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  1. Checking at GoOutdoors and VMaxx advertising pages, Go is offering a bundle including a voucher for maps, VMaxx just the GPS.


    If you just want the GPS and no other bundled items, go with the lowest price. And if you really think one dealer or the other is acting shady, just avoid them in the future.

  2. The technology exists to put antenna and chipset into a much smaller package. But battery sets the lower limit on size -- too small and it won't last long enough. How long do you need to go between battery swaps/recharges?


    How are you planning to use it? Look to what others might be using with that same use in mind.

  3. I'm more convinced now of something I suggested a few posts back. I'd wager you accidentally copied something you didn't intend to, to the wrong place. Look in the other folders besdes Garmin/GPX.


    This explanation fits the symptoms you described.

  4. Sure there is, it's a 1M basemap. There are no detailed maps. Just because the basemap isn't a 24K detailed map doesn't make it not a basemap. Compared to my original eTrex that has no basemap, it's quite an improvement.

    Picky picky picky :)


    But okay, you're right. Instead of saying "the etrex 10 no basemap, unless you count these minimal items..." I should have said "The basemap is just these minimal items..." Which to me is nearly the same thing, and does seem useless -- is there an instance where it is useful to you? Or even a hypothetical one you could present for anyone else?

  5. Granny should definitely contact Garmin

    I still recommend looking at other subfolders on the GPS first to see if anything got copied to th GPS somehow. I know we have discussed this space issue before, so I found this old post of mine from when I had an eTrex 10: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=288426&view=findpost&p=4944323.


    Something else to try would be a master reset. Don't think it;s manuals or other text files unless she copied something to the GPS by mistake.

  6. ...because there are some bugs associated with Macs

    Do you mean a specific bug in the Mac OS, a problem in a Mac version of Basecamp, or something else?


    I'm puzzled by her saying the GPS shows the Garmin's disk is completely full, even after emptying the GPX folder. Out of the box with nothing but the factory software (and maybe every internationalization/text/manual file) there would still be a few megabytes free. Maybe some directory listings from the device, all subfolders (not just the Garmin/GPX folder), would give a clue.

  7. ...The monochrome screen was actually one reason I chose this model, since I thought it would be easier to read in sunlight. The stock photos of the unit used in marketing seemed to show a basic trail map, so I made a bad assumption rather than researching the issue more thoroughly.

    I hold the same opinion of the monochrome screen, especially for bicycling -- though the color one isn't too bad. As for the "trail map" on Garmin's marketing page, you CAN load your own tracks and make it look that way. That's is how I do cue sheets for my bike rides. I plan longer rides with Bikely.com and copy the GPX file to the eTrex, and view the track when I'm on the road. I prefer a simple line & cues about when the next turn is coming up rather than a cluttered ma.

  8. ...eTrex 20... lets me load 4000 caches (or is that 5000?)
    The etrex 30 will take 5000, so I guess the same for the 20

    Yes, you're right of course. I was just having a small mental lapse there. I usually load the GPS with blocks of 4000 because I have a set of 4 PQ's for that total size. And for some reason I blanked on the detail that there was really more capacity in the GPS. The fact that I would have to extract significantly fewer than 1000 caches for the eTrex 10 on any given day I wanted to go out - instead of just keeping my whole database loaded - was really my sole disappointment with the device.

  9. ...How on earth do I free memory on my Garmin Etrex 10?

    Answering two ways: What you literally asked, and what I think you really meant:


    Literally, how much free memory?


    - Connect it to your computer using the USB cable

    - Wait for it to appear as a disk drive on your desktop

    - PC users: Right click on the disk icon and select Properties

    - Mac users: Control-click on the disk icon and select Get Info


    The Properties/Info window will tell you total disk size and space available. I vaguely recall the total on the eTrex 10 was around 8 megabytes, but some of that was used by the minimal basemap and GPS software itself. Free space was "something less."


    What I think you're after?


    In real use it's hard to convert "how much memory" to "how many geocaches" -- and I think you want the latter number. In my experience it could be anywhere from 300 to 500 caches, depending on how verbose the descriptions and logs are.

  10. A quick review of what I learned when I owned an eTrex 10:


    - The "1000 geocache" limit is a hard maximum, a number of "slots" in memory available. But how many will really fit in memory is a bit fuzzy -- depends on how long the cache description and logs are in your pocket query. In practice I would get the "low memory" error when the GPX file was much over 3 or 3.5 megabytes, and that could be anywhere from 300 to 500 caches depending on how wordy the logs were.


    - There is no basemap to speak of, unless you count dots for major city names and solid lines for most of the US Interstate System. And there is no capacity to add additional maps, which is why Garmin calls this a "basic handheld" rather than a "mapping handheld."


    - I thought the eTrex was nearly ideal for simple hiking and bicycling use, but not as good for geocaching. I traded up to an eTrex 20, which lets me load 4000 caches (or is that 5000?), add all the maps I need, and has a color screen. Actually on my bicycle handlebars I'd rather have a monochrome screen, but I value the extra memory and maps more overall.


    Hope this helps.

  11. I have a Thrive, and it has a full-sized USB port ... also supports just about any other USB device you might want to attach to it. USB memory sticks, portable hard drives, keyboards, mice, etc...
    That's a cool thing. I'm seriously considering replacing my laptop with a tablet and that one capability has been missing from several that I had been considering.
  12. On my Android tablet, a gpx file can be stored away in memory, but I haven't found a way to get that file into a Garmin Dakota or Montana. Anybody know how to do that?
    ...There are a couple of tablets that have full usb ports. They can be used to load the gpx fine onto a device.
    Name one.
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