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  1. DeLorme does plan to update Topo North America software some time in late spring 2012 2013 ...


    BMW Jedi - thanks for catching the typo. I fixed my post - DeLorme very recently said they plan to fix Topo THIS year and reiterated they are abandoning Cache Register.


    As reported here http://forum.delorme.com/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=77368&p=263919#p263865 for one example.

  2. When I bought my PN-40 back in 2010 it was around $20-$30.

    Then you were had. CR 1.0 was released in June 2009 and was $10. CR 2.0 was released - for free - in September of 2010.


    As to the OP question: DeLorme actually dropped support for Cache Register some time prior to October 2012. At that time, their integration between GC.com and DeLorme's Topo software broke for the same reasons (because DeLorme software did not work with GC.com's new API). This tech note discusses how to load pocket queries even without GC.com integration.


    DeLorme does plan to update Topo North America software some time in late spring 2012 2013 to fix integration with GC.com, but has confirmed they will not be updating Cache Register.


    PS: This turn of events caused angst of legendary proportions on the DeLorme forums, which in turn inspired a fable here.



  3. if there's something I've said that's a deal breaker for you, please let me know and we'll see what we can do.


    - Support GPX.


    - Get the price under $100. There's something magic about that number.


    Edited to change my comment about live tracking: If Rove isn't convenient to leave plugged in to a dedicated GPS all the time' it wouldn't be good even for "almost" live tracking..

  4. Sorry if my remarks came out snarky. Well, not "sorry" per se, just that I know not everyone would have gotten the joke.


    The thing is, it's already "super easy" for the majority of users to do that at home. ROVE does look like a cool solution for loading data in the field, or for the small subset of folks who ONLY have an iOS or Android device in lieu of a PC or Mac...


    But as I said, that's a small niche (Hi, Walt!), and this seems like a more expensive product than either a USB-OTG cable or even a battery operated pocket WiFi hotspot - other options that have been discussed for this purpose.

  5. .... TomTom has held patents on integrating GPS receivers with phones and has been a leader in this area. I assume Garmin has either worked around the patents or licensed the technology.

    Not sure what specific capabilities are covered by TomTom's patents, or how they would limit what other GOS devices could do with phones.. There are already numerous Bluetooth GPSRs that work with iOS and Android phones; including the DeLorme inReach and the Garmin Fenix. Were there ideas Rove wanted to use that were protected by TomTom or someone else's patent?

  6. LostMyMarbles, that's a good point about shutting off GPS on the phone being a good battery saver. When I've gona on long bike rides, I've had various topo maps loaded locally on the phone. Kept it in my pocket turned off, or at least in airplane mode. With eTrex on the handlebars, I only need to turn on the phone once in a while for a quick look at the better maps or to send my location to someone.


    So 15 seconds for a data transfer sounds good -- what is that, a GPX upload or download to share a trail? Does Rove also handle live tracking, a la Glympse? What's the battery & data overhead for something like that?

  7. As an aside on price, I am eagerly waiting to see how Garmin's new Oregon 6x0 series will work with cellphones. If BaseCamp app on iPhone makes it easy to share data between phone and app, Rove's market niche is going to depend a lot on pricing -- it'll have to be priced well below the difference between the new Oregon and the older models that don't support Bluetooth.

  8. ... the big three reasons I use a dedicated GPSr instead of my smartphone for navigating while geocaching (as well as hiking and kayaking) are, in order: accuracy, battery life, and ruggedness.[/Quote]

    Same here. But am I missing something? To use Rove you still need to carry your cellphone, don't you? How does Rove help with the last two cellphone weaknesses you mentioned (battery life and ruggedness)?

  9. LostMyMarbles, you lost ccredibity to me with this remark (and others) on your FAQ page:


    Why can't I just use my mobile phone to find geocaches?

    You can try but mobile phones are only accurate to 50m.


    Overall, it's a cool idea -- the question of how to get GPS info, geocachers etc, from a cellphone into a GPS in the field comes up fairly often around here. But your FAQ page should play up the real advantages rather than exaggerated blanket statements about deficiencies in the alternatives.


    I'll wait for real user reviews to see where the advantages really are.

  10. Thank you everyone for your informaton. I never thought about a camera. If I wait for the Oregon 600, do you think that will have a better camera?

    The 600 doesn't have a camera, the 650 does. All of the 6x0 series are above the price point you mentioned earlier. Garmin's website has comparisons if you're interested, here's a chart of the models most discussed in this thread:



  11. Sorry, , it just bugs me to assume that a cache needs maintenance if you haven't gone and physically checked. I see a reviewer has stepped in more about the photo logs than the actual maintenance issue.

    Sorry you feel that way. As you say, the reviewer has stepped in and asked for a check -- which seems very reasonable for the combination of fake logs AND recent work done on this patch of earth.

  12. Why would you log a Needs Maintenance if you haven't visited see if it is okay?

    Because in a two-foot median strip, landscaping work of ANY kind is likely to sweep away the cache - which as I recall was about the size of a cigarette butt.


    I any case, I noticed there was already a NM flag the CO hadn't cleared yet. I just added the news story as a log.

  13. Last found 3/3 had a DNF before that. When was park vandalised?

    News reports it simpliy as "last week" -- which could mean the more recent "find" was someone treating it as a virtual or just bluffed.


    I didn't treat it as a virtual back when I logged it. I visited 3 times and did not log until I found and signed. There really is (was?) a container and log there.

  14. My first thought was NOT geocachers - but I couldn't rule it out. A slightly more likely GC related possibility is that someone ELSE saw geocachers rummaging around in this 2 ft median strip (calling it a park is a local gag) and wanted to see what they were after. The most likely is just some random vandals who wouldn't know a cache if it bit them on the ash.


    I just logged into GC.com proper and posted a NM - hope the CO checks on this one.

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