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  1. Walt, thanks for your input. I'll be switching from an iPhone with a $55-$60 a month bill (voice+data, but I almost never use it as a phone!) to what will probably be a $25-$35 data-pnly bill, so I don't mind the price. My first year saving will pay for a big chunk of the device's purchase price.


    I'm a little puzzled by this bit of your note though:


    ...You only get 2G for $35 which is much higher than I was paying for my Xoom ($35 for 2g)....

    That doesn't look any different to me. And Verizon's pricing page says 2GB is $30. Are you with AT&T or Vz?


    FWIW, I usually do a little bit better on these monthly bills than some folks, because I always check for discounts: Both AT&T and Vz offer discounts on plans to both active duty military and veterans. And contractors working for the military. I qualify on both of those.


    If either of those affiliations ever fail to get me a discount, I pull out the AARP card, AAA, NRA, etc... until I find something that works :D

  2. Thinking of getting a new iPad, enabled on Verizon LTE network.


    Interested in hearing from anyone who has a late-model iPad with cellular service -- how well does the GPS perform? I wouldn't be using it much for geocaching, but road trips and such - is the built in GPS good enough for on the road and walking about town navigation? Outside of cellular coverage area, how is the GPS by itself?

  3. No. To quote the article you cited (second from last paragrapb):


    After some testing, it's clear you cannot read or write nonphoto files to an external hard drive or thumbdrive.

    I have been able to load pocket queries from my iPhone to my Garmin, but not with Apple's CCK. Instead, I plugged the Garmin into the USB port on my router and used FileBrowser from Stratospherix. It works but it's kinda clunky and hard to figure out. Also, this is only an option for when I'm at home - not out in the field for a "spur of the moment" update.


    I might still want to go this route if I adopt an iPad as my main or only computer. But unless there's an easier file transfer program available, for now it's much easier just to connect the GPS into my "real" computer :)

  4. No, I meant 4g. ;) 4g came with the last iOS update...

    Ah, you must have a 4s, I only have a 4. I didn't realize they had changed the preference menu but it makes sense from a marketing perspective.

    The last iOS update didn't change the phone into an LTE device or make it's HSPA+ any faster -- all they did was change the indicator on screen :D


    I turn off wifi, 4g, and cellular. There's no edge network either. It's all blank. But airplane mode? Nah, it doesn't work there. Most definitely not! So I must be getting something from somewhere.[/b]

    Yes. Even without data connections you can still place and get phone calls -- so the phone is still able to ping the cell towers. That's inline with the FCC's E-911 requirement. Only way to turn that off is to completely turn off the cellular radio (Airplane Mode), not just disabling the data connections. But that might also be turning off the GPS internally and leaving you to rely on WiFi only for locations.


    But this isn't really duplicating SpiderZombie's situation. I think the only way to duplicate that would be to leave all of the phone's features ENABLED -- but go to an area with no cellular service at all. For me to test that I'd have to hop on my bicycle and go about 30 miles east of here.


    This is interesting to me, good timing, because I'm thinking of dumping my iPhone 4 service at the end of June when the contract expires. I might still use it as a pocket computer but I hardly ever use it as a phone now. This thread prodded me into testing something I had taken for granted and now I'm going to have to think a little harder about that.

  5. ... and I turn off my 4g and wifi when I cache and my gps works fine...

    I don't think this is what the SpiderZombies is asking about. When you "turn off your 4g (I think you mean 3g) and WiFi" you're still leaving Edge data reception ON -- and getting a lot of help on location from cellular towers.


    Try this: Turn on Airplane mode, and then turn on WiFi -- that's as close as you're going to get to an iPhone without cellular data service. Let me know who well it works when you're not within range of a WiFi hotspot.

  6. ... it doesn't work in the woods too well...

    More specific, please. Does it work at all?


    Try Google Maps (instead of GC or other apps) as a baseline test. Are you getting "Cannot determine location" error messages? Or does it just take longer than normal to find your location? Or is the fix just less accurate than it should be?


    You mention this is a problem when you're in the woods -- does it work any better/differently when you're in "civilization?"


    It's hard for me to test and duplicate your situation because I do have service on my phone. But I just put it into "Airplane" mode and turned on WiFi -- and it found my location reasonably well. But that's in my house. Ill try again on my way to work this morning to see how it behaves outside of WiFi range.

