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  1. I know we should really mark it as missing but he won't admit he has lost it , just told us he will drop it off soon. So far we have been very polite in our emails ..I even emailed saying if it is lost then please let us know and that we understand that things like that can happen but he wont say he has lost it. I know I shouldnt get in a tizz about it but it's just bugging me.. His profile says he is a teacher...obviously setting a good example then ????
  2. Yep tried all that , he just keeps telling us he has will drop it off but doesn't. Thanks for the suggestion anyway
  3. Hi A cacher called Scousedave has had a geocoin of ours for almost 12 months now and despite countless emails and eventually a reply 2 months ago promising to place the coin in another cache - the coin still remains in his possession. Just wondering if anyone knows of or if they possibly introduced this person to caching -if they could perhaps 'politely' ask him to let us either have the coin back , place it another cache, or come clean and say he has lost it rather than keep fobbing us off. I do have his full name should you think you know this person and want to check. Thanks
  4. We used to leave these small tags in caches we visited when we first started caching. They were easy enough to make using a rubber stamp, permanent marker pen and 'shrink dink' plastic sheet - fun , quick , easy and fairly sturdy. but then shortly after I read a forum thread on here where some members were complaining about 'rubbish' calling cards and items that were filling up cache containers . After reading this we assumed that this was not approved of and stopped leaving them.
  5. I've been pondering on this for ages now ..is it possible to create a bookmark of someone else shared bookmark list ??? I have just seen a shared bookmark of 94 different circular cache series but cant find a way of adding them to my bookmark list without individually entering each of the series...just wondering if there is a quick way of doing it. ?? Thanks
  6. I agree Linhope Spout cache in the Breamish Valley is a really lovely walk and takes you deep into the Northumberland National Park which at this time of year is beautiful and to be honest when we have been theres been hardly anyone about. Easy to park too. Another of our favourites is GUYZANCE MEMORIAL The River Coquet Source to Sea cache - an oft overlooked and unheard of little memorial in a quiet and picturesque setting. For wonderful coastal views and walks you could also try the AONB 2 - Rumbling Kern & Dunstanburgh Castle caches at Craster- you must stop at the smokehouse in the village for kippers . The Rumbling Kern cache takes you the opposite way to the castle cache and in my opinion a much nicer walk - with not so many muggles to encounter. Hope this helps
  7. If only that worked...I've tried that ! I have spent ages making special little inserts explainig how to log and how trackables work and then fixed them securely inside a holder for the geocoins and attached them by keyring to the travelbugs but that doesnt seem to matter, they still go missing. I wouldnt mind if people have lost them but I wish they would just own up, or at least have the courtesy to reply and say so .
  8. Agree also, we have a particularly nice coin that has been in someones posession now since August and despite several emails we have still had no reply and the coin has not been placed in any cache. Other than keep badgering them to move it what else can you do. It's getting to the point where you have to coinsider whether you really want to put coins out anymore.
  9. Thanks so much for the links to all the scripts - much appreciated.
  10. I used to have a greasemonkey script on my desktop computer that allowed me to see Geocache Gallery pictures without having to click on each picture in the log. I also had a script that enabled the hint without having to click on it ... My desktop PC recently crashed and died and I using my laptop till I get another desktop , but dont have the scripts on the laptop...can anyone point me to where I can download the from ? Many thanks
  11. Cache was reviewed yesterday. As it was a cache placed far from home am awaiting a bit more reassurance of maintenance before publishing it. Hopefully cache owner will reply soon. Shalom, erik - geocaching.com volunteer reviewer for Israel, and some other countries that don't have a dedicated local reviewer. Edited to add that the cache in question is not a traditional cache, and the geocoin is not at the posted coords, so don't start your trip to Israel quite yet. Thanks to everyone for your replies....much appreciated. I will wait with 'baited breath' to see where the coin is located.
  12. Hi I might be overlooking something very simple here...but can someone explain to me how one of our geocoins has been placed in a cache in Israel that hasnt been published yet ? I received notification that our North West geocoin had been removed from one cache in Israel about a month ago and was placed into another cache also in Israel on 6th June..however when I go to the link to this cache, GC site tells me an error has occured and that I cannot view this cache until it is published. Has anyone had a similar problem ? Many thanks
  13. Yes it is Manual PQ's that we arent receiving and its pretty annoying. You wake up- see the sun is out and suddenly think lets go somewhere different today , you do a PQ and wait and wait for it to appear in your inbox, it doesnt arrive you then spend half the day inputting GPX files manually. What a waste of a morning...
