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  1. Magellan did have an offer of a $25 rebate for the SporTrak Pro on their website, but now it's gone.


    Does anyone have a copy of the coupon, or a valid URL for original PDF file?


    This was NOT the "father's day special" which also required purchase of map software, it was for the GPS itself. Here are the details I know: Offer #7182, $25 off a SporTrak Pro purchased between May 1 2002 and May 30 2003.


    Anybody else seen this? Have a copy?

  2. I just got a new SporTrak Pro Overall I'm delighted with it. But I have noticed a few oddities:


    1) Opening screen says the basemap version is NA-Marine 1.05. I didn't order a "marine" version or even know there was a specific one -- is this the basemap all STP's have?


    1a) What other basemaps can be loaded to this unit? Can I put a smaller one in (like the low-end Meridian 2M map) to free up more space?


    2) I've seen posts online regarding a software upgrade 3.1.2. Mine came loaded with 3.0.1 and all I could find on Magellan's website is 3.0.2 -- is this the most cuurrent release of the software and where's the best place to download it?


    3) I haven't loaded any detail-maps yet. On the base-map, when it's zoomed out to the "1.60 mi" level, it shows some of the nearby freeways and railways. When I zoom in any closer, the railways vanish -- shouldn't all available detail/items be shown as I zoom in?



  3. I see a couple people already mentioned it, but Amazon does seem to have the best deal as of today (6/7/2002) on the SporTrak Pro.


    A few places come in a few dollars lower, but Amazon beats them on shipping (free if you can wait 5-9 business days, very cheap for UPS 3-day select).


    ALSO, a promotional code to get a free instructional video on using the GPS. I don't need it, but is probably worth a few bucks to someone on eBay :-)


    ALSO, 90 days same as cash if you have an Amazon charge account. Just make sure you pay it off in time; the interest rate is terrible if you let it slide.


    And finally, don't forget the elusive Magellan Rebates:



    I'll fill out the coupon, but I won't hold my breath :-) Last rebate I got from Magellan took over 6 months.

  4. You suggest if I wasn't answering the specific question you asked, I shouldn't reply at all?


    Nonsense -- some of the best discussions in these forums are off topic. My reply only strayed slightly from your query; asking if what you wanted to do was a good idea, rather than telling you how to do it.


    I could have made some usable suggestions to recover your copy of Mapsend. Would that have made you happier?


    NOTE: Some of these might leave you on questionable ethical grounds. In no particular order:


    1) You could go to a store with a liberal return policy, buy another Map330x, lift the software out, then return the GPS for a refund. Whether you try to just steal (er, "remove") the CD or just install/copy it depends on what you feel the store will let you get away with. But it worked for you once, and it could work again!


    2) You could ask in this forum or others if anyone has this software and a CD burner, if they would make a copy and mail it to you ...


    2a) ... or, since you're experienced with Napster/Morpheus/Kazaa/et al, maybe get someone to file-share it with you. Got DSL? Cable modem?


    3) The 330X is a bundle that's supposed to include the software. If your eBay seller left it out, you might check with them to see if you could have it, or a copy. If they send you the original CD, it's not your worry if they kept a copy. If they send you a copy, the ethical questions is entirely up to you.


    4) You could look on eBay to BUY a copy. There's one on auction now that you could buy for $45 including delivery, see item #1358286430. Better bargains do show up sometimes, but around $40 plus shipping does seem to be the street price.


    5) You could buy a retail copy from numerous sources.


    There was another question in your last note: "Does that make me a bad person?" I can't make a sweeping judgment of your ENTIRE character. You might be a wonderful human being in every other way, but a thief is a thief.


    And yet another question, you asked if I thought I was a better person than you: Well, I do tend to drive over the speed limit, and write rambling off-topic forum replies -- but at least I'm not a thief.

  5. Don't know if you were kidding or not, but I was wondering myself why someone couldn't put a small hard drive into a GPS.


    The Apple iPod is the size of a deck of cards. Includes a display screen, a firewire data port, control pad, and a 5 to 10 gigabyte hard drive. And it's priced comparably to the high-end range of consumer GPS models.


    Just shows how much electronics you could cram in that amount of space. Something the size of the Meridian could easily hold a hard drive.


    Imagine having all of your detail maps on the GPS all the time, unlimited space for waypoints and tracks -- and being able to transfer data between your GPS and computer at firewire speeds!

  6. Please see:



    This Lowrance iFinder is slightly used, bought for a product evaluation. But it has less than 20 hours on it, and is in like new condition. Will ship with all original packaging plus some extra goodies thrown in. So call it "tested" rather than used.


    A versatile pocket-sized mapping GPS with a good built-in base map. It can also can accept downloaded high-detail maps from optional software. Includes water-proof, see-thru "Aqua-Bag" case.


    Added Value Extra #1: I am also including a 64 megabyte MMC card , approximately $40 retail added-value. Lowrance calls this an "optional" item, but I found it essential with the iFinder. Not only do you use the memory card for loading/saving detailed maps, routes, and waypoints -- you also NEED it to load software updates. This unit has firmware version 1.30, the latest release.


    Added Value Extra #2: A fresh set of AA batteries. Don't laugh, these are even more important than the extra memory, but for some reason Lowrance didn't include them. I do!

  7. First looking at the price point on the Magellan SporTrak, I couldn't figure out how Thales expected to sell many of them.


    Then I learned there are THREE different SporTrak models. All anyone talks about was the "high-end" SporTrak Pro, which overlaps in features and price with the Meridian Line.


    There's also the basic SporTrak, low end at around $160, with no map whatsoever, is a cheap entry level GPS. And the SporTrak Map, midrange (~200), with limited memory, adds some mapping capabilities.


    That product differentiation makes sense. Sure there's some overlap between the high end SporTrak and the low-end Meridian - but accross the board it's a product line with something for everyone.


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  8. I know Joe Mehaffey is working on a review but hasn't posted it yet -- so I'm turning to this group for information.


    I'm thinking if getting a Lowrance iFinder and the MapCreate software. Does any one have first hand experience with this unit yet?


    I'm especially interested in this because this unit takes MMC and SD cards. I have quite a few of these memory cards because I have other gadgets that use them.


    How's the reception? Is the internal antenna quadrifilar or patch? Anyone tried it yet with an external antenna?


    How's the mapping software? Easy to use? Good street level detail?

  9. Extracted from an email I just sent to Magellan/Thales support; maybe someone else has some helpful insights:


    I have a Magellan Meridian base model, and am generally happy with it. But there seems to be something wrong with the power switch. It may be more than one problem but these symptoms seem related:


    1) Sometimes the unit will powers itself off, even though the auto-power off time is disabled and nothing has touched the power switch. The timing seems random--sometimes the unit can be on for a long time, sometimes just minutes. I use the GPS for a few hours each day and this seems to happen a few times a week.


    2) Sometimes pressing the PWR button will not turn the unit on. Removing and replacing the batteries doesn't seem to help. If it won't power on, I just set it aside for several minutes and try again and it usually works. This happens every couple of days.


    I've been tolerating this problem for several weeks, trying various things to see if I could figure out what was happening. No luck, there doesn't seem to be a pattern to the failures and nothing I have tried has made any difference.


    Any suggestions?

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