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  1. On the cache page gallery also not visable https://www.geocaching.com/seek/gallery.aspx?guid=d7356052-f062-43b6-bb74-ca166816b521 I logged with gsak yesterday
  2. Why pictures not showing up in my gallery?
  3. Hi Is the google earth geocaching kml plugin broken? I cant get it to work anymore :-( Jakke
  4. No, not yet. And after almost 2 years later still no Favopoints in the PQ
  5. I recommand http://coord.info/GC1M3R9 nice walk and wapoints. edit/Sorry see now that you want traditionals.
  6. Same story again for my account
  7. D_Jakke

    No found caches?

    There is still an issue: search "By Username (Found) - User: D_Jakke" -> no found caches Thx for the reporting here DanPan !
  8. Not here in this part of Belgium
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