  14. Is it just us or is anyone else having diffculty in receving their PQ's today. Usually we get the PQ's come though on email almost immediately...but today there seems to be some delay. A few weeks ago there was a few days where the PQ's seemed to be behind by about 24 hours but since then I have had no trouble at all - however today it seems to have started again ????? Anyone else having the same problem ?
  15. Cant help you with the two format query but if you want to see the strength and position of the satellites screen just lightly touch the small satellite bars at the bottom of the screen ( near to where you can see how much battery you have left ) and up the big satellite screen will pop . Hope this helps
  16. I wouldn't worry about limiting them - go for as many as possible (500), then load them all into one single GSAK database..... it won't duplicate them, and you'll end up with a GPX of as many individual caches as you want Thanks Keehotee I usually just load them all straight into the GPS ...I guess they still wouldnt get duplicated that way either would they ? Many thanks
  17. If you search using the map on your profile page, you will see just how many caches there are in a particular area. Just drag the map to the area you are interested in. The PQ search results should be isotropic. When I plot the results on Memory Map they certainly appear to be. I generally set up three PQ's in a triangle around my home location. If you limit each one to 300 caches, you can fit them all into your GPSr with room to spare for additional manually set waypoints, although some will overlap. Thanks so much Fuschia, I had forgotten all about using the Map feature on the profile page - we usually try and do it from postcodes or cache waypoints.
  18. We have been using the OSM maps supplied by TalkyToaster on our Oregon for a few months now and they are absolutely brillliant. We put them on a micro Sd card and just update them each time Talky Toaster informs this forum of an update. Its just so easy. IMHO dont bother wasting your cash on the Garmin Topo maps
  19. We are going away on holiday shortly and would like to make the best use of Pocket Query searches to ensure we get the maximum coverage of caches within a set distance of miles . Not knowing how densely or sparsely the area is populated with caches - we are concerned maybe we are trying to find too many results in too small a number of miles and may be missing some results in each direction. or vica versa. Does the PQ take the nearest say 500 caches or does it choose a selection from each direction, thus maybe eliminating some in the radius ?? We sometimes think the results we receive back dont seem to cover areas / caches/ in all directions that we thought they would. I remember seeing a venn type diagram somewhere showing how to run several PQs which would ensure caches in all directions in a set number of miles away would be encompassed. I wish you could choose which direction you would like the PQ to search ..eg 20 miles N of my home co-ordinates or from the cache waypoint we choose etc etc. Can anyone help or suggest ways in which they enter their search requirements when trying to do the same. We use an Oregon 300 which I think can take 1000 waypoints. Many thanks
  20. If it's for your usual area and just an update PQ could you not use an old one? hi Dino No it wasn't for our usual area..it was for an area that we had never been to before and wanted to keep our options on which caches to do once we were in and around the area. Bit of a nuisance... but I'm over it now - I have to admit I had a little geo-paddy temper tantrum at the time though. Glad to know that Groundspeak are aware of it and hopefully working on a solution.
  21. We have never had a problem with PQ's arriving , they usually arrive within a couple of minutes HOWEVER we have had a days caching ruined today by the non arrival of a PQ. I checked that I hadnt made any mistakes and even ran another one to make sure and so far almost 7 hours later neither of them has arrived. Have also checked spam folder etc - sadly all to no avail. I know I could have just downloaded each single GPX file onto the Oregon streaight from the cache page but that would have taken forever with 250 caches and as we had aboslutely no idea of where we would be going it seemed pointless . When is this problem going to be resolved -as there obviously is a problem somewhere ?
  22. Ooh thanks, just googled it and indeed it is a slow worm ...didnt know they grew to that length. Thanks for the info.. I'll try and amend my picture title
  23. Almost trod on this whilst searching for the Roundhead cache of the RSOE series.. http://
  24. Does it show footpaths and streams normally ?? I'm very intersted on what kind of map it has and how detailed it is ? Really hoping to get one for my birthday soon but I have to do the research for it myself as my OH isnt very techno minded.
  25. gin Darn it, you have me looking now.. just been checking out the garmin website but as usual the compare link is broken so can anyone tell me briefly what the difference is between the 400i, the 400c and the 400t. I have seen the 400t listed on amazon for £295 can anyone beat that? Also can anyone tell me if they think that the Oregon is a better buy than the Colorado? Did you specifially ask or buy one that came with the TOPO map installed as standard or has the specification now been changed . I read a customer review on Amazon saying that the map that was preinstalled was not as good as the Topo map ??
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