  7. I could give a longer one but I'm on my phone :)


    Here: There are lots of different chemistries for AA and AAA batteries, not all are rechargeable. And even among rechargeable ones, there are different types (niCad, NiMH, LiIon) that need different charging strategies. So very few devices that use the battery size are made to recharge them IN the device -- it's too risky. Use the wrong battery, set to recharge, and POOF! Ruined batteries, maybe a fire, maybe injury and lawsuit...


    I think I liked the quick answer better :)

  8. On a Mac, you can use the included Disk Utility program to partition and format the card (or any disk) as "MS-DOS format" -- which will be either FAT16 or FAT32, the program will choose accordingly based on the target's size. Without additional software, a Mac will be able to READ, but not write or format, an NTFS volume.


    You mentioned the card shows up as "UNTITLED" and can't be ejected -- can it at least show up as having data on it? That might be normal behaviour for an NTFS formatted volume (I'd have to check, I'm not sure). My Mac is at home but my only NTFS formatted disks are at the office.

  9. I think you need Knight-something? Yeah, he told me the same thing. Don't know what's going on there. I have some things you could try but don't want to post publicly - tricks that might things worse rather than fix it. I'd hate for anyone to try them and blame me, but PM me if you want.

  10. Regarding glare - On my iPhone (current 4 and my previous 3G), I never found screen brightness to be a problem. Not to say it was as good as any of my non-touchscreen GPSRs (various Gamrins and DeLormes), just that in my hand I'm able to angle it and/or shade it to make it at least readable.


    Regarding battery life - In my opinion, this should be a non-issue for anyone who isn't going on really long field trips. And I mean this both for cellphone cachers and those using a dedicated GPSR. You simply plan accordingly.


    With any device that you can open up to change the batteries, carry enough batteries for your planned outing - including maybe one more set, surplus to requirements.


    With sealed & rechargeable devices, carry an external battery pack with enough batteries for your planned outing - same logic as above. And for the urban cacher who might pass a power outlet sometime during the day, a standard iPhone charger (which can be used for any USB powered gadget) weighs less and takes up barely as much space in your pocket as a pair of AA batteries. Hey, if they're gonna charge you $4 for a latte, you might as well top off the phone while you're drinking it.

  11. And today's follow-up: Still works. No condensation under the screen or any other malfunctions noticed. A piece of paper threaded into the bayonet opening came out dry.


    TR_S, do you need someone to sink one into a rain barrel for a real IPX7 test? Or does this test satisfy your curiosity/concerns?

  12. Yes, I know - and said this in post #13:

    This isn't be as severe a test as submerging for half an hour in a metre of water -- but it'll be more of a soaking than most folks would give it on a rainy day or a drop in a puddle.

    Though unlikely, if I get opportunity to test in deeper water I'll let you know. Or as I said in post #12, maybe someone will beat me to it.

  13. A few hours into the test, I looked over and noticed the screen was blank.




    Nope - just dead batteries. I knew they weren't quite fresh when I started, so this is as good a time as any to stop the water test and open the thing up to see:


    Water droplets in the USB port. Water droplets under the battery cover, but only OUTSIDE the surround of the gasket - inside of battery compartment was completely dry. The only spot that made me go "hmmm" was the water that collected in the little hollow where the bayonet latch goes into the case. A bit of paper napkin twisted tightly enough to thread into the hole came out damp, and moved around enough to make me wonder how much space there under there to collect moisture.


    But the real test: New batteries, power on, display works. All the buttons work. USB connection works.


    Will let you know tomorrow if there's any condesnation/misting under the screen or other ill-effects. Even in the absence of symptoms, I'll probably leave it in a bag of rice for a day or two just to be on the safe side.



    Edit to add pictures...


    Recovery from the dunk.



    Exam 1: Inside before removing batteries.



    Exam 2: After removing batteries. The inside of the battery compartment really is dry, the shiny bits are just reflections from metal and smooth plastic.


  14. Sorry Chef, don't look. Everyone else...


    Dry and ready for testing.



    Port left intentionally open.



    Ready to take a dunk - actually, I'd already dipped it once to make sure the glass had enough water in it, that accounts for the drops you see on the GPS and my desk.



    Glub Glub Glub Glub



    Check back in a few hours for preliminary results.



    edit to add - hey, what happend to my pictures? they've all gone sideways?

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