silver XLE $25, and lastly is the AE Black Nickel 5 made $30 (sold out). email me at my profile page if you want any postage is $3 for one and add 50 cents for each additional coin. Yes they spin and are 3" total in longest direction.
  5. Yes I will have my Antique Silver and Antique Copper Cracker Barrel Fundraiser geocoins at GCF this weekend.
  6. Did someone say windmills? These will be offered in six flavors. Get them at "This N That" vendor booth.
  7. Hope to have my Antique silver and antique copper trackable cracker barrels at Geocoinfest. Find me!
  8. Well the sky is the limit so why not a P-51 Mustang. Flying Tiger?
  9. Or on to this modern one! B-2 Bomber with proxy coin.
  10. SOooooo .... tell us !! ****************************** I wish I knew. I see Mark Clemens has the huge Dutch Windmill that will be featured.
  11. OK folks what all will be new offers at this years Geocoinfest in Omaha? Come on you can tell as it is too late to change now!
  12. OK folks I am down to my last two in antique bronze. I have ordered 25 in antique silver and 25 in antique copper as trackable also. Please remember this is sold without profit as all proceeds go to renovate this historic structure. THANKS
  13. Wow I would be devastated if I did this!
  14. these are cool and will go good with my C-130s (3D) I need a green and a silver..
  15. I have 25 of this Special Edition in Antique Bronze. This is a 3" coin and has curved 3D on barrel side. You can see the brick texture under the red color too! Price is $25 since it is a fundraiser for the renovation of this historic mansion. $3.50 shipping in US. Let me know.thanks in advance, MO Pirate
  16. These look nice. My cousin lives in Australia! Please contact me when you have more. thanks.
  17. OK this baby is at the mint and in production. Still hope to sell it for around $20- 25 with all proceeds going to help save the mansion that was home to the inventor of the saltine cracker and eventually became National Biscuit Company or NABISCO. This house is in St Joseph, MO where all the wagon trains headed West from. It was carried in barrels as a lightweight food source for the long haul.
  18. Very few probably less than 10. Need one or two?
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