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  1. Have any geocachers had a chance yet to field test an Apple watch series 8 (or 7, for that matter) against the Apple Watch Ultra?


    I’m likely upgrading my series 6 real soon. Want the Ultra but may opt for a series 8 if the Ultra is too big for my bony wrist.  Even though the GPS isn’t my main reason for getting the new watch, I’m curious if the dual-frequency receiver makes a noticeable difference.

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  2. Right, so how about from a 20 up to say, a 30x - a more likely upgrade for some people, perhaps? As I said, I'm interested main;y in comparison of screen visibility and re-draw speed, so either 20 or 30 model bumped to their 'x" version should make a fair comparison.

  3. It's been a while since I used this myself, but I just blew the ducts of my file hub and updated the firmware to I may be able to put up a new step-by-step tutorial late on Sunday if nobody beats me to it.


    There are a few possible variations - Which version file browser are you using, and which mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android)?

  4. AlanDB, I don't think that would work. They've generally proceeded in the other direction, giving more and more stuff away. There used to also be a Google Earth "Plus" version that landed somewhere between the free and pro versions. When Plus went away its features were trolled into the free version. Now I'm not sure there is ANY difference left bet6ween the free and Pro version.

  5. I’d agree with Splashy that the Dakota 10 is a bad idea for limited memory and no way to add more.


    Here’s Garmin’s comparison of etrex 20, etrex 30, and Dakota 20:




    On battery life, eTrex line wins against all the other suggestions, and the eTrex 20 wins on lowest price for currently shipping models.


    As OP said price was a factor, I’d skip Oregons and Montanas unless you found a really good deal on a used one.

  6. ]I have a new computer, and my iPod cellular service allows for tethering data. Needed to be carrying the computer with me today, so I'm testing it out.


    Location services on the iPad shows my location exactly. Location services on the MacBook lags some way behind -- which tells me the iPad reporting what it's getting through its onboard GPS, but the MacBook is only getting an approximation from the cellular network.


    Anyone know if there's a way for a tethered device to share its more precise location info? Not that I need it on the train - but in some situations it might be useful.

  7. Just reviving this with a funny note on how I resolved the problem.


    A couple years ago, I "downsized" my computer collection and have been using JUST a tablet. But this past week I decided to buy a computer again, a new Macbook Pro. When I was setting it up, it helpfully offered to transfer settings, apps, and data from a backup on our TimeCapsule - the backup of my last computer, from November 2012.


    To my surprise, in my Documents folder I found a disk image I pulled from my eTrex 20 when I first bought it, and I can extract the basemap from that.


    Now if only I had a time machine that could help my find all the other things I've lost over the years. My keys, some of my hair, etc...

  8. I usually see topics about converting an NMEA file to a GPX file, but never the other way around. Is it possible to convert a GPX file to an NMEA file?

    Yes, using GPSBabel. But remember that GPX is a much "richer" format, so a GPX file may include many data tyoes which have no equivalents in NMEA.


    Do you have a device that needs a NMEA data stream that you wish to populate from a GPX file?

  9. Hmm, I didn't pick up that angle at all. The article did mentions several potentials some for outages - from solar storms to intentional jamming - that would affect GPS, GLONASS and other systems. I didn't see US system maintenance as an issue, at least not a key one.

  10. "Use your eyes" and orienteering are indeed good things for hikers and goecachers - but not always adequate for some scenarios. Particularly not those the original article mentioned, such as guiding a ship like this one:




    There's more to GPS than finding caches.


    ... "Most people think of GPS as the system that runs their car sat-nav and tells their smartphone where it is ... but there is probably no area of industry, of commerce, or telecoms, that isn't now dependent on GPS. And if we lose GPS we lose them all."
  11. And again, BadElf replies. Even apologized for a delay in reply - though asked on Friday afternoon and answered Monday morning is fine by me.




    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you -


    Yes the PRO+ employs the MTK3339 as the GPS engine ...

    Acquisition: -148dBm, cold start

    Reacquisition: -163dBm, Hot start

    Tracking: -165dBm




    Best Regards,


    John McLellan

    C.H.ElF (Chief Helper Elf)

    Bad Elf, LLC


    So I guessed right on -165dBm tracking, and there are your acquisition cold and hot start numbers.

  12. Just thinking...


    Even if you're confident about doing the repair yourself -- .For what the part would cost plus concern the case waterproofing was already compromised (because getting wet shouldn't have damaged the screen to begin with) -- it might not be reasonable to repair. A 62s can often be found for around $200.

  13. We'll see. I just sent an inquiry to their support address.


    But y'know, I think I can guess at the answer. In one of the Q&A sections of their website, they mention the Pro+ uses the MediaTek MTK3339 - which you could guess from their other advertised specs(66 channel, 10hz update rate, GPS+Glonass). And devices from other vendors almost always quote MediaTek's own -165dB figure.


    Whether or not that means anything in the real world, once it's in a complete package, is something else altogether. Maybe it's one of those "all else being equal" (though they never are) kind of things.

  14. If they don't have thier sensitivity numbers published, don't buy it.

    That's something I have never, ever considered in purchasing a GPS. There are other metrics I look at, product reviews, and real world use cases. There's one spec on the Bad-Elf that puts me off though - unrelated to GPS itself -- waterproofness, or lack thereof. IPX4 for field use? Sorry, no.


    I emailed them a few days ago asking for sensitivity information. I got no response from them. Not sure if they care about potential customers like me.

    Perhaps they looked at your other threads here and saw exactly what kind of customer you would be :D


    But seriously. I emailed the question about their Bluetooth profile one evening after dinner and the reply (which I re-posted at their encouragement) was in my inbox the next morning. I wonder what accounts for the difference?